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Created by Natalia Pokataeva
Date of Creation August 20 2018
Color multicolor
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POWERFUL Vector GRINDER is a new user-friendly tool to apply to vector and raster images texture opacity mask. All textures are in separate files in order to minimize the load on the processor.


– Texture Library:
6 Cracks
6 Noise
14 Grunge
3 Dots
2 Paper
8 Halftone
2 Fabric
5 Paint
1 Wood
12 Distress
14 Wood
– Actions file:
100% mask (with instructions)
100% mask (without instructions)
80% mask (with instructions)
80% mask (without instructions)
50% mask (with instructions)
50% mask (without instructions)
– Release Mask
– User Guide

Photoshop versions: CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC

Why vector grinder should have every designer:
Simple operation using masks with action
It works with both vector and raster objects
You can apply multiple textures to the same object
You can move objects with the result in other projects while retaining the ability to edit
Toolkit contains a large library of different textures
Texture library has free updates, stay tuned!
You can add custom textures in the library

Vector GRINDER Toolkit Actions

Vector GRINDER Toolkit Actions

Vector GRINDER Toolkit Actions

Vector GRINDER Toolkit Actions

Essentially, textures are graphic patterns that replicate a certain object or surface. For instance, there are lots of folded paper and wood plank textures in different designs. Cement, leather or rock ones are also quite common. Textures frequently consist of repeated images although they appear like they are natural and accidental. The effective use of textures is not restricted to creating backgrounds, their qualities can be employed in any interface element. With texture patterns, we can easily create an illusion of some physical traits, form levels, and add highlights.

Why would you require a pattern?
A pattern can be seen as a background that includes recurrent pictures. Whenever we notice that a set of design elements is duplicated many times inside of one layout, we refer to this as a pattern. Patterns are most liked for being lightweight and adjustable to various display sizes. With patterns, you can easily come up with unique gorgeous backgrounds and highlight separate components. Many web designers decide on patterns over full-size photos to create web page backgrounds since they are highly diverse, stunning, and simple to use. Pattern layouts help you to make excellent and efficient designs. Frequently, patterns and textures are associated with graphic design, not to mention website and product development. You can make use of these effects to add more value to any digital project or artwork. Incorporating a classy pattern or a detailed texture can absolutely transform the visual appeal of any design. The costs of textures and patterns range from $4 to $50 depending on their complexity and uniqueness. We offer the most varied packages on Masterbundles. They are available in different selling prices, so everybody will find a solution to fit their budget.

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Why the patterns & textures quality is essential?
High quality textures and patterns will add vibrancy and character to your business oriented designs. If you look at effective webpage designs or brand identity cases, you will notice that they utilize the power of patterns and textures. As an illustration, a high quality natural texture applied in a design of a wrapping will make the items appear healthy and high-end. A site with a tech-influenced pattern layout will look modern and first-class. If you want your commercial projects to create a certain impression, graphic patterns and textures are your must-have tools. Pick them carefully and don’t sacrifice quality for the price

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