From Lens to Screen: 30 Best Shutterstock Photographers You Need to Know

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Lights, Camera, Emotion!

A single image can spark emotions, ignite the imagination, and transport us to places beyond our wildest dreams. But, in a world where a picture speaks a thousand words, finding that perfect image, especially on stock photography websites, can seem like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The good news? The best Shutterstock photographers have made it their mission to redefine stock photography and elevate it to a new level of creativity and authenticity. Gone are the days of lifeless, cookie-cutter images that scream “stock photo.”

We decided to embark on a visual odyssey and uncover the hidden gems of Shutterstock. From awe-inspiring landscapes to heartwarming portraits, our handpicked selection of the 30 best Shutterstock photographers will challenge your preconceptions about stock photography and inspire you to see the world through their lens.

So, buckle up and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of these brilliant artists!

Best Shutterstock Photographers to Know for Inspiration

Tappasan Phurisamrit

Tappasan Phurisamrit’s photography captures the essence of Asian culture, lifestyle, architecture, landmarks, and travel destinations.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Nature, Lifestyle

Subjects: Architectural Landmarks, Nature, People, Travel

Equipment: Sony A450, Sony A100, Canon 5D

Check out on Shutterstock: Tappasan Phurisamrit


Frankie’s photography showcases a unique perspective and creativity, capturing the essence of Italy with a focus on lifestyle, abstract themes, and surreal concepts.

Favorite styles: Lifestyle

Subjects: Abstract, People, Nature, Business, Equipment

Equipment: Canon 6D

Check out on Shutterstock: Fran_kie

Jeremy Reddington

Originally from New Zealand, Jeremy Reddington spent ten years in Europe before settling in the United States. All photos in his collection are his work, taken either today or at some point during his travels.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Nature

Subjects: Architectural, Buildings, Landmarks, Nature

Equipment: Canon 5D mkii, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8, Canon 17-40mm f/4, Canon 50mm f/1.4, Gigapan

Check out on Shutterstock: Jeremy Reddington


Follow Marchello74’s work to explore the world through his lens, showcasing a range of captivating aerial, timelapse, and travel photography that captures the essence of various architectural wonders, natural landscapes, and diverse textures.

Favorite styles: Aerial, Timelapse, Travel

Subjects: Architectural, Backgrounds, Nature, Textures, Travel

Equipment: Sony A7R 2, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Panasonic GH5, Sony A7R3

Check out on Shutterstock: Marchello74


Explore Shutterlk’s photography portfolio to discover a mix of captivating fashion, landscape, and graphic designs, showcasing their unique vision and talent in capturing the beauty of Sri Lanka’s design, fashion, and landmark scenes.

Favorite styles: Fashion, Landscape, Graphic

Subjects: Design, Fashion, Landmarks

Equipment: Nikon D7100, Sony NEX, Nikkor 50mm, SB 700 Flash

Check out on Shutterstock: Shutterlk

Ilja Mašík

Ilja concentrates primarily on challenging subjects, using post-production techniques to achieve realistic and usually inaccessible images. This approach has allowed them to succeed in the global competition of the microstock community.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Nature, Lifestyle

Subjects: Architectural, Landmarks, Nature, Sports, Transportation

Equipment: Nikon, All The Bes

Check out on Shutterstock: IM_photo

Sven Hansche

As a certified drone pilot, Sven captures stunning aerial perspectives in his work. Check out Sven Hansche’s photography on Shutterstock to explore his breathtaking landscape, nature, and night photography, capturing stunning images of buildings, holiday scenes, landmarks, and travel destinations.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Nature, Night

Subjects: Buildings, Holiday, Landmarks, Nature, Travel

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Check out on Shutterstock: Sven Hansche

Sean Pavone

Sean Pavone is a talented photographer whose passion for photography and travel shines through in his work. He captures stunning landscape and skyline photography from various cities and locations worldwide. His skills and dedication to his craft make him a photographer worth following.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Timelapse, Travel

Subjects: Architectural, Buildings, Landmarks, Transportation, Travel

Equipment: d800, d600, nikkor lenses, d810

Check out on Shutterstock: Sean Pavone


Ruslan’s passion for travel, photography, and filmmaking inspired him to create incredible artwork. He and his wife love exploring the world with their baby girl Danika and believe that having children should not stop you from experiencing the beauty of this world. The portfolio includes a vast array of beautiful photographs and videos that capture the essence of their travels and the joy they find in everyday life.

Favorite styles: Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel

Subjects: Fashion, Nature, People, Travel, Wildlife

Equipment: d800, d600, nikkor lenses, d810

Check out on Shutterstock: Everst

Teo Tarras

With a wealth of experience working for advertising agencies and direct clients, Teo has developed a particular skill in retouching and photo blends, enabling him to create breathtaking and surreal worlds in his photography. Additionally, Teo is interested in photographing jungle scenes, capturing the lush greens and unique atmosphere of these stunning environments.

Favorite styles: Black and White, Landscape, Nature

Subjects: Architectural, Buildings, Design, Nature

Equipment: Mamiya y Nikon digital, D850

Check out on Shutterstock: Teo Tarras

Martin Prochazkacz

Martin Procházka is a talented and experienced nature photographer with a keen eye for capturing the beauty of the natural world. His passion for wildlife and travel is evident in his stunning photography, showcasing the majesty of animals and their breathtaking landscapes.

Favorite styles: Nature, Travel

Subjects: Animals, Wildlife, Travelling

Check out on Shutterstock: Martin Prochazkacz

Arif Supriyadi

Arif Supriyadi is a skilled photographer passionate about capturing the natural world’s intricate beauty through macro photography. His eye for detail and ability to highlight everyday objects’ beauty has made him a sought-after photographer.

Favorite styles: Macro, Nature, Still Life

Subjects: Abstract, Animals, Architectural, Backgrounds, Wildlife

Check out on Shutterstock: Arif Supriyadi

Jan Stria

Whether it’s the majesty of natural landscapes or the intricacies of artificial structures, Jan’s photography captures the essence of his subjects with precision and beauty.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Macro, Nature

Subjects: Animals, Architectural, Landmarks, Nature, Wildlife

Equipment: Canon DSLR

Check out on Shutterstock: Jan Stria

Andrew Mayovskyy

Andrew Mayovskyy is a talented photographer and videographer based in Ukraine. He has a passion for capturing the world’s beauty and representing the idea that “All that we are arises with our thoughts” through his photos.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Nature, Travel

Subjects: Landmarks, Nature

Equipment: Canon 5DsR, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-70L 2.8 II, Canon 70-200L, Canon 16-35L 2.8 III

Check out on Shutterstock: Andrew Mayovskyy

Bundit Jonwises

Bundit Jonwises is a talented photographer based in Thailand. With a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around him, he has developed a unique style showcasing his subjects’ intricacies.

Favorite styles: Black and White, Food, Nature

Subjects: Backgrounds, Design, Food and Drink, Nature, Symbols

Check out on Shutterstock: Bundit Jonwises

Remus Rigo

Using macro and portrait styles demonstrates the photographer’s versatility and ability to capture different perspectives. His portfolio encompasses a few different styles and subjects, which makes it exciting and diverse.

Favorite styles: Macro, Portrait

Subjects: Fine Art, Nature, Objects, People

Equipment: Nikon d90, Af-s vr micro-nikkor 105mm f/2.8g if-ed, Sony a7 ii

Check out on Shutterstock: Remus Rigo

De Visu

De Visu’s work is worth following as he brings a unique perspective to the field of photojournalism, with their focus on full-time travel and capturing images from different parts of the world.

Favorite styles: Aerial, Editorial, Lifestyle

Subjects: Landmarks, People, Travel

Equipment: Canon eos 5d mark iii, Canon l lens

Check out on Shutterstock: De Visu

Aïda Novillas

Aïda Novillas’ work is worth following as her passion for photography is rooted in a rich personal history that has shaped her approach to capturing images. Her interest in photography began with her parents’ practice of capturing family moments and creating photo albums, instilling a love for preserving memories through pictures. Her focus on truth is also evident in her work, as she seeks to capture authentic moments that reflect the reality of the world around her.

Favorite styles: Black and White, Nature, Lifestyle

Subjects: Animals, Buildings, Nature, Travel

Check out on Shutterstock: Aïda Novillas

Guilbaud Stan

His subjects, including architectural, industrial, and vintage scenes, provide a unique perspective on the built environment and the role that human beings play in shaping it. The candid style suggests an interest in capturing unposed, natural moments that reflect the reality of the world around them.

Favorite styles: Black and White, Candid, Landscape

Subjects: Architectural, Buildings, Industrial, Transportation, Vintage

Equipment: iPhone xr, Canon eos 5d mk ii, Canon PowerShot g2, Canon eos 5d

Check out on Shutterstock: Guilbaud Stan

Maurice Bladibla

Maurice’s subjects, including architectural elements, animals, and natural backgrounds, provide diverse visuals that will captivate and inspire. The focus on beauty in nature and the built environment suggests a deep appreciation for the aesthetics of the world around him.

Favorite styles: Landscapes, Macro, Nature

Subjects: Architectural, Animals, Backgrounds, Beauty, Nature

Equipment: Nikon d810, Nikkor 14-24 f2.8, Nikkor 24-120mm f4.0

Check out on Shutterstock: Maurice Bladibla

Damien J Kennedy

Damien’s photographs are worth following because they capture the rugged and dramatic beauty of the Irish landscape, showcasing the natural world in all its glory. His deep appreciation for the environment and passion for preserving it is evident in his work, making his images visually stunning and socially conscious. Through his photographs, Damien inspires others to appreciate the beauty of nature and take action to protect it.

Favorite styles: Landscapes, Nature

Subjects: Backgrounds, Beauty, Nature

Check out on Shutterstock: Damien J Kennedy

Tran Cong Phuc

Following this photographer’s work is a great way to explore the beauty of Japan and other parts of the world through the lens of an experienced artist.

Favorite styles: Food, Nature, Models

Subjects: Food and drinks, Holidays, Landmarks, People, Traveling

Equipment: Nikon d90, Nikon fm10, Zenza Bronica, Sony fdr x3000, Nikon d3

Check out on Shutterstock: Tran Cong Phuc

Tom Pavlasek

Tom Pavlasek’s photograph is worth following as it showcases his talent for capturing the beauty of nature, still life, and landscapes. His focus on abstract and background subjects adds an artistic dimension to his work, demonstrating his ability to find beauty in unexpected places.

Favorite styles: Nature, Still Life, Landscape

Subjects: Abstract, Backgrounds, Nature, Objects

Equipment: Nikon d610

Check out on Shutterstock: Tom Pavlasek

Paul Juser

Following the photographer’s work is a great way to explore the USA’s vibrant street art scene and appreciate the unique character of the individual who creates it.

Favorite styles: Candid, Nature, Portrait

Subjects: Animals, Backgrounds, Beauty, Fine Art

Equipment: 1.18 85mm fixed lens, 28-300mm nikkor

Check out on Shutterstock: Paul Juser

Bodiek Reith

Bodiek Reith’s Amsterdam-based photography is worth following as it showcases the unique beauty and charm of the city through their lens. Their work will likely explore Amsterdam’s architecture, canals, and street scenes, providing a unique perspective on this historic and vibrant city.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Nature

Subjects: Architecture, Nature, Photographer, Traveling

Equipment: 1Canon, Eosr6

Check out on Shutterstock: Bodiek Reith


An experienced photographer from Ukraine showcases the aesthetics of the cities she captures, providing a unique perspective on urban environments.

Favorite styles: Food, Still Life

Subjects: Food and drinks, Holidays, Objects

Equipment: Canon eos 400d canon eos 5d mark ii

Check out on Shutterstock: Yasonya

Lukasz Janyst

Lukasz Janyst’s work is worth following as they focus on drone photography, capturing stunning aerial views of landscapes, nature, and architectural structures. Their use of the Canon 5d mark iii and L-series lenses suggests a commitment to using high-quality equipment to produce stunning images.

Favorite styles: Landscapes, Nature, Traveling

Subjects: Animals, Architecture, Food and drinks, Nature, Traveling

Equipment: Canon 5d mark iii, L-series lenses, Drone Quadcopter

Check out on Shutterstock: Lukasz Janyst

Isabelle OHara

Isabelle OHara’s photography is worth following as she focuses on capturing the beauty of animals and wild nature, using her equipment to capture stunning macro and landscape shots. Her work invokes a sense of awe and wonder, evoking a deep appreciation for the natural world and its unique and diverse inhabitants.

Favorite styles: Landscapes, Macro, Nature

Subjects: Animals, Backgrounds, Nature, Traveling, Wild Nature

Equipment: Canon 5d mark !v, Canon ef 100mm f/2.8l macro is usm, Canon ef 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6l is ii, Usm

Check out on Shutterstock: Isabelle OHara


Kadagan’s photography is worth following as he captures the beauty of Eastern architecture and beyond, buildings, and landmarks through his lens and unique perspective.

Favorite styles: Nature, Traveling

Subjects: Architecture, Buildings, Landmarks, Traveling

Equipment: Canon mark 3, Tamron 24 70 mm, Canon 16 36

Check out on Shutterstock: Kadagan

John Copland

John Copland’s photography is worth following as they have a bright and unique perspective on landscape, nature, and travel photography. The use of high-quality gear to produce stunning images showcases his professionalism and dedication.

Favorite styles: Landscape, Nature, Traveling

Subjects: Architecture, Food and drinks, Buildings, Landmarks, Traveling

Equipment: Canon, Leica, Mamiya

Check out on Shutterstock: John Copland

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These 30 and other best Shutterstock photographers have utterly transformed the world of stock photography. Their talent and creativity have captured hearts and minds, inspiring us to see the world differently.

If you’re inspired to contribute to high-quality stock images and generate passive income, consider becoming a vendor on MasterBundles. Upload your works using the user-friendly form Sell Your Deal, and your works will be showcased in the captivating stock content category.

And most importantly, remember to share any photographer suggestions you have for this list. Let’s continue celebrating the incredible talent in stock photography and the best Shutterstock contributors to make the world more vibrant and emotional.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best stock photographer

Which is the best photograph to sell on Shutterstock?

There isn’t a single “best” photograph to sell on Shutterstock, as the image demand varies across categories and trends. The most successful Shutterstock photographers often create high-quality, authentic images that cater to a wide range of needs. By researching popular themes and watching market trends, you can increase your chances of capturing the perfect shot.

Is Shutterstock worth it for photographers?

Shutterstock for photographers can be a valuable platform to monetize the work. It offers a global audience, royalty-based income, and a wide range of potential clients. For many photographers, the benefits of being a Shutterstock contributor outweigh the challenges, making it a worthwhile option.

Do photographers make money on Shutterstock?

Yes, photographers can make money on Shutterstock through royalties earned from each image download. The amount earned depends on image popularity, download frequency, and the photographer’s subscription plan. Photographers can build a passive income stream over time by consistently uploading high-quality images.

Who is the best stock photographer?

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single “best” stock photographer, as stock photography encompasses various styles, subjects, and genres. The best Shutterstock photographers, such as Paul Juser, Lukasz Janyst, Jan Stria, and others, excel in their chosen niche, creating captivating, authentic images that resonate with audiences.

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