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Underwater Effect Photoshop Templates & Textures

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Underwater Effect Photoshop

Underwater Effect Photoshop. Creating an underwater effect in Photoshop — it’s easy!

So, how to make an underwater effect in Photoshop? Just take a suitable photo, for example, jump, or with flying hair, mark it on the smart layer of this template ‘Underwater Photoshop Effect’, select the appropriate texture and you’re done!

You can also add reflection in waves, bubbles, rays, colored gradients, and a shade of water.

WHAT YOU GET with Underwater Effect Photoshop:

  • 4000 px template
  • 2000 px template
  • 3 Shade of water
  • 4 Rays textures
  • 7 Water textures
  • 5 Bubbles textures
  • 5 Color tone overlays

Underwater Effect Photoshop Previews

Underwater Effect Photoshop Templates & Textures - underwater photoshop effect 0

Underwater Effect Photoshop Templates & Textures - underwater photoshop effect 2

Underwater Effect Photoshop Templates & Textures - underwater photoshop effect 3

Underwater Effect Photoshop Templates & Textures - underwater photoshop effect 4

Underwater Effect Photoshop Templates & Textures - underwater photoshop effect 5

Underwater Effect Photoshop Templates & Textures - underwater photoshop effect 6

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