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Marble Backgrounds & Textures Bundle: 110 Items – $12 ONLY

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Huge collection of Marble effect Ink Textures and Backgrounds is here. This pack was created by technique of painting on water surface by ink and gathering this abstract flows by dropping paper into. Then all of this papers was scanned, edited and saved as a high resolution textures.
– All textures are 6000×4000 pixels, 20×13,3 In, 300 dpi

With their pretty abstract shapes and pastel colors this backgrounds can be used anywhere! At cards, invitations, banners, templates, flyers, covers, posters, at print, web design, websites, apps, presentations, art, creating patterns, cases, even in textile I think! I started to use them as a organic textures for my illustrations, for example)

Video About Marble Backgrounds & Textures Bundle

Generally speaking, textures are graphic effects that recreate a some object or finish. For example, we see lots of folded paper and wood plank textures in various designs. Cement, skin or stone ones are also widely used. Textures usually consist of patterns yet they look like they are unique and accidental. The effective use of texture vectors is not tied to making backgrounds, their qualities can be employed in any design element. By adding textures, we can easily make an illusion of certain physical qualities, form depth, and add accents.

Precisely what a design pattern is?

The pattern can be described as visual composition you can observe just about everywhere and each and every day. Even your place is packed with patterns, for example, on the wallpaper that dress the walls of your living room. The pattern is an element of the image that is predictably repeated on and on to make a larger, symmetrical and geometric image.

Both the patterns and textures happen to be widely used in artwork. Website designers like to utilize them because patterns and textures certainly are a great backdrop for a webpage – they do not sidetrack the guest but underline the actual essence of the webpage. It is too costly to purchase them on an individual basis, which means that frequently they are offered in bundles.

What’s a Design Bundle?

The bundle is actually a set or selection of design items. They are accumulated to a single “box” and are advertised collectively, as one solution. Sometimes, there’s certain topic or purpose which combines the items within a design bundle, but that’s not really required. The time, as the bundle is available, could be very small (as many as 5 days) and that’s why the price for it is less than those design items would cost when marketed individually. Deals are very cost-effective and make it possible for developers to save some good money.

So why the patterns & textures quality is so essential?

Quality textures and patterns will bring dynamics and character to your commercial projects. If you look at profitable web designs or brand identity materials, you will see that they use the strength of User Interface elements. As an illustration, a quality natural texture applied in a design of a wrapping will make the items look eco-friendly and high-class. A website with a technology-influenced pattern layout will look modern and first-class. If you would like your commercial projects to create a certain impact, patterns and textures are your go-to resources. Choose them with care and don’t sacrifice quality for the price tag

What if the package deal doesn’t contain all the items I need?

It might happen not every design bundle contains things you need and that’s quite normal. Product bundles are packaged for diverse requirements . Even so, MasterBundles.com site offers a wide selection of offers for every occasion, so if a specific bundle doesn’t provide all the products you want – you are welcome to check the other bundles. There are plenty of of these, that it’s almost certain you’ll discover something suitable.

Does MasterBundles.com distribute any other alternative bundles?

Each of the bundles you come across on the Master Bundles are created by professional designers and have passed in-depth QC. The bundles feature typefaces, graphics, themes for WordPress, icons, PSD templates, , social media themes. You can also find stock images, illustrations, presentations and CVs, logos and indesign deals. There are sets that cost less than 5 dollars and holiday web themes units.

What is MasterBundles?

MasterBundles project is a major market place, promoting bundles of different web items. Anything you may want to set up a design job or a website is sold here and you can buy it for a lower price. There’s also a blog, where you can get relevant info and latest news. The life span of a design bundle is rather limited, so to stay in touch and not overlook the particular package deal you need – subscribe for a newsletter and receive announcements about all the releases.

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