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10+ Best Podcast Hosting for 2021: Free and Premium

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By: Liza Koenhoven July 22, 2021 6 minutes

Podcast Hosting. If you have decided to try your hand at podcasting and want to join the world’s successful streamers who create high quality and popular content, then it’s time to think about choosing a Podcast Hosting platform for your unique and interesting activity.

I will say right away that this is an absolute necessity, because you will definitely need this kind of third-party platform to store and distribute your audio files. In most cases, all of these hosting platforms are already correctly configured and organized, and you just have to enter your information; the system algorithms will promote your material and find interested listeners for your topic.

When choosing a hosting service for your podcasts, it is important to pay attention to some specific details and points as listed below.

Selection criteria:

  • the amount of data storage;
  • usage statistics;
  • compatibility with popular players;
  • download speed;
  • availability of technical support;
  • additional functions.

We have put together the most common and convenient free and paid Podcast Hosting services for you, and we hope this will help you succeed in your endeavor.

Best Premium Podcast Hosting


This is a freedom and flexibility template for podcast.

button for more details.


Dark template with rating indicators.

button for more details.


Light template with illustrations and infographics.

button for more details.


This is a mega stylish template using creative and art illustration.

button for more details.

Resonate Recordings

The template has two themes - light and dark - and a simple design.

button for more details.


This is a modern, picturesque and trendy podcast template.

button for more details.

Best Free Podcast Hosting

BuzzSprout – free for 90 days

This template is light blogging with existing podcasts.

button for more details.


Simple template with orange color accents.

button for more details.


Stylish, interactive and trendy template. When scrolling, the color changes.

button for more details.


Interesting, creative template with drawn elements.

button for more details.

Speaker Com

A yellow podcast that lifts the mood.

button for more details.

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Author Liza Koenhoven
Author: Liza Koenhoven

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