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Created by Natalia Pokataeva
File type PSD
File size 217.74 MB
Date of Creation May 14 2020
Color grey
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Dust And Scratches Film Effect

Rate my effect for Adobe Photoshop, with which you can add a vintage look for photos with authentic color distortions, specks of dust and scratches.

The product is made as a PSD file with pre-configured effect layers for quick customization. Just turn on or off some layers to get different combinations and achieve the best result in each photo. All layers are well organized and grouped for convenience.

Dust And Scratches Film Effect Bundle INCLUDED:

  • PSD file 3000х4500 px with predefined effects:
    • 6 Dust & Scratch textures
    • 5 textures Film Flares
    • 3 Combined Paper Textures
    • Layer with custom Passepartout effect
    • Matte effect
    • Classic Black And White effect
    • Vintage Black And White effect

Dust And Scratches Film Effect

Dust And Scratches Film Effect

Dust And Scratches Film Effect

Dust And Scratches Film Effect

Dust And Scratches Film Effect

User Guide to Dust And Scratches Film Effect

1. Open the file “Dust And Scratches Photo Effect.psd” in Photoshop.
2. Place the photo over the Background layer.
3. Try turning on the visibility of one of the color grading layers (yellow section)
4. You can use the passepartout layer (orange layer). The thickness of the stroke can be adjusted in the style of this layer.
5. In the green group, you can choose one of three paper textures.
6. In the blue group, you can enable one or more effects of film flare.
7. In the lilac group of layers, you can select one texture with dust and scratches or combine several textures.
8. If you want to create a vertical photo, just rotate the document 90 degrees (Image> Image Rotation).

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