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Reading this e-book, you’ve learned all the steps it takes to get the job of your dreams. You’ve got to figure out what kind of job it is, create a stellar professional resume and pass the job interview with flying colors. Hopefully, you’ve found this piece of reading useful.
We wish you good luck in finding your dream job and getting it!


Part 1. Finding The Job Of your Dreams

  • The Vicious Circle of Employment
  • Breaking The Vicious Circle
  • Dream Job Quiz
  • Where To Find The Job Of Your Dreams?
  • Verifying Job Postings that Match Your Dream Job Vision

Part 2. Applying For The Job Of Your Dreams

  • Creating The Resume of Your Employer’s Dreams
    • Top 10 Tips For Creating a Killer Resume
    • 10 Worst Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid
  • Designing a Modern Resume
    • Modern Resume is a Digital One
    • Benefits of Having a Modern Digital Resume
    • How Your Modern Digital Resume Should Look Like?
  • Passing a Job Interview
    • Top 10 Most Important Job Interview Tips

    Wrapping Up

    Sell Your Graphic Designs. How to Sell Graphic Design?   How to Accept Payments for Your Digital Products?

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