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Date of Creation January 25 2019
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Your B-Day is … Postcard

– psd
– tiff
– jpg
– paper ( with delivery)

Features: two variants are possible
Your B-Day is ... Postcard

Your B-Day is ... Postcard

Your B-Day is ... Postcard

Your B-Day is ... Postcard

You can post this genuine, non-virtual card to some close friend or beloved person just with a single click. You may even sign your name to it by your own hands! In the times of online messengers and social media real-life letters turned out to be much more precious and enjoyable than in the past

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Your B-Day is ... Postcard
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Your B-Day is ... Postcard
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Send Postcards Without Leaving You Home

👋 Watch the video to find out how you can send a postcard to any person you love without leaving home. We’ll carefully sign it with tender words. Warm your loved ones with emotions.


There could be up to three recipients at once.

The delivery is offered to any country all over the world.

Your precious person will get an authentic card in the mailing envelope.

Because we post the letters from Ukraine in no-name envelopes, be sure you add all the necessary contact information of the recipient.

Given that the shipping can take a bit of time, make sure to purchase the service in advance.

The best way to dispatch a printed greeting card “Your B-Day is…”?

Email. What you need to do is browse to the page with the postcard on MasterBundles and push ‘Buy Now’ button. As soon as the purchase is paid, you’ll receive a image to your email address. After that, you may either re-send the card via email or perhaps print, sign and post via regular postal mail.

Or you could choose an option where carry out all the mailing for you. We’ll print out the postcard and mail it to the address given during the checkout. If you would like us to sign the postcard, simply leave the text message in the appropriate area in the booking form. Prior to going on with this particular variant, make sure that you’ve additionally picked ‘Delivery’ option. As soon as the order is paid, we’ll start working on it.

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