15+ Customizable App Icon Packs for Different Business Areas

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15+ Customizable App Icon Packs for Different Business Areas [Audio Version]
15+ Customizable App Icon Packs for Different Business Areas [Audio Version]

Icons appear in the design of websites and applications 9 out of 10 times because they make textual information easier to read and create a more user-friendly interface. We decided to help you save some time so we have prepared paid and free app icon packs for various business areas including beauty, food, finance, etc.

Icons are used on websites and apps:

  • in navigation (cart, account)
  • in search fields (magnifying glass icon)
  • in the content (in the “about us” block, each text describing the team can be accompanied by an icon to simplify the perception of information)
  • in meta-information (date of creation, date of editing the article)

Here are two examples of the interface with and without icons. Which one is more user-friendly? πŸ˜‰

Two examples of the interface with and without icons.

Why do designers choose ready-made icons?

  1. Saves time. You won’t need to redraw them for every project. This is especially helpful if you don’t like this part of building a website/app.
  2. Possibility to customize. You can change the icon packs according to your wishes and customer requirements. It’s one thing to change a few lines in the icon, and another to completely draw it from scratch.
  3. Large selection of styles. Here, you are not limited by your ability to draw in vector format, but simply have to choose what suits your design. In addition, atypical icons will distinguish the design from others where standard stock options are used.

Well, let’s take a look at some cool icon sets!

A Comprehensive Icon Bundle: 1525 Icons That You’ll Love:

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A Comprehensive Icon Bundle: 1525 Icons That You’ll Love


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15+ The Best Icon Sets for Website and App

Black and White Money Icons

Black and white money icons on white and black background

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This black and white icon pack is perfect for a financial project. Included are all the necessary Ai, EPG, JPG, and SVG formats that you can edit. If you are a graphic designer, then this pack is a must-have for financial presentations.

Bundle of All Religious Symbols

Black and white icons with symbols of religions on a white and black background

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Are you making an app or website about religion? Then these white app icons in vector format are what you need. Also available in black, but you can change it to any color in Illustrator. Perfect for icons in blocks with descriptions of religions.

Flat Line Icons

Gray icons on white background and laptop photography

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This minimalist icon pack consists of 100+ simple and high-quality flat line icons. This is a must-have for a designer, because they can be used in various user interface designs.

120 No Background Food Icons

Colored icons for food on a black background and a photograph of phone screens.

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This is an app icon pack for a restaurant, cafe, food delivery, etc. For graphic designers, the pack will be useful in the design of labels, menus, stickers, etc. Here you will get 120 vector food icons with no background, made using 4 different color palettes. Each element is in AI, PNG, and SVG format.

Solid Weather Icons Bundle

Color icons for weather apps on white background

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These cute app icons are great for a user-friendly weather app. Just look, with such rain icons, the weather doesn’t seem so bad πŸ™‚

6 Colorful Business UI Icons

Blue and white icons for business applications on a blue background

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These blue app icons were created for the medical industry. The icons are pixel-perfect and fully editable. Make your work not only easier but also unique with these icons πŸ™‚

3D Essential UI Icons

Color icons for business applications on a blue background

button for more details.

This Mac icon pack is made for websites, mobile apps, printing, presentations, infographics, and any other project. Every detail in every icon is done in a clean and modern style. Perfect for photo/video converter applications in different formats, cloud storage, etc. Not suitable for minimalistic sites.

Black and White Simple Icons Set

Black and White Simple Icons on a white background.

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These black and white app icons are versatile enough for minimalist apps of any type.

20 Top Icons Krypto Business Economy Travel

Black and white icons for crypto applications on a white background.

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This is a set of 20 black app icons for Economy, Crypto, Business, Travel, Traffic, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance. Have you seen the price? Grab this one for yourself for your crypto projects.

Color Icon Pack

Pink small icons on gradient background.

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Set of 150 high-quality Instagram-style pink app icons drawn in vector. Perfect for designing social media apps and websites.

25 Flat Colorful Christmas Icons

Pink and black small christmas icons on pink background.

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These flat-line Christmas app icons are perfect for Christmas sale product listing design.

10 Types of Geotags

Multicolored icons for geotagging on a gray background.

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10 Unusual Geotags You Can Use for Your Design. This is a great way to diversify a map block. All of them are vector icons. Each icon comes in PDF, SVG, JPG, and PNG formats.

Ios 14 Stunning Minimal Icon Pack With 3 Different Themes

Multi-colored small icons on the screen of several iPhones.

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And if you suddenly want to customize the icons on your phone, then this app icon pack for iOS 14 is for you. Here you will find over 115 beautiful icons for iOS, 3 different themes, and 10 different background images.

Free App Icon Sets

Neutral App Icons

Small icons of light colors on a white background.

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These free aesthetic app icons will complement your boho design. Graphic designers will be able to use these icons for presentations in the same style.

Social Media Icons for Personal Use Free

Color icons for social networks on a blue-green background.

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No website is complete without social media icons. So grab this free iPhone icon pack for your projects. The icons are made in vector format, so you can customize them in Illustrator.

Free Medical Icons

Color icons for medical applications on a white background.

button for more details.

Are you designing a medical application or a website for a private doctor? Then these free iPhone app icons will come in handy for you!

Social Media Icon Vector Set in Neon Pink with Little Glow

Color icons for social networks on a blue background.

button for more details.

Very cool free neon app icons for design with a dark background. These icons will draw attention and also look great with bright gradients.

16 Green App Icons Aesthetic

Green icons for applications on a green background.

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These free green app icons are made in a more hand-drawn format. Suitable for app/site design with a soft tone of voice.

Anime App Icons

Colored bright icons with anime characters.

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This set with free anime app icons for those who want to customize icons on their phone. Here are the most popular anime characters!

Halloween Celebration Set Icons

Colored icons for halloween on purple background.

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Halloween is coming soon and it will be fun to upgrade or create a new design with Halloween app icons. By the way, we have released an interesting tutorial on this topic – we are waiting for you πŸ™‚

Do you create icons? Then pack them into bundles and upload them to MasterBandles in 5 minutes. Yes, in 5 minutes, using our Sell Your Deal form. Then your work will be included in the next selection – we are waiting for you!

How to Choose Icons for a Project

We showed you several sets of icons, and now we will share a recommendation on how to choose the best ones for your design project:

  1. Icons should be in vector format so as not to spoil your beautiful design with pixels. In AI format, you can customize icons in Illustrator.
  2. Within a set, icons should be in the same style and execution for a cohesive look.
  3. Icons should fit the target audience of the site. For example, if the entrepreneurs are 45+, then cartoon icons will not work for such a design.
  4. Icons should be an extension of the design, not feel like they’re from another world.
  5. In an app/site, all icons should be of the same style. By the way, that’s why it’s convenient to choose ready-made sets of icons (see point 2 :)). Do not combine outline and filled icons in the same design.
  6. Relevance. Icons should look stylish and not look like they were pulled out of 2004.

Was this helpful for you? We are always happy to help designers solve problems and save their time. Therefore, our team is constantly working on creating content and we will be grateful for your feedback – like, comment, and send this selection to your designer friends.

We wish you successful projects!

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