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🙏 49+ Worship PowerPoint Background for 2021

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By: Jim Harding March 24, 2021 14 minutes

Worship PowerPoint Background. A good church service ensures that attendees have a different experience. To attract the attention of worshippers, download unique, memorable, and cool worship PowerPoint backgrounds remain vital for the church.

What is the best Worship PowerPoint background? There is no explicit response to this question. Worship is a religious act directed towards a deity. However, a good PowerPoint background attracts the young generation and visitors and makes worship a meatier experience for the older folks.

Where can I get worship PowerPoint backgrounds? A plethora of resources is available online. You can download premium, fermium, and free templates for your presentations.

4 Best PowerPoint and Church Bundles

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Graphic Bundle: 50 Amazing Church Flyers
Flyers Bundle: 60 Glorious Church Flyer Templates
Nature Powerpoint Template
Nature Powerpoint Template and Google Slide Theme – Bonus: Keynote Template
Best Book Presentation: Book Powerpoint Template and Google Slide Theme – Bonus: Keynote Template

5 Secret Google Slides.

Premium Worship PowerPoint Background

Sun Worship

Bright and sunny template. He talks about unification and common purpose.

This simple premium template can be used for Christian PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations.

Rainbow Worship

The template is in lilac color with simple, clear graphics.

This is a professional background for presenting in church human resource meetings and business seminars.


The combination of red with terracotta creates a special atmosphere of love for the world.

When presenting about Jesus’ death in a Christian service, this PowerPoint template is ideal for your congregation.

Women’s Prayer

Black and white template with a praying girl in the center. It is colorless, because for everyone, faith has its own color.

During prayer meetings, this background is a cool for your presentation.

Celebrating Easter

The gentle menthol strokes on this template paint a picture of every story, every presentation in a unique style.

This colorful template is excellent for inviting Christians to the religious function.

Easter Online

Easter is a big church holiday with certain traditions. This template is created in three different variations for you to choose your Easter style.

For your online audience, this PowerPoint template is ideal for teaching Bible concepts on Easter.

Youth Service Blue Diamonds

Bright template in purple. He will pay attention to such a presentation even by the most unbeliever.

When presenting Christian announcements, ideal backgrounds for the youth must stand out like the Youth Service Blue Diamonds template.

Free Worship PowerPoint Backgrounds

Path – Free Powerpoint Background Christians Contribution Sunday Worship

The walker will overcome the road. A template about hope and trust.

Аwakening – Free Powerpoint Background For a Worship Service

Deep color pattern with clouds. It will perfectly cover any topic.

Blossoming – Free Spring Powerpoint Background Worship

Free Spring Powerpoint Background Worship. Great bright and colorful template.

Gold – Free Fall Autumn Worship Powerpoint Background

Free Fall Autumn Worship Powerpoint Background. Autumn is a golden time: for ideas, changes, love.

Confidence – Free Live Powerpoint Slides Background Worship

Free Live Powerpoint Slides Background Worship. A template with beautiful graphics that speaks of revival.

Sunset – Free Simple Worship Powerpoint Background

Free Simple Worship Powerpoint Background. A template with beautiful graphics that speaks of revival.

Blessedness – Free Worship Powerpoint Background Under Water

Free Worship Powerpoint Background Under Water. Blue grace. Freshness and calmness is felt from this template.

Celebration – Worship Background for Thanksgiving Powerpoint Free Download

Worship Background for Thanksgiving Powerpoint Free Download. Bright, festive template. It will be remembered by your audience for a long time.

Expression – Free Worship Powerpoint Background Moving

Free Simple Worship Powerpoint Background. This vibrant template speaks for itself. With it, your presentation will sparkle with new colors.

Expectation – Free Powerpoint One Animated Background Church Worship

The brightness and dynamism of this template is attractive. The design is simple yet modern, which makes it possible to use it for different themes.

Inspiration – Free Church Worship Song Powerpoint Background

 Yellow tenderness. Freshness and calmness is felt from this template.

Religious – Free Religious Worship Background for Powerpoint

Free Religious Worship Background for Powerpoint. This template is perfect for religious presentations.

Service – Come Join Us Free Worship Powerpoint Background

Come Join Us Free Worship Powerpoint Background. Template for ministry in warm autumn colors.

Spirituality – Free Tabernacle Worship Powerpoint Background

Free Tabernacle Worship Powerpoint Background. Simplicity and sophistication. This template is about searching and creating..

Breathtaking – Free Worship Service Powerpoint Background Images

The freedom of this template is mesmerizing. Through it, you can convey any information to your audience with ease.

Korean – Free Korean Worship Powerpoint Background

Pattern in Asian style. It is subtle to understand and sophisticated on the level of aesthetics.

Asian – Samoan Free Worship Songs Powerpoint Background

Samoan Free Worship Songs Powerpoint Background. Eco friendly green template. He will calmly suit different topics.

Revival – Free Powerpoint Background Worship Easter

Free Powerpoint Background Worship Easter. Green template about spring. He reminds that one thing ends and another begins.

Sound – Free Piano Worship Powerpoint Background

Free Piano Worship Powerpoint Background. This template will make your presentation sound different.

Abstraction – Free Worship Powerpoint Background Geometric Blue

 The pattern consists of various geometric shapes on a blue background. There is something of eclecticism and futurism in it.

Beatification – Free Blessed Worship Background Powerpoint

Template with Saint Mary and Jesus. It’s like an icon and would be a great choice for religious presentations.

Autumn – Free Fall Powerpoint Background Worship

A golden presentation that reminds us of the wonderful time of the year – autumn.

Flow – Free Summer Powerpoint Worship Background

Free Summer Powerpoint Worship Background. Delicate pattern in pastel colors. It seems to calm down on its waves.

Goal – Free Worship Conduct Background Powerpoint

Free Worship Conduct Background Powerpoint. A presentation with a positive aura. She talks about achieving goals, about intention.

Soffit – Free Worship Pentecost Powerpoint Background

Free Worship Pentecost Powerpoint Background.Spiritual layout in vintage style. It fits perfectly into a religious presentation.

Shade – Free Powerpoint Background Worship Dark

Free Powerpoint Background Worship Dark.The dark pattern emphasizes that there is a light side and a dark side in each of us.

Symbolism – Free Maundy Thursday Worship Background Powerpoint

This template is about the details of the church, holy confession and love for the world. It is saturated with symbolism and classical perception of the cathedral.

Enlightenment – Free Healer Worship Background Powerpoint

Awakening template. He’s like a sip of cold water on a hot morning. With this template, your presentation will be fresh and delicate.

Combustion – Free Light Worship Powerpoint Background

This is such a beautiful template. Candles reflect the inner fire of a person. This template will add warmth and comfort to your presentation.

Freedom – Free Beach Background Powerpoint For Worship

Where there is a lot of space, there is a lot of attention. There is a place for dreams and desires. With this template, your presentation will become an inspiration for others.

Hope – Free Heart of a Servant Worship Powerpoint Background

Hope helps those who walk, those who take risks and are not afraid to be themselves. This template brings light and grace. It will tell your story perfectly.

Redemption – Free Powerpoint Background for Worship the King

 This template is similar to the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. She is free and majestic. With this template, your presentation will take on new colors and meaning.

Minimalism – Free Powerpoint Background Christian Tithing Sunday Worship

This minimalistic template gives you room to be creative. Stylish pastel colors will suit any theme.

Freshness – Free Powerpoint Summer Welcome Worship Background

A little bit of vitamin D. Palms, sand, sun – it all adjusts to the summer mood and relaxation.

Greatness – Free Widescreen Powerpoint Background for Worship

 A template in a laconic style. The majestic cross adds strength and arrogance to him over everyday affairs.

Spirit – Free Powerpoint Background Christians Giving Sunday Worship

Painting on walls, icons, domes is all church art that bewitches and beckons. With this free template, you will make your entire presentation special and unique.

Believer – Free Church Worship Song Powerpoint Background

The symbol of any religion is the place where a person receives confirmation of his faith. It is this place that can be considered a second home, that safe harbor.

Accents – Free Church Modern Worship Powerpoint Background

The symbol of any religion is the place where a person receives confirmation of his faith. It is this place that can be considered a second home, that safe harbor.

Sanctuary – Free Powerpoint Background Worship Church

Simplicity and stained glass. Style and wood. Faith and Sin. This template is a complex of contrasts. It is controversial and unique.

Prayer – Free Laity Sunday Worship Powerpoint Background

This template involves prayer and teaching. All the best comes from books. Knowledge gives confidence in the routine.

Scope – Free Here I am To Worship Powerpoint Background

 In the morning, this is the time for new opportunities. Each new dawn is a new chance to do things differently.

Energy – Free Background Worship Music for Powerpoint

Free Background Worship Music for Powerpoint. Emotionally filled template. It attracts with its brightness and energy.

Idolatry – Free High Resolution Worship Powerpoint Background

Stylish template in warm colors. It is permeated with the sparks of every believer and the fire of every lover.

Heavenly – Free Powerpoint Background For Worship Songs

 Purple is the color of St. Mary Magdalene in Christianity. It means self-sacrifice and something unearthly. Your presentation will guide people to intangible things.

Lights – Free Powerpoint Background Worship Light

 Free Powerpoint Background Worship Light. Great bright and colorful template.

Patriotism – Free Worship Powerpoint Background Veterans

Free Worship Powerpoint Background Veterans. Bright and unique template.

Crucifixion – Free Worship Jesus Powerpoint Background

Blue is the color of calm and harmony. Your presentation will have a special calming power and build faith in people.

Nebulosity – Modern Worship Powerpoint Background

Cloudiness gives an understanding of the power of faith. This is a separate element that will breathe life into your presentation.

Shine – Free Worship Powerpoint Background Orange

A person who believes radiates warmth and love. This template will fill your presentation with symbolism and sunshine.

Anniversary – Free Memorial Day Worship Powerpoint Background

 This is a template about memory, about the fact that everyone keeps the most precious thing deep in their souls. With this template, your presentation will be intimate.

Fervor – Powerpoint Background Christian Praise and Worship

Every person, at least in part, is drawn to God. This template is about faith and zeal to overcome all obstacles on the way to higher powers.

Forgiveness – Free Worship Powerpoint Background Forever

 This is a luxury template about prayer and forgiveness. Ask and you will be heard.

Fragrance – Free Sample Powerpoint Background For Worship

Every time the sunsets attract the attention of thousands of people. Your presentation will not go unnoticed with this template.

Rallying – Free Worship Band Powerpoint Background

When there is God and faith in the soul, then it sings. Your presentation will sparkle with new colors with this template.

Prayer – Free Worship Powerpoint Background Prayer

Prayer is the voice of the soul. This is an opportunity to reach out to something more. With this template, your presentation will reach every person.

Association – Free Powerpoint Background Worship Service

 Faith and love for the world is reflected in the eyes of a person. This template will reflect you in your presentation.

Soul – Free Praise and Worship Powerpoint Background

Soul is a free Powerpoint Background template for personal and commercial purposes.

Christian Worship Religious Picture Backgrounds

Yellow with gradient green created a unique design for this theme. It's simple but eye-catching.

This is a set of backgrounds for presenting Bible teachings during a religious function.

Poster Pics Question Marks PPT Backgrounds

Orange and yellow created a sunny and warm color scheme.

This set of backgrounds for Christian presentations elicit uniqueness.

Modern Christmas Light PPT Backgrounds

Dark deep shades and purple gradients will add style to your presentation.

During religious celebrations such as Christmas, this set of PowerPoint templates is ideal for your presentations.

Free Cross PowerPoint Template

A classic church background with a simple font in light shades.

Download this free worship background for your presentation.

Church Images

The black and yellow background creates the effect of a sunset. This cozy theme will bring a special atmosphere.

This PowerPoint template with a Christian cross is created for professional presentations.

Church Powerpoint Presentation Template

A colorful theme with vibrant color accents. It is stylish and modern.

This is a timeless, classy background you can customize for different religious settings.


Light shades of the theme and stylish design will become the hallmark of your presentation.

For your Christian charity and fundraising, use this clean, modern background.


The main color of this theme is salmon. It is sophisticated and original, and the topic itself is fashionable and relevant.

This is a trendy modern church template for professional presentations.


Urban theme. Through her there is a fine line of charity and love for the world.

Backgrounds for this PowerPoint template are elegant and customizable.

Communion Remembrance Still Vol 2

An unusual but suitable combination of lilac and yellow. This background creates the effect of the shadow of a burning candle.

This still background contains a five-minute countdown, fifteen loops, and fifteen stills.

Purple Motion Particles

Lilac means a bright future. Everyone will see their own path with this background in the presentation.

This background is beautiful and attractive for your religious presentations.

Chrome Cross

The heavy gray color and the oncoming cloud will be a great addition to your presentation.

For your sermon notes, add this PowerPoint template to your church media library.

The Miracle of Life

This background will work great when you are preaching on the topics of abortion and sanctity of life.

If you have sermons on abortion and life sanctity, use this template.

On Tiptoe with Angels

The delicate palette of this background can perfectly convey the theme of your report.

This is an ideal background for teaching about angels.

Glory to God

This template looks like a sacred icon. He will add his energy to any church theme.

Present to your audience messages on the glory of God.

Virgin Mary

It can be used to create presentations on verses from the Bible or miracles of the Virgin Mary.

This free Virgin Mary PowerPoint template is ideal for sermons and prayers to the Mother of Jesus.

Holy Bible

This is  template for those who need a Bible background template

For your Bible series, this background allows you to execute outstanding religious content.

Always with Thanksgiving

A warm-colored template with hands up, speaks to the importance of uniting on the big holidays.

This is an ideal template for you to teach the importance of thanksgiving during praise and worship.

Open Arms

Open palms speak of a person's honesty. This is a deep semantic background.

This background showcases generosity, deliverance, and joy associated with worshiping God.

Holy Passion: My Beloved

Olive background as a symbol of peace. It personifies the theme of love for people and the world.

For your sermons on praising and worshiping God with zeal, this template will pass across the message effectively.

To the Praise of His Glory

The theme of man's prayer to God.

Use this worship PowerPoint background to affirm the need for Christians to praise God.


Pattern in light yellow colors. It is saturated with tenderness and grace.

Use this template in church seminars for professionals.

Jesus: A Series of the Life of Christ

The background in purple is always relevant and attractive.

This free template is designed for presenting sermons about Jesus Christ.

The Cross

Blue is always at the top. It creates a trusting atmosphere and stylish design.

For your crucifixion presentation, use this colorful background.

Jesus Crucifixion

Bright blue and green presentation with simple graphics.

This PowerPoint template is ideal for teaching your children to learn about the suffering of Christ.

Jesus Baptism

Background with Jesus pouring water over himself. This topic is about cleansing and veneration.

Do you want to teach about the baptism of Christ in a religious setting? Download this easy-to-use template.

Jesus Christ Bible

Blue background with raised hands graphics. Take the road that leads to heaven through worship of God.

Take your presentation ideas to higher heights by downloading this Bible PowerPoint.

Jesus of Nazareth

This Template has the image of the manger representing the birth of Jesus.

Use this background template to prepare sermons on the birth and life of Christ.

Worship Jesus

Contrast background. Flaming skies and stormy ones.

You can use this template to enhance your worship service.

The Jesus Factor

Background with the main message of God. Perfect for a brochure.

This PowerPoint template is designed for you to teach the character traits of Jesus.

Simply Amazing

Dark background in retro style. Reminiscent of the coming of Jesus.

When presenting about the resurrected savior, use this template.

Pray of Christian PPT Backgrounds

The template design has an illustration pic of Jesus over a sepia background.

This is an ideal template for teaching children and sharing with Christian family and friends about prayer.

Christian Cross in a Church

The theme was created based on a photo of the temple. It symbolizes the path of man to God.

This is an ideal PowerPoint template for presenting the dilemmas of the cross.

Multicolor Christian Church Icon

Light and simple theme with the ability to customize in your own style.

You can use this background for your Christian topics on different subjects.

Christian Church Image with Blue Sky

Template in blue and marsh colors depicting a temple. Flexible design will give you the opportunity to style in your own style.

This template can help you to fuse different religious ideas to generate huge energy for your audience.

Christian Church Icon with Multiple Crosses

Graphic simple and light theme. The lightness and flexibility of the design makes it possible to customize all the elements for yourself.

Use this background for an informal religious setting.

A Reward for Shepherds

The translucent sheep background is perfect for an educational presentation.

This PowerPoint template is perfect for teaching Christians the prize for walking with other Christians.

The Final Word

The presentation with a stone cross speaks of the age of faith and its firmness.

Use this background for your sermon to remind your Christian flock God has forgiven them.

God is Love

Very delicate presentation in pink with a rose.

This background is ideal for teaching about the love of God described in the Bible.

Peace be Still

A successful presentation color scheme - deep blue and purple will draw attention to your topic.

For your teachings on the Christian walk, use this template for peace sermons.

Jonah and the Whale

This is a nice and funny template for funny presentations. This design is based on the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale, you can use this ppt to teach children about the bible.

This is an ideal PowerPoint background to teach children about Bible characters.

David and Goliath

This template has been created for religious, bible or kids presentations. David and Goliath background for presentation may be really useful for those who want a bible background.

Use this lively template to prepare children’s sermons on David and Goliath.

Final Thoughts

Overall, hundreds of thousands of Worship PowerPoint backgrounds are available online. Based on your preference and financial capabilities, you can access unlimited resources for your church.

PowerPoint Background for Worship FAQ

💻 How can I get more worship PowerPoint backgrounds?

There are plenty of options available online for purchase on reputable websites such as MasterBundle. However, you can also use the backgrounds from Microsoft by clicking on the new file section. Scroll down and choose the background that appeals the most to you.

💻 How do you change the worship PowerPoint backgrounds?

Click the design tab while editing your PowerPoint presentation. Choose a solid color of your liking from the gallery and select the apply all feature.

💻 Where can I get free worship background templates?

We have listed a few great options that are few of charge. However, consider having some paid-for options as they are well-drafted by professional teams of designers

💻 What are the best worship background templates for the youth?

Colors and vibrance appeal the most to the youth. For this reason, consider any designs with loads of colors and visually appealing graphics. You can choose any background template(s) from the wide variety of options available at MasterBundle.

Some Awesome Video About PowerPoint Background for Worship

Use PowerPoint to create Worship slides with motion video backgrounds

Here you will see how to use PowerPoint to create Worship slides with motion backgrounds as you would see in far more expensive programs like Easy Worship or Pro Presenter.

Church Presentation Templates

Create a memorable church presentation to have your congregation looking forward to every Sunday morning.

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