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Free Checklist: How to Become a Font Designer

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Do you love typography and type design? Are you ready to start making money by selling your own fonts?

We have a no-nonsense FREE checklist you can start following right now. These are the small steps that will help you launch a new successful career. They cover learning basic terminology, skills, resources, and key marketing steps.

The road to an independent career and passive income is not easy, but we have broken down the main steps for you.

The checklist is based on the experience of successful font designers all over the world. It is absolutely free and easy to understand.

Of course, we cannot do all the work for you. Вut we can help you not get lost and discouraged on your way to success.

Download the checklist for free, follow these steps to the end, and share your success with us.

Welcome to the worldwide community of font designers!

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