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Lighthouse Clipart. Every graphic designer knows that he or she must have a graphic elements library that includes as many different elements as possible. That means that updating your library at least a couple of times per year is a must. So today we are going to talk about an element that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection, which is lighthouse clipart.

What Is Clipart?

Clipart is an important element used in graphic design development. It is a set of thematic pictures or a separate image. It is widely used in graphic design for creating logos, web templates, postcards, and not only. In fact, clipart is pretty much everywhere, but, in most cases, we just do not realize that it is clipart. In fact, such images can be found on clothing or ad banners, billboards, leaflets, and pretty much anything else.

Types of Clipart

Clipart can be vector and raster. Pretty often, vector clip arts are used by designers to create advertising products or printed ads. If you know how to use graphic editors, you can simply download this type of clipart and make your own masterpiece. The second type, raster clipart, is widely spread among ordinary users due to its high quality and ease in use. At the same time, both types are rather popular as well as used by professional designers.

How to Choose a Clipart?

You can find pretty much any sort of clipart on the internet. From people and animals to funny images and nature, there is a huge choice of lovely clipart for all occasions. Clipart may vary not only in themes but also in sizes. Thus, in order to create an advertising billboard, you will need a large image. At the same time, small pictures would perfectly work for business cards or small advertising brochures. However, it is preferable to utilize the vectors of high resolution for all your projects. In terms of themes, feel free to choose the ones that you think work for you the best.

What Do You Need Clipart for?

Vector graphics greatly facilitate the work of designers as well as allow them to save a lot of time. Clipart is a reliable assistant for any designer. For example, you received a large order and you know that it would take hours or even days just to paint one background. In addition to that, you need a whole bunch of time to work on the details. Vector images allow you to get this work done in just a few hours. So you surely need clipart if you want to save your precious time.

Where Can You Use Lighthouse Drawing Clipart?

So today we are talking about such an unusual type of clipart as lighthouse drawing. It’s definitely not a universal vector, which means that there aren’t many projects this clipart would work for. At the same time, lighthouse clipart will perfectly suit a travel agency logo, marine company website, and even some grocery stores’ advertisement banners. Apart from that, it would also work for blog websites and some online stores. In general, you can use this very clipart in pretty much any project as long as the general brand image allows it and you are completely sure that lighthouse clipart would look organic on this logo/website/ad banner. So feel free to experiment.

Lighthouse Clipart: Free and Premium

As you have probably already guessed, at least a few lighthouse clipart vectors are a must in your graphic elements collection. Well, if you still do not know where to find those clip arts, I am glad to help you. So here are some lovely lighthouse clip arts that I managed to find for you.

Lighthouses and seagulls. Watercolor by Bonitas

Price: $15

Watercolor Nautical Clipart by Corner Croft

Price: $16

Light Houses by Samiramay

Price: $11

The Giant Nautical Collection by Digital Press Creation

Price: $39

Chalkboard Nautical Clip Art by SA ClipArt

Price: $8

Nautical Digital Clip Art by SA ClipArt

Price: $6

Watercolor Seaside Clip Art Set by Tati Bordiu

Price: $8

Lighthouse SVG Bundle, Lighthouse SVG, Lighthouse Clipart

Price: $2.99

Lighthouse Clip Art Nautical Planner Clipart Bundle

Price: $7.86

Lighthouse SVG Bundle, Lighthouse SVG, Lighthouse Clipart

Price: $2.99

Digital SVG PNG JPG Lighthouses, silhouette, vector, clipart, instant download

Price: $1.97

Watercolor Lighthouses clipart PNG. Nautical clipart

Price: $5.34

Let your light Shine Hand drawn Lighthouse, Beach PNG

Price: $3.50

Lighthouse Engraving Style Vector Illustration

Price: $8

Lighthouse Set

Price: $10

Nautical Clipart

Price: $10

Set of lighthouse on white background Premium Vector

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

A cartoon lighthouse vector or color illustration

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Hand-drawn watercolor lighthouse isolated on white background by Hanna

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Lighthouse Icon, Light House Icon by Aayam 4D

Price: available with Adobe Stock subscription

Lighthouse and hermit crabs on beach

Price: free

Lighthouse and different kinds of beach items

Price: free

Beach scene with lighthouse

Price: free

Growth mearsuring chart with lighthouse on rock

Price: free

Summer background with lighthouse on the island

Price: free

Best Lighthouse Clipart Bundles

Everybody knows that purchasing a bundle is way more beneficial than a single item because you get a whole collection of elements for the same price. Certainly, I found some cool bundles that will no doubt win your heart. So get ready, here they come.

Lighthouse vector graphic clipart design

Price: available with Shutterstock subscription

Lighthouse Collection

Price: $3-$12

Collection of Free Lighthouse Clipart (61)

Price: free

Collection of Lighthouse Cliparts (50)

Price: free

Lighthouse set by Primula`s shop

Price: $15

Lighthouse by GooseFrol

Price: $12

Lighthouse SVG

Price: $2.77

Lighthouse Clipart

Price: $5.99

Lighthouse SVG Bundle

Price: $2.98

Watercolor Lighthouses Clipart

Price: $6

Wrapping Up

Every designer has to have a collection of graphic elements for all occasions. Moreover, a self-respecting designer should update their collection on a regular basis. Lighthouse clipart is no doubt a great addition to your graphic elements library, so you definitely have to at least consider getting some of these clip arts because you’ll surely need those. Therefore, take a look at all these lovely clipart that I found for you once again, pick up the ones you liked the best, and create something truly special today.

Have you ever utilized a lighthouse clipart in your projects? What was your experience using those? Let me know in the comment section below!

Q&A Session To Sum Up

πŸ›³ What projects can I use lighthouse clipart in?

Everything is actually up to you and your creativity. Certainly, such an element works the best for marine projects like cruise ships’ advertisements and seafood restaurants’ logos. However, if you feel like this very graphic element would perfectly suit any other project you work on, feel free to use it.

🚒 How much should decent clipart cost?

As you might have already noticed from our list, the average price of a lighthouse clip art is about $8, which is not expensive at all, so go ahead and get some.

πŸ›³ Are there any free options?

Certainly, there are some pretty cool free options that you can use in your projects. Moreover, we included some of them on our list. So if you want to save some money, you can totally use one of the free clip arts.

🚒 What is an example of good lighthouse clipart?

Pretty much all the clip arts that we mentioned in this article are great, however, I have my personal favorites, which are Watercolor Nautical Clipart by Corner Croft, Lighthouse Collection, and Hand-drawn watercolor lighthouse isolated on white background by Hanna.

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