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Created by zherlicin
File type EPS, PNG
Date of Creation August 15 2018
Color brown
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100 Vintage Music Instruments Description

This pack includes 100 vintage music instruments sourced from old books, carefully traced and improved. Each EPS vector file is supplied with a high-resolution transparent PNG image.

These illustrations are perfect for branding purposes, scrapbooking and logo design. They can be easily modified in Adobe Illustrator or any other vector editing software.

Items included: bagpipe, balalaika, banjo, bell, clarinet, cymbals, drums, flutes, gramophones, guitars, harps, horns, pianos, pipes, violins, xylophones, and more.

Picture in vintage style on old cardboard paper.

Retro musical instrument trumpet.

Here are vintage musical instruments - piano and trumpet.

Very old wind instruments.

Guitar instruments - from old to modern.

Scottish style pictures - with musical instruments from this country.

Real wind instruments for finding peace.

Vintage images of men playing musical instruments.

Drums of different age.

Musical trumpet in retro style. There is a large collection of trumpets of different ages.

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