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MASSIVE BUNDLE: 576 Vintage Logos – just $25

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MASSIVE BUNDLE: 576 Vintage Logos

Creating logos is one of the most frequent challenges for a Web designer. Thanks to this Deal from Design District, it couldn’t be easier to whip up a new logo design. You’ll get 576 vintage logos! The list of free fonts used in this Bundle is included.

You can use these logos for:

– Logo Design
– Label Design
– Badge Design
– Apparel Design
– Typography Design
– Web and Banners
– Stampsn- Stickers
– T-shirts

Some Previews:













MASSIVE BUNDLE: 576 Vintage Logos


14 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/cx2K
20 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/g04ac
15 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/g04ad
24 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 1: http://crtv.mk/qx7P
20 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 2: http://crtv.mk/c01j8
20 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 3: http://crtv.mk/p01yx
10 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 4: http://crtv.mk/j02gr
15 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 6: http://crtv.mk/d01RW
15 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 7: http://crtv.mk/a01MW
15 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 8: http://crtv.mk/d01RX
Vintage Logos & Badges Quote Style: http://crtv.mk/g02L7
15 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 9: http://crtv.mk/p01yy
15 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 10: http://crtv.mk/j02gu
15 Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 11: http://crtv.mk/i02bG
15 Bakery, Cupcakes & Cakes Logos: http://crtv.mk/j02gv
18 Vintage Templates, Badges, Logos: http://crtv.mk/r01wC
22 Vintage Templates, Badges, Logos: http://crtv.mk/c01j9
40 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/q01oq
18 Vintage Badges, Insignias, Logos: http://crtv.mk/s01gU
26 Logos from A to Z / Badges: http://crtv.mk/r01wD
15 Vintage Templates, Badges, Logos: http://crtv.mk/f02en
12 Logos Law Firm & Legal Services: http://crtv.mk/g04ag
12 Real Estate & Business Logos: http://crtv.mk/g04af
Vintage Hand Drawn Logos V1: http://crtv.mk/j04xy
Vintage Hand Drawn Logos V2: http://crtv.mk/c03sZ
Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 20: http://crtv.mk/ixug
Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 21: http://crtv.mk/bxXI
Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 22: http://crtv.mk/j04xx
Vintage Logos & Badges Vol. 23: http://crtv.mk/h04zA
20 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/g04aZ
Trendy Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/e03gI
15 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/cx2L
12 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/t03w7
12 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/p04Ej
12 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/g04ae
15 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/j04xv
15 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/txtW
15 Vintage Logos & Badges: http://crtv.mk/j02gp

Deal Terms:

1. Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
2. These icons may be used for both commercial and personal projects.
3. Cannot be resold, shared, sublicensed, transferred or redistributed on it’s own.
4. PSD + AI + EPS included (ALL SETS). Everything works with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
5. Free fonts
6. Help File with links to download all fonts

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