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Nobody is born as a designer. Every experienced and skilled pro was a beginner a few years ago and went his long or short road to the current position. If you are really interested in the subject and want to work as a designer – there’s nothing impossible in that way. Moreover, it is quite possible for you too.

Let’s start with a short notice: you don’t have to learn everything that exists in design field by now. We will take a closer look at UI and UX designers because that are the two most popular spheres by now. Some definition will never hurt:

UI design means “User Interface” design and if you choose that field you will create the visual part of the software. Where to place the text field, what will be the buttons color, where do the drop-down menu will open – that all will be your responsibility. The main goal of UI designer is to make users` interaction with the software as simple and quick as possible.

UX is a User Experience design and its mission is to create a general structure and strategy of the visual part of the software. You will have to be able to understand what do the user needs, what are the problems of getting it and define the ways to deal with those issues. If you would like to specialize in this field you will have to communicate with people really often.

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Those two types of designers in most companies unite in one person and that’s why we are telling you about both of them in the same time. Usually, only the biggest firms need those professionals to be different people. So, now let’s talk about the steps you have to walk to become a UI/UX designer. We created a checklist for you to make the road clearer and simpler.

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