Best Greeting Cards for Perfect Holiday Gifts: 2021

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Table of contents:

  1. The History of Postcards
  2. New service from MasterBUndles: send Postcard
  3. The process of creating a postcard
  4. So step by step. How to send a postcard?
  5. Masterbundles postcard features
  6. Top Winter and New Year Postcards by MasterBundles
  7. 15 Amazing Dirty Postcards for Graphic and Font Designers
  8. Save The Date Wedding Template
  9. I Licked It So It’s Mine Postcard
  10. Love You Cats Postcard
  11. Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle
  12. Love You Boho Watercolor Postcard
  13. Typography Postcard: Happy Birthday, Sexy!
  14. Typography Postcard For Beloved
  15. Your B-Day is … Postcard
  16. Happy Birthday Sexy Pans Card

The History of Postcards

There are three kinds of gifts: expensive, not very much and the postcard. Nostalgia or the time machine exists? The world is stepping forward and everything that was once a discovery, now is only the old version of modernity. It is very difficult to say when people first started using postcards. Each nation interprets in its own way the history of the first postcards.

Over time, the cards have changed fundamentally, and those that we use today are a little like the first copies of cards. Since then, many postcard options have been invented: artistic, standard, personalised, invitation, musical, with your voice, pop-up, electronic…

Instead of a rectangular two-sided card of 9×14 size, appeared folding cards (square, in the shape of a heart, a passe partout cards, etc.), multi-page invitations, cards with slots, with gold.

New service from MasterBUndles: send Postcard

In fact, in recent years, postcards can be easily downloaded from the Internet and sent via e-mail or your favorite instant messenger. But is there a soul in it?
It is great today to do a presentation, performance! It is boring to give only a gift without wishes and cards. And what if you want to congratulate a friend on the other side of the world? After all, you need to get emotion. In this case, a postcard is absolutely necessary. Especially such creative greeting cards from Masterbundles. Nice heartfelt greetings from the past.

Indeed, thanks to this service, you can send this real, non-virtual postcard to your friend, someone from your family or a lover with only one click. All you need to do is order delivery on the website. You can write any wish and sign it with your own hands! Based on your inner sense and imagination, you can create a truly beautiful and unique gift. The main thing is to do it with love.

The process of creating a postcard

The process of creating a postcard is a clear technological chain from the source code to the signal sample from the printing house, in which not only designers are involved. A single postcard is created quickly – often no more than two weeks pass from the idea to the result. However, large collections, holiday programs, such as Christmas, are created within a few months by the whole team. It all begins with thinking through the main concept, purchasing, or making custom-made illustrations.

Nowadays the card most often is an addition to a gift or a small souvenir. The main communication function of the postcard faded into the background. The world is changing, and it is inevitable. And yet, the postcard is a very subtle indicator of the standard of living, the level of well-being of the population of the country. After all, this is not an essential goods and not the most expensive thing. And only happy people can share their happiness!

So step by step. How to send a postcard?

  • Think about what the postcard should be, what’s the occasion ( Christmas, New year, birthday, Valentine’s day, thanks for a delicious dinner and pleasant conversation, wedding, Thanksgiving day or you just want to wish a person a good day and great mood etc.);
  • Go to this site:;
  • Find what you would like to send (or refer to the contact center for help);
  • Enter delivery information (It can be sent to several friends at once);
  • Make a payment;
  • Accept gratitude from the recipient or maybe even a back card for you.

By the way, are you familiar with such a concept as “postcrossing”? Postcard sharing service. Despite the fact that this whole undertaking seems mediocre enough, postcrossing is an incredibly exciting way to communicate with interesting people from around the world. Often simple “postcard” contacts develop into true friendship. Well, in general, postcards are a real way to understand that we live in the real world, and not in the Matrix.

Masterbundles postcard features:

  • Your friend will receive a real cardboard card in an envelope;
  • You can also buy an electronic version of your postcard;
  • You can write any text, choose any picture;
  • You can send a card to three recipients at the same time;
  • The company can deliver your gift to any country in the world;
  • Letters will be sent from Ukraine in a nameless envelope, so do not forget to write the name that must be mentioned on the card;
  • Delivery will take some time, so it will probably be wise to order it in advance;
  • You give great emotions to other people.

The gift chosen with love is recognized immediately by the desire to guess the taste of the addressee, by the originality of the idea, by the very manner of presenting the gift.

Top Winter and New Year Postcards by MasterBundles

Masterbundles is a fairly young company, and the process of creating new ideas is quite impulsive. The best inspiration is you! People who like what they do. Of course, these are not such giants like “American Greetings” or “Hallmark Cards”, but they all share one goal and one idea: They seek to create a more emotionally connected world and making a difference in the lives of others, to inspire someone.

Do not wait for a reason to make someone nice, please your friends, remind your relatives how you love them, congratulate someone with the fact that today has come!

Winter Typography PostCard – $3 ONLY

Give Your Friend a Non-Virtual New Year Card!

We think, your close people will be delighted when they receive these cards. And with a wide array of greeting cards to choose from, you will find many ways to make them smile. Hence, we have reached the conclusion that this is a terrific way to give a piece of your love that a person can save for life in his heart and in his memories box. Yes, we keep up with the times, but no one has canceled the pleasant things) Because as Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “The surest way to get the love of others is to give them your love.” Choose your way to tell your friends and family what you think. Let the celebrations begin!

15 Amazing Dirty Postcards for Graphic and Font Designers

15 Amazing Dirty Postcards for Graphic and Font Designers
As the name of the product says, this handy pack contains 15 postcards. All of them are high-quality and were crafted for graphic and font designers. By purchasing this eye-catching cards pack, you can easily further the working process. Each of the showcased postcards comes without logo (in tiff format) and has 300dpi resolution. They contain sexy pics and outstanding captions to impress any auditory. To say more, these cards are absolutely ready-to-print. To sum everything up, in case you want to grab the prospect’s attention, this postcard package is your must-see. Besides, today 15 Amazing Dirty Postcards bundle has 67% off, so don’t miss the boat!

Save The Date Wedding Template

Save the Date Wedding Template
No secret, the wedding is one of the most long-awaited moments in our lives. For these simple reasons, your client (no matter if it is a boy or a girl) wants everything to be perfect. When it comes to wedding cards, hiring a professional designer is a must-have option in 2021. Save The Date is a quick, all-in-one solution. This cute wedding template contains unique designs which were drowned by hand. The products you find in the bundle are super easy in use. Users of all skill levels can customize the designs effortlessly. Just change the texts and voila!

I Licked It So It’s Mine Postcard

I Licked It So It’s Mine Postcard
Are you still looking for an unusual postcard to impress the one you love? In this case, you should certainly take a closer look at I Licked It So It’s Mine postcard. The product comes in the following formats:

  • PSD.
  • TIFF.
  • JPG.

Moreover, I Licked It So It’s Mine postcard is also ready-to-print. It comes in a paper format as well. You can order a delivery to surprise your special one. Although we live in the times of the digital progress, paper postcards are still in use. I’d say, these days, they are even more charming and rare. Would you like to impress your beloved person and send a real postcard to them? Here is what you should know about the shipping:

  1. The recipient gets the card in the mailing envelope.
  2. The shopping is worldwide and offered to any location.
  3. There could be several recipients at once.

Love You Cats Postcard

To make a long story short, Love You Cats postcard is a hand-made product. It costs only $3 and can be sent to any person you want to surprise. By tradition, the item is high-resolution and printable. Are you ready to send the card? There are 2 ways you can do it.

On the first hand, you can purchase the postcard at the marketplace. There is nothing complicated. Just click ‘Buy Now’ and get the digital product to your email box. As it has already been mentioned, Love You Cats postcard is ready-to-print. You can print the card anytime and send it to your mates. On the other hand, you can offer delivery so that the MB team will do everything for you.

Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle

Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle
Now, let’s take a minute to talk about the most important person in your life. No matter how old you are, your mother will always be beside you. Without a doubt, Mother’s Day is a nice moment to show how much you love your mum. Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle is a hand-made collection of unique cards. Long story short, the package contains 4 trendy designs related to Mother’s Day. Actually, you don’t need to wait for this day to make your mother smile. The images come in PNG format. As always, these designs are high-quality and ready to print.

Love You Boho Watercolor Postcard

Love You Boho Watercolor Postcard

As you can see, boho designs are in vogue again. And, when it comes to watercolor, it has always been trendy. Love You Boho Watercolor Postcard combines both of these trends, and the result is amazing. This elegant, bright, but still minimalist card would make any girl happy. Do you have someone special to send the postcard to? In this case, don’t hesitate! Today, Love You Boho Watercolor Postcard has a 57% discount.

Typography Postcard: Happy Birthday, Sexy!

What else is trendy in 2021? Well, minimalism definitely makes a huge come back this year. There is no need to overload the designs with massive images and extra bright colors. Now, you can craft an eye-pleasing design with basic colors and eye-friendly typefaces. Unquestionably, Happy Birthday, Sexy typography postcard is a perfect example of how you can do it. This card contains only black and white colors but still looks fantastic.

Typography Postcard For Beloved

Now it is time to take a quick look at this ace typography postcard for beloved. Same to the previous product, this item comes in an elegant black and white color scheme. It has a catchy caption and unusual (but readable) typography to impress the person you love. It looks like nowadays the actual mail is much more cherished than it used to be before social media appeared. You can deliver this top-notch postcard to the person you love and make their day. By the way, you can sign the card by your hand.

Your B-Day is … Postcard

Your B-Day is … Postcard
Needless to say, everyone expects to get special attention on their birthday. Do you want to surprise your friend and show you do care of them? In case you do, this b-day card is just what the doctor ordered. This strikingly-colored product has a funny, bright, and inimitable design, so your mate will certainly like it. What is more, the postcard has 2 color variations to choose from: for him and for her.
Your B-Day is… postcard comes in the next formats:

  • PSD.
  • TIFF.
  • JPG.

The product is 100% ready-to-print. You can use the card as many times as you want.

Happy Birthday Sexy Pans Card

To finish with, here is another attention-grabbing b-day postcard. Honestly speaking, minimalism does not always mean black and white colors only. Here you can see a magical color scheme made of white and deep pink colors.

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