Free Products: Are They Really Helpful For Vendors?

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β€œFree Products: Are They Really Helpful For Vendors? [Audio Version]”

It’s no secret that every vendor comes to the marketplace not for a fan base, but for earnings β€” it’s essential for artists and designers to receive money for their products. However, you may have noticed that freebies are often found in the assortment of MasterBundles. Customers can use them absolutely for free.
What is the point of offering your products without taking money for them? In fact, this is a rather exciting and working scheme for promoting premium designs, which our team will talk about in the article.

Making Freebies: Waste Of Time Or Efficient Product Promotion?

So, a free product is an opportunity to show a client a mini version of the complete design, which they can test and ensure its quality and usefulness. In addition, when a potential customer sees β€œfreebies”, they will definitely pay attention to the freebie, go to the product page, and then he can explore the vendor’s profile, finding something interesting in the range of works.

So you can use the freebie as:

  1. Free Part of Your Premium Design. Let’s say you have a relatively large costly product. You can make the main part of it paid, and put some of the add-ons into the β€œfree” category β€” this will encourage the customer to buy the product, saving money on some of the elements. On the other hand, you can make the main part free, and all cool add-ons paid.
  2. Free Product in Collection of Similar Products. If you are focusing on creating similar products (like presentation templates or something like that), then it makes sense to make one product from them free so that the client can check out if your style and product vision, in general, fit their project.
  3. Linking to Premium Product Pages. Thanks to our marketplace features, you can add splendid CTA elements (engaging banners or hyperlinks directing to the pages with premium products) to the freebies pages. Thus, you will both introduce your designs to a potential client and promote the paid options.

Essential Benefits of Free Products

Thus, after analyzing the above, we can highlight several specific advantages of creating and publishing free products:

  • the presence of a free product allows customers to be sure of the quality of the vendor’s paid designs;
  • if a customer has already used a freebie, then he is more likely to buy a paid product from this designer;
  • the presence of freebies increases the recognition of products.

And, of course, free offers increase customer trust between a client and a vendor.

How To Use Freebies Correctly? Tips For Vendors

For the publication of free products to work even more efficiently, we recommend remembering the following nuances:

  1. When posting freebies, be sure to use parallel promotion through your social networks β€” write that you have created several interesting products and provide them for free, invite subscribers to test and then leave feedback. Talking about your product on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks will allow them to be promoted.
  2. If you see that someone has used your freebie or shared a link to it, then feel free to write and ask about his or her impressions. This way you will find out what attracted the customer and the reasons why the customer may not want to buy a full-size product.
  3. Distributing a free product is only the first step. Be sure to think of a full-fledged strategy for how you will attract a client to the transition from freebie to premium design. For example, you can write about the benefits of a full-fledged product in the description or use CTA.

Don’t forget to post free designs and use our tips β€” this is a great way to promote your masterpieces. Remember that creating a free product is not a waste of time, but an investment in your popularity, recognition, and reliability for the client.

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