How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Work

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We have previously covered how you can promote your designs on several Social Media platforms. Maybe you already have a lot of followers on Instagram and Behance, so why should you bother with Pinterest? Because it works, that’s why!

MasterBundles collaborates with 3000+ vendors, and our numbers show that the most successful ones advertise on Pinterest. Coincidence? We think not. Let’s find out how you can promote your work on Pinterest to sell more.

Let’s get to it!

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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Work [Audio Version]
How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Work [Audio Version]

How to choose what content to promote on Pinterest

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Not all content will perform well on Pinterest. Lucky for us, the Pinterest search bar is full of incredible insights. Start by typing a general search term for any content you produce (e.g., banners) and look at the suggestions. At the time of writing this article, ‘Banners for Discord’ is among the first results. This means that designing something for that platform might be a good move.

You can use this logic for any of the content you want to design or advertise and see what’s worth Pinning.

If you have some great designs but can’t really find any similar ones on Pinterest, chances are that people have already tried to Pin them and failed. If you are 100% confident that your content is mind-blowing, go ahead and try to start a new trend; however, the general advice is to go for more popular topics, especially if you are just starting out.

Do you want to always have useful information at hand? Download our free checklist on how to promote your work and personal brand on Pinterest and never miss our tips & tricks 🙂

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How to Promote on Pinterest as a Designer: Effective Steps and Techniques

The path to the goal.

After you have zeroed in on the best designs to showcase on Pinterest, it’s time to put a strategy together. With Pinterest, the most important thing is consistency, rather than quantity. In order for your content to be found, you need to keep your Boards “alive” or active. In other words, you don’t have to Pin a million things at once, but you should Pin content regularly, at least every couple of days.

Create product Pins and Boards

Great! You now have a topic for your board. Spend a few more minutes to understand if it’s worth dividing your topic into smaller sub-topics (e.g., Banners for Discord could become Yellow Banners for Discord, Black Banners for Discord, etc.). Now you can create a board using the name you think people will type in the search bar. Keep it short and simple, and try to avoid clever puns and nonsense.

Create Boards for all the products you want to showcase, give them simple, relevant titles of no more than 4 words, and… wait, don’t add your own Pins yet!

Consider this before you add your own content

It seems counter-intuitive, but when you first create a board you shouldn’t add your own Pins. Collect at least 40 relevant Pins that are already ranking high, then start adding your Pins once a day or every two days. If you run out of content, keep the Board alive by pinning more relevant Pins from other Pinners.

Top tip: create only as many Boards as you can manage. If you can’t post enough content (more on this later) your Pins will start sinking in the search rankings.

Use only the most attractive pictures

Remember that you are using Pinterest as a promotion tool. There is no need to plaster all of your work all across your Boards. Carefully select only what you think is your most attractive work. To get an idea of what’s trending, take inspiration from the highest-ranking Pins.

Carefully craft your descriptions

On Pinterest, the descriptions are as important as the titles. Pinterest doesn’t care much about hashtags, it’s all about parsing content. Make sure your Pins’ descriptions contain the same keywords as the Board title, and that you put them in clear sentences. You can take inspiration from descriptions on high-ranking Pins in the same category as yours, but watch out for plagiarism!

Create a business page

To maximize your gains from Pinterest, you need a business account. A business account gives you access to all sorts of analytics and insights to see how your content is doing, how many people visit your store, and how effective a Pin is in driving your sales.

On the other hand, it can be very time-consuming. Once you have a business account, you need to commit to the platform. As we said, Pinterest is all about consistency, and you must keep at it. You wouldn’t want your content to sink in the search results just because you are not keeping your Boards alive.

The good news is that with all the insights from your business profile, creating good Pins should get a whole lot easier. Start by keeping what works, and getting rid of what doesn’t. This type of spring-cleaning mindset will help you have only the best-performing Pins in your arsenal.

Stay relevant and do your research

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Your Pinterest business account should contain only content that is relevant to your business. This may seem logical and obvious, but it’s worth stating.

Also, upload content that can be cross-pinned to multiple boards, this will make your life easier and can boost your rank in the search results; just make sure that a Pin performs well before cross-pinning it.

See a designer that is doing great on Pinterest? Follow them and see how they build their Boards, describe their Pins, and how they operate in general. It is fine to copy a little content here and there; just don’t overdo it, or you’ll run the risk of being flagged.

Engage with followers and share the love

Respond to comments, comment on Pins that you really like, and rePin awesome content. Pinterest is all about helping others find the best ideas: the more you help, the more you can get in return. Write meaningful comments and address people directly; they will appreciate it.

Again, don’t overdo your comments. Most importantly, don’t write “Cool, bro” or “Amazing, dude!”, as too many of those kinds of comments will get you flagged as a spammer and you will plummet in the search results.

Pin Consistently

We said it before, but we want to say it again.

Because it is important.

Be consistent.

Before your Board reaches 40 Pins, pin as often as possible. In the beginning, even just a few minutes a day can help you grow faster on the platform.

Join a few group boards in your field, to get ideas and engage with like-minded Pinners. Be consistent in this as well.

If you need to keep the momentum going, you can keep a few secret Boards unrelated to your products to help ideas flow and keep you from getting bored

Create holiday-themed Pins

Who doesn’t love a little holiday spirit? And what if you can make a buck out of it?

The truth of the matter is that during the holiday period people are more likely to spend. Wish them happy holidays with fantastic Pins that will help you showcase your product at the same time. People will love to see that you care and they might think of you next time they need something design-related.

That’s it for this article. If you are hungry for more ways to promote your work, check out this video and this presentation. We also have a great tutorial about free promotion techniques.

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