Parsing My Behance Project Case For 1.5k Views: How Did I Do It?

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Behance is a great portfolio platform for designers, illustrators, font creators, and more. Here you can post your Behance project, get inspired by the work of designers from all over the world, get feedback, and find both clients and work in the company.

Today I will share the tips that helped me get my project to the top and get 1.5k views. At the same time, unfortunately, my page isn’t completely stuffed and there is only 1 work (don’t take an example from me about this :)). But I’m working on it now and developing the style of my personal brand.

I’m from Ukraine, so my project isn’t in English. But don’t worry, I’ll translate the important points for your understanding.

By the way, recently I’ve created a similar case for a MasterBundles Behance page, so you can check it out and see another variant that is simpler but also cool.

Why You Should Create a Behance Design Portfolio

Let’s start by quickly explaining why I chose Behance. The most famous platforms for designers are Behance and Dribble. What is the difference?

Behance allows you to add a complete and long project, while Dribbble is more of a single screen describing the concept of the project.

Since I wanted to showcase the case in full, I chose just the Behance platform. It’s also more professional when you send a Behance link to a client than just a presentation of your work.

You’re wrong if you think you can’t figure out how to use Behance. The platform is very simple and intuitive. You can quickly register through your Google account, fill out your profile and submit your work. The creation of a high-quality case takes a good amount of time, sometimes as much as the design itself.

What Results Did I Get From One Project?

Somewhere in the span of 3-5 days, my Behance project collected between 500–600 views, which gave impetus to its promotion. Then it received organic views, likes, comments, and saves.

My actual stats are:

views – 1.5k

likes – 203

comments – 67

saves – 72

job offers – 3

Screen of the actual stats.

The project was posted on March 11, but it still shows up at the top when searching for the keywords. And in these results, there is only 1% luck, and everything else is the use of certain recommendations to promote the project.

Tips on How To Use Behance Effectively

Before creating a case, I looked for different tips, watched videos, and read several articles. I looked through and analyzed a lot of Behance portfolio examples to create a mood board, pick up references, and understand the structure of Behance cases. This helped me a lot, so I highlighted the main tips and will share them with you.

Niche Analysis

View projects with high forecasts on expected topics. What elements, styles, and arrangements of blocks can be used for your project? Importantly, we are not talking about other people’s work and cases – this can only be done for learning.


Choose the most relevant words to describe the project. Think about what words a client can use to find you. If you work with people from different countries, then write in different languages. For example, I created a guide, so I used such tags as guide, checklist, habit tracker, and development.

Screenshot of the phone screen with a list of tags and tag translation.

Choose The Best Projects

This is one of the top tips on how to make a Behance portfolio. You don’t need to do it for quantity, because everything works here on the basis of the quality of work. I understand that you may like all of your work, but try to look at them critically and choose just the best ones.

These works should show your level of talent and the higher the quality of the work, the greater the chance of getting into the recommendations. It only requires good quality content.

Case Structure

I don’t recommend posting just one image of your work or a plain screenshot. It is important to show the entire process of working on a project so that a potential client can understand how much work you are doing for a design. This builds loyalty and respect for your talent and adds value to your work. It is necessary to show in as much detail and clarity as possible how the project was created.

For my project, I chose the following structure:

  1. Description of the project. I didn’t add a description in my case, but I would definitely add it now. Briefly describe the brand you have worked with to bring people into the context of your Behance project.
  2. Tasks for the project. I have highlighted the main ones that the client provided me. I wrote that it was necessary to work out the structure of the text and create a guide design.
  3. Design components. This is a required block where you show fonts, colors, and basic design elements. By the way, looking through other projects, you can find interesting combinations of fonts and colors πŸ™‚
  4. The process of work and what was done. I decided to break the process into 4 main stages and wrote what was done at each. As an idea for you, you can add a Gantt chart to show due dates.

    If you are preparing a case for creating a design for a website, then you need to put Taskflow and Wireflow here.

  5. Result. You must show the results of your work. I decided to make it in the animation format, where the pages of the guide itself changed. But you can place your work here in themed mockups to visualize the result.

Infographic with the structure of the project.

I create a short structure checklist for you so that you can check your projects against it.

Structure checklist for checking your projects.

Stylish Cover

Behance allows you to insert a cover image that will be displayed on all pages. It must be made mandatory so that it looks good on any display on the Behance online portfolio. If you do not do it, but use 1 cover in the case itself, then it will look sloppy.

I made the cover at 800×632 pixels.

The cover should be bright, attractive, and showcase your project. It should create a desire to go into the project itself.

Place your design on the cover (presentation pages, mockup poster, logo, etc.). Try to convey the style of the project on the cover:)

Screenshots of the main collage of the project and the cover of the project.


This allows you to make your project stand out from the background of others and make it more unusual.
You can add an animation of changing the logo, a prototype of the site, turning the pages of the guide, or changing the illustrations that were used in the project.

For easy animation, it is not necessary to own an aftereffect. I will share how I did the animation:

  1. I chose some cool pages that display the project.
  2. Next, I chose a suitable magazine mockup.
  3. I made 3 frames, where I added different mockups with work.
  4. I saved them and added them to the video editor.
  5. I set the duration of each image to 1-1.5 seconds.
  6. The animation is ready.

The quality at that time deteriorated quite a lot, as it had not yet been checked.

Chat Support

The reaction of other designers is one of the main factors that helped me take my Behance project to the top. I got into the designer’s chat, where we help each other for support.

What is it for and how does it work? The active reaction to the just published project makes it clear to the Behance algorithms that the work is interesting. After such a push, the organic promotion of the work is already underway.

It is also essential to be active on the pages of other designers after uploading a project in order to get mutual feedback.

Well, as an added bonus, Behance is a cool community where you can chat on different topics and meet other designers.

That’s all! I shared with you my tricks and tips that helped me with the case. Use them and I hope the whole world will see your cool work.

It would be great if you share yours in the comments. Let’s arrange an exchange of useful information between designers?) I’m looking forward to it!

Behance Project Case in Infographic

Infographic Behance Project Case.

Banner for downloading guide.

Some Awesome Videos About Behance Projects

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Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Behance Project

What is a Behance project?

Behance project is a packaged case of their creative work that designers can show to other users. It may include images, text, videos, and other media files that were used in the creation of the project.

How do I create a project on Behance?

Hosting a project on Behance is very simple:

  1. Sign in to your Behance profile. You can easily use your Google account.
  2. Click the Share Your Work button at the top of the Behance page and select Project.
  3. Start adding content. When you’re done uploading your work, click Continue.
  4. Upload/select a cover, enter a project name, select a creative field, and add relevant tags.
  5. Click “Save” to save the project as a draft. Check back in a couple of minutes.
  6. Click “Publish” to publish the project in real-time.

Is Behance good for a portfolio?

We definitely recommend using Behance as a portfolio for various creative professions. Here you can fully expose your case, get inspired by other works, get feedback, and find clients.

As a portfolio, it is very convenient to use and show to clients by simply sending a link to the profile. There are no restrictions on the number of projects and the publication is free.

Is Behance free to publish?

Yes, the Behance platform is free for creatives and has no limit on the number of projects you can upload.

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