How to Use Keywords on Pinterest and Get Your Content Found

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How to Use Keywords on Pinterest and Get Your Content Found [Audio version]
How to Use Keywords on Pinterest and Get Your Content Found [Audio version]

Creating awesome designs is not enough to make a buck. We know that designers often have a difficult time getting the word out there, getting their work found. Well, Pinterest is the place to do that! Without the right keywords though, you won’t get very far. This article explains how to strategically use keywords to drive the right people to your Pinterest posts and convert more sales.

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Get your Pinterest Pins and Boards found

On Pinterest, you use Boards to organize ideas that fall into the same category. The Pinterest algorithm reads and understands the content on the platform based on what’s in the Boards, so users (Pinners) can be presented with relevant content on a certain topic. The general rule is that the more specific your board is, the greater engagement you’ll get from users.

This means that Boards are as relevant as Pins, and they need to be carefully named and described so that your content will show up in Pinterest searches. Further down, we will also tell you how to teach Pinterest what is in your boards and to trust that you are a content creator worthy of showing up in the searches.

Pinterest uses Board titles to understand the topic of the Pins it contains. When you Pin, Pinterest will assume that it falls in the same category as the board’s title.

If the Board title is unrelated to the Pins contained in it, Pinterest will not understand, and it won’t show your content to users. This is how you avoid this pickle!

How to name your Boards so they are found


  • Use the search bar: start typing the topic of your board and use the suggestions to come up with useful keywords (e.g., typing ‘banner’ returns ‘banner design’ and ‘banner ideas’, hence ‘design’ and ‘ideas’ might be good keywords for a Board containing banners).
  • Use no more than 4 words.
  • Use words that people actually type in the search bar (complicated words are cool but do nothing to help you get found).
  • Be very specific. You want to appeal to a niche audience (e.g., ‘discord’ is a very high-ranking word for searches related to ‘banner’ and it can be further drilled down by adding a color like ‘red’ or ‘black’).
  • Use the board description field. Very important: repeat your keywords in the description and add a few keyword phrases. These are simple sentences that describe the board in a conversational tone (e.g., if your board name is ‘Discord Black Banners’ your description might read “A collection of ideas for black and dark-themed Discord banners. This is a good place to figure out how to create your Discord banner.”).


  • Don’t use a lot of keywords that are not linked (e.g., Banners, ribbons, graphics, vector).
  • Don’t make the title very long and hard to read (e.g., ‘Collections of vectorial antique pennants’).
  • Don’t use creative puns, cute words, or special characters. Cool and creative stuff does not help your SEO rating.
  • If you happen to have a board name that’s weird and is working, do not fix it. You just got lucky my friend, and you don’t mess with luck.

Like these tips? Let us know in a comment below and please share your hacks!

How to give context to your Boards

So, step one is to choose solid keyword-based titles for your Boards. For step two, you need to keep in mind that Pinterest refers to the Board title to understand the content of the Pins. This means that keywords are just part of the strategy to get your content found. To take your Pinterest game to the next level you must consider the context.

Pinterest needs context in addition to keywords to understand your Boards and Pins.

The lack of context is the reason why you may have the most wonderful Pins in your perfectly named Board, but none of them gets recognized by other Pinners. Clearly, madly filling your Boards, or dumping all your Pins at once is not the way to go.

Lack of context is the #1 reason why Pinterest accounts fail.

If Pinterest trusts your Boards, it will show your content. The more Pinterest trusts (aka, understands) your Boards, the more your Pins will pop up in searches. Simple.

Boards with consistent and solid content are the key to future-proof Pinterest success.

How do I build strong, consistent boards?

Glad you asked! With Pins, of course! But not just any pins. To get your content found, you need Pins that Pinterest is familiar with. Use existing pins to teach Pinterest what your Boards are about, then add your amazing content!

This is what you need to do before you upload any content to your Boards:

  1. Write your board title in the search bar and save the best Pins.
  2. In the search results, choose “Top Pins” and save the most relevant ones.
  3. In your Board, select “More ideas” and again save all Pins that match the topic. (Pinterest is guessing the content of your Board, you are confirming the right guesses.).
  4. For two weeks, keep adding a few relevant Pins every day.

Once you have around 40 Pins on your Board, you will be ready to Pin your own content.

What happens now?

  1. Feed content to your Board regularly. Consistency is better than quantity.
  2. If you don’t have any new content to add to the Board, keep adding 3rd party relevant pins to keep the Board active.
  3. Don’t be hasty, your pins will bear fruits eventually.

4 actions to find the right keywords for Pinterest

Pinterest can be thought of like Google for images. Users type an idea in the search bar and are presented with visual suggestions to complete their projects. Like any search engine, Pinterest looks at keywords to show its users the most relevant content.

How do I find keywords that will get my Pins found?

Finding the perfect keywords is a 4-step process:

  1. Think like your target audience: Why are they on Pinterest? What inspiration do they need? What need does your problem fulfill? What would they type in the search bar?
  2. Use the suggested results: Search a general word (e.g., Discord). The results are shown by the search volume. Make an additional search for each relevant suggestion (in other words, add that word in the search bar next to your starting word). Write down all relevant results. If a search doesn’t give results, it means Pinners are not searching for that term and you should think about switching to a more commonly searched word.
  3. Check who is saving your pins: Open a Pin and select “See more stats.” Here you can see where your Pins were saved. Write down any new keywords (aka, the titles of those boards). This feature helps you choose better Board titles in the future.
  4. Use board suggestions: Repin a top-ranking Pin you found. Select “Create new board.” You will see Board name suggestions.

Where to use Pinterest keywords

Okay, now you have all the perfect keywords and keyword phrases for your boards.

“Where do I use them?” you might ask. Certainly, you don’t plaster the walls of your bedroom with them.

  1. Add them to your profile name and description.
  2. Add them to your Board titles and descriptions.
  3. Add them to your Bin titles and descriptions.

Yes, add them to all titles and descriptions!

To sum up, Pinterest is a great platform to get your content out there and drive your sales. You just need to find the right keywords, give Pinterest the right context, and be very, very consistent in your posting.

That’s all for now!

Do you promote your products on Pinterest? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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