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A computer science resume template is a magic tool for creating a well-structured, readable, and clean resume.

A simple layout will attract HR’s attention. If you have no idea how to create a simple, well-structured resume or don’t have time, use a computer science resume template. Graphic designers create templates with basic visual design principles in mind. Hence, your document will have a clean structure, perfect color and typography combinations, and the right accents. You will only have to add the right information.

Check out a collection of 50+ the best CS template options. You will find premium and free customizable products to craft a perfect resume.

The Magic Power of Your Resume

Certainly, perhaps the most important thing that will no doubt be a crucial factor of your employment is your resume. It has to be professional and creative at the same time, besides, it should be eye-catching so it will stand out among the other ones and an HR manager will actually read it. So you might wonder now how to make such a resume that will guarantee you a decent job? Well, here are some tips you want to keep in mind while working on your resume.

Keep It Simple and Short

Recruiting experts believe that the ideal resume length is 1–2 pages. This is the best option, which will not bore HR and give you the opportunity to reveal yourself as a specialist. So you need to analyze all the information that might be of interest and shorten it by eliminating unnecessary information. Then categorize it into several categories, starting with your greatest strengths. Thanks to this approach, HR will be able to find the right information immediately and the chances that he will choose you will increase.

Present Yourself in the Best Possible Way

You might not have many unique skills or professional experience, but it does not mean that you cannot come up with an expert resume. Use bigger or bold fonts for your best qualities and skills, and make sure they are at the top of the page. If you do not have any professional experience at all, describe college projects you’ve been involved in, programs and trainings you participated in, and other similar things. Try to show the recruiter by facts and examples how you can be useful to the team and what you can improve in the company.

Your Education Does not Matter that Much

If you have an Ivy League university diploma, it’s actually great and it will surely make your resume stand out, yet education does not matter as much as experience does. So make sure you put your actual job experience (if you have it) above the education section, so an HR will know what you are actually capable of.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off

Did you get any professional awards? Maybe your team got the first prize in the FIRST Robotics Competition? It is something you can be proud of, so don’t be afraid to show off your achievements.

Be Creative

Yes, a layout has to be simple and readable, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be fancy. To save time and get great results, you can use pre-made templates. Download them and edit them according to your individual data. That way, you are sure to be competitive in the competition for your dream position.

Resume Templates that Will Bring You to the Top

The best options for premium templates to create a resume that will position you as a pro and reinforce your personal brand.

Computer Programmer Resume Template

Price $8
Date March 4 2021
5 (6 Votes)
This minimalistic template will help highlight your strengths and be remembered by the recruiter. It's simple, modern and has a stylish design and will definitely help you get the job you're counting on.
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Web Programmer Resume Design Template

Price $8
Date May 10 2021
5 (11 Votes)
A minimalistic and stylish resume that has a good structure and will help attract the recruiter's attention. Easy to edit and customize to your taste.
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Computer Programmer Resume Template

Price $5
Date April 14 2021
5 (10 Votes)
This template is thoughtfully designed to help you create the perfect resume about yourself. Use the ready-made blocks to structure your resume properly.
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Resume Template with Cover Letter

Price $5
File type EPS
Date April 28 2023
5 (15 Votes)
Stylish and versatile computer science resume sample, which consists of two parts: CV and Cover Letter Templates. This way, you can not only leave information about yourself, but also write to the employer why you should be suitable for this position. That way your chances are doubled.
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Professional Resume Templates in 2 Colors

Price $11
File type AI, EPS, JPG
Date February 8 2023
5 (1 Votes)
Choose this stylish and modern template if you want to attract attention and make a good impression. With its powerful design and two color options, you can create a memorable resume and position yourself as a pro.
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Professional Resume Template 2021. Clean Resume Template – Only $9!

Price $11
Date January 5 2017
4.1 (13 Votes)
An elegant and stylish feminine template that is great for creating a resume for technical jobs. It will be your working tool for getting the position you deserve.
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Resume Word Template 5 Pages/CV [DOC, PDF] – $9

Price $9
Date May 3 2019
4.4 (8 Votes)
This one is a truly right choice for those who know exactly what they want from life.
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Professional Resume Template – $9

Price $9
Date May 27 2019
4.8 (6 Votes)
Another stunning option that will no doubt help you stand out among all the others.
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Creative Resume Template Word – $9

Price $9
Date April 16 2019
4.7 (3 Votes)
If you are looking for something unconventional and one of a kind, then you might want to have a look at this lovely template. Well, go ahead, it’s definitely worth a shot.
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Feminine Chic Resume Template -$9

Price $9
Date February 2 2019
3.5 (11 Votes)
Another feminine option for the ladies that know what they need in life, so if you are one, do not hesitate and check out this cutie.
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Blank Resume Templates – Print Ready CV Templates

Price $5
Date September 12 2018
5 (12 Votes)
A simple yet refined template that will emphasize individuality, competitiveness. Choose it to secure your dream job.
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Huge Bundle Professional Resume Templates

Price $29
File type AI, JPG, PDF, PSD, TXT
Date December 9 2022
5 (13 Votes)
If you're submitting several resumes for different positions, it's best to make them different in design and content. Choose this computer science resumes bundle, which has 94 templates in different categories. You'll be able to experiment and choose the perfect one for you.
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10 Professional CV/Resume Bundle Templates

Price $12
File type JPG, PDF, PSD
Date February 2 2023
5 (6 Votes)
If you want to create several types of resumes to see which one works best, we recommend you choose this bundle. It contains 10 different computer science resume samples with unique designs that will help you stand out from the competition.
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Resume/CV by Reuix Studio

Two resume pages in gray and two columns.

button for more details.

Choose this option if you want to create a universal resume for several positions at once. The simple, clean design makes it a versatile one.

Minimal Resume Template Carla by Estartshop

Two page resume with blue header, photo and two columns.

button for more details.

If you are looking for luxurious and stylish option, then Carla is the best way to go for you.

Modern Resume Template CV by More Profesh

Resume with two columns on an orange background.

button for more details.

Useful sections and elaborate layout make this very template one of the greatest options ever.

Professional Word Resume CV Template by Resume Inventor

Collage of resume pages with large photo, dark skill column and white description column.

button for more details.

The bright and colorful design of this baby will no doubt lead you to success.

Resume Template / CV by The Resume Coach

Resume page with round photo, two columns and twig with green leaves.

button for more details.

Appreciate the simplicity and minimalism with this very cutie.

Resume Template / CV

Two pages of a collage with a cover letter and links to referents.

button for more details.

Another simple yet breathtakingly beautiful option that you definitely want to look at.

Resume Template / CV by The Resume Coach

Two pages of a collage with a cover letter and contacts of referents.

button for more details.

One more option for all the minimalism admirers out there, so go ahead and take a good hard look at it.

Margot Resume Template

Two pages collage with colorful infographics and two columns.

button for more details.

Designed in light colors, Margot perfectly knows how to highlight your best qualities and stuff you are proud of.

Muriel Williamson Resume Template

Three resume pages with yellow stripes and accents.

button for more details.

Muriel is another bright option that has the magic power to turn your resume into a real masterpiece, so stop hesitating and try it out.

Henderson Resume Template

Two resume pages with cover letter, referents and blue-pink colors.

button for more details.

Henderson will no doubt have your back in pretty much any situation, so if you are still not sure whether to get it or not, just relax and give it chance to prove itself to you.

Ericko Lim Resume Template

Two pages of a resume with a cover letter framed by green twigs.

button for more details.

If your Resume needs to be attractive and sophisticated, check out Ericko. It’s a great option to stand out from the crowd of aspirants.

Kenie Resume Template

Collage of resume pages with black and yellow accents in two columns.

button for more details.

Bright and simple, Kenie will not leave any HR manager indifferent. So why don’t you see how great Kenie is yourself?

Elliot Resume Template

Resume with two columns and blocks.

button for more details.

Designed in black and white colors, Elliot is for those elegant people who want everything to be fancy and classy.

Leo Resume Template

Collage of resume pages and cover letter.

button for more details.

If you are a creative person who wants to show an HR how unique you are, then Leo is the way to go for you. Well, stop what you are doing right now and take a closer look at this creative pattern.

Evans Blick Resume Template

Collage of resume pages on two pages and in blue.

button for more details.

Evans Blick is a colorful option that will perfectly suit those of you who want everything to be bright and fancy. You need to check it out right now.

Free Resume Templates for Professionals and Beginners

There are the best free options for templates that will help to captivate the heart of the recruiter and executives.

Free Resume CV Template

Price $0
File type AI, PDF, PSD
Date June 7 2017
4.6 (14 Votes)
A simple and minimalistic template will be a perfect and versatile option for the computer expert and not only. Take a closer look at it!
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Free Resume Template For The Ladies – The Vintage Rose

Resume with photo, description and experience.

button for more details.

Another great choice for all the ladies who want to nail the business world and not only.

A Light And Dark Free CV Template – The Modish Applicant

Resume with description, experience, education and two columns.

button for more details.

To get the position you’ve long dreamed of, use this feature-rich and versatile template with a thoughtful, stylish design.

Modish And Elegant – Freebie Stylish Word Resume Template

Resume with profile, experience and education with black bar.

button for more details.

A sophisticated black and white pattern for all the classy people who are reading this article now, so do not hesitate and download it, it’s completely free.

The Modern Clean Resume Template Freebie

Resume with profile, photo, experience and education with two columns.

button for more details.

One more fancy freebie that will surely help you get the job you deserve, so go ahead and download it.

The Modern Professional – A Free Ultra-Creative CV Template

Resume with profile, photo on the right, experience and education with two columns.

button for more details.

Do you really want your resume to be on point? Well, in that case, you might be interested in getting this one.

Smart Freebie Word Resume Template – The Minimalist

Resume with contacts, profile, experience and education with red accents.

button for more details.

If you still cannot believe that you can get something actually decent for free, just take a good look at this very elegant beauty.

The Feminine Resume, A Free Template For Microsoft Word

Resume with contacts, profile, experience and education with black square and pink accents.

button for more details.

There simply cannot be enough of lovely feminine templates, so why don’t you give this one a shot too? It’s definitely worth it.

On Point, A Free Resume Template To Help You Stand Out

Resume with contacts, profile, experience and education with photo and gray color.

button for more details.

Do you want to show your employer that you are unique and one of a kind? Well, why don’t you do that with the help of On Point then?

Contrast, The Free Fill In The Blank Resume Design

Resume with contacts, profile, experience and education with photo, black column and yellow accent.

button for more details.

Contrast is among the best freebies for a good reason, so download it and see everything yourself.

Colorful Abstract Theatre Resume

Bright colored resume with blocks of text.

button for more details.

Dare to use more colors with this very cutie, it will help you stand out and you definitely will not regret it.

Pink and Blue Modern Floral Watercolor Feminine Creative Resume

Bright colored abstract with flowers on the background.

button for more details.

Another fabulous free option that will make you fall in love with it at the very first sight, so follow the link above to check it out.

Orange and Cream Duotone Journalism Resume

Resume in cream and orange for a journalist.

button for more details.

If you are the kind of person who likes unconventional stuff, then you definitely want to take a good hard look at this cute freebie.

Peach and Yellow Playful HR IT Specialist Resume

Resume in a cheerful style with a multi-colored backing.

button for more details.

Are you applying for a creative position? Well, this playful pattern will surely back you up.

Blue and Red Flat Public Relations Specialist Journalism Resume

Resume with two columns and blue-red stripes.

button for more details.

Another bright and colorful option for those of you who don’t like to be like everybody else.

Colorful Modern Geometric Construction Resume

Two-column resume with green, yellow and red accents.

button for more details.

Well, this one will no doubt attract any HR manager’s attention, so go ahead and download this free treasure.

White with Painting Photo Creative Resume

Resume in a minimalistic style, two columns and a colored stripe.

button for more details.

Minimalistic yet fancy, this stylish template is a perfect choice for those who follow the minimalism philosophy yet still love fancy stuff.

Cream and Green Flat Design Account Executive Business Commercial

Resume with two columns and colored text.

button for more details.

The one that will immediately catch your attention with its lovely layout and elaborate design.

White Minimalist Photo College Resume

Resume with two columns and a photo.

button for more details.

A little bit more elaborate yet still minimalistic black and white option that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Cream and Gray Modern Resume

Angled two-column resume with photo and green color scheme.

button for more details.

Professional, stylish, eye-catching, what else can I add?

Colorful Gradient Graphic Designer Resume

Resume with green title and white text box in two columns.

button for more details.

It seems like this one is pretty much everything you can possible dream of, so go ahead and look closer at it.

Blue Health Photo Resume

Resume with two columns of text and a photo of berries on the backing.

button for more details.

A perfect combination of minimalism philosophy and fancy details. Well, just download this freebie and try it out.

Blue and White Grid Academic Resume

Resume with two columns of text and grid background.

button for more details.

Last but not least, this exceptionally beautiful template that will undoubtedly take your breath away.


Congratulations! Now you know how to list computer skills on resume in the right way. To get a good result in a short time, you can use ready-made templates. They already have an attractive and structured design, so you can easily position yourself as a professional. This selection contains the best computer engineering resume premium and free options. Choose the right one, add your information and find your dream job!

And if you also know how to create awesome designs, you can earn on it. Sell your templates on MasterBundles using the Sell Your Deal form. It’s a great way for newbies to start earning and practice their skills, and for professionals to earn a passive income.

Some Awesome Videos about Computer Science Resume

How to Write Your Best Resume for Software Engineering Jobs // Tips from an ex-FAANG recruiter

arah is the Lead Negotiator at Levels.fyi. Her goal is to help people make better career decisions and negotiate a salary they deserve. She’s a former tech recruiter at Amazon, Facebook, and Google.Β 

The Resume That Got Me Into Google and Bloomberg (software engineer resume tips)

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How to Make a Computer Science Resume (TIPS FROM FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE EMPLOYEES!)

What is the right way to make a computer science resume? Let’s take a look at how to make a computer science resume with tips from a Facebook and YouTube employee! These tips will help you get noticed and stand out from all of the other computer science candidates.Β 


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best computer science resume

What is the best format for a computer science resume?

The best format in the world of recruiting is the everse-chronological format. Because this is how an HR manager first pays attention to the history of your jobs and responsibilities. And this is one of the key factors in hiring.
If job history is not your strong point, you can choose the functional format. It’s worth emphasizing the training you’ve had and the skills you’ve acquired.

How do I make a CS resume with no experience?

If you have nothing to write in the column about past jobs, you should not give up. Here are some tips to help you get on the top list of applicants.

Emphasize your abilities and describe what you can do. This will help the employer immediately understand that you can perform the tasks assigned to you.

Describe the courses, training and education. . It’s worth stating your degree (bachelor’s, master’s) and the courses you’ve taken.

Good Design. Take the time to design your resume so that it attracts attention among hundreds of others. If you don’t know how to design from scratch, you can use a ready-made resume templates computer science.

What skills should I have on my computer science CV?

You should spell out all the relevant skills to increase your chances of getting the position. But remember, you should only write real skills, not add skills you don’t possess. Here’s an example of a few hard skills that HR will definitely pay attention to: computer and technology skills, information systems management, technical writing, coding, computer hardware engineering.
After you have caught HR’s attention with your hard skills, you can still describe soft skills to convince them you are worthy of the position. Here is an example: attention to detail, time management and planning, ability to work in a team.

What is included in the CV of a computer science student?

If you just graduated from college or university, you can still create a killer resume. It’s definitely worth adding to your resume to do so:

A history of your education, beginning with your last and ending with your first.

Don’t forget to add your learning history from courses, trainings, online webinars, and private courses.

Describe your skills so that the HR manager understands that you can perform the required tasks.

Add the internship placements you took in your training. Describe what kind of company it was and what duties you performed.

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A resume is a great opportunity to present yourself favourably, to emphasize and disguise what is needed. It is also a chance to present yourself in a profitable way. In this regard, you need to learn a lot of information, browse resources and sites. This is how you can achieve a quality result and be confident in it.

Resume it is also a kind of creativity. After all, the trend of 2020 is extraordinary and a risk in presenting yourself. That is why this post is very useful and important.

Therefore, the search for resources to write was aimed at understanding all trends, and as clearly as possible to present information for you.

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