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Created by Natalia Pokataeva
File type ABR, PSD
File size 91.94 MB
Date of Creation May 7 2020
Color multicolor
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Photoshop Map Brushes & Temlates: Map Converter

Just imagine that it turns out you can make a fake map from any image! How do you like this addon?

File typeJPG, PSD, PDF, ABR
File size91.94 MB
CompatibilityAdobe illustrator

❤️ You can make interior posters, postcards, and so on, that you have enough imagination. Perfectly converted photos, text, pictures, any image. For the best result, the map can be supplemented with the map label, the scale of heights, compass, a lot of map symbols and even rivers that are in the set as brush set.

Watch the demo video:

Horizontal Map Template 4000×3000
Vertical Map Template 3000×4000
37 Photoshop Map Brushes.abr
Font links
User Guide PDF

Software requirements: Photoshop CC and above, 8 Mb RAM, 10 Gb of system HDD space and more.

User Guide

1. To start, open a template that ts the orientation in Photoshop. 2. Install Map Brushes.abr (just drag-n-drop le in Photoshop)
3. Double-click to open the smart layer (DOUBLE CLICK AND REPLACE). Place or simply drag your image. Merge layers before saving to make processing easier. Close and save.
4. Wait for processing to complete. This may take 1 to 5 minutes.
If the processing is not complete, for example, due to lack of space on the system disk, open the smart layer again, copy its contents, close. Then close the card template without saving and open again, trying again (insert your picture in the smart layer from the bu er).
5. You can also add symbols and rivers to the map, using the set
of brushes included in this Toolkit. Go to the Custom Graphic layer and draw. You can draw rivers that ow from the mountains to the lowlands.
6. To speed up the work and reduce the load, merge Map layer group.
7. If you want to add a realistic paper texture to the map, make visible Folded Paper layer group.
The map has high detail, 300 dpi resolution and is ready to print. Thank you for purchase!

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