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Best Art Deco Graphic Design. Remember back in 2013 everybody was simply fascinated by the flawless movie based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘The Great Gatsby’? Well, apart from the tragic love story and quite an interesting approach to the usage of CGI, this movie mesmerized us with its fabulous style. Roaring Twenties were the era of such a luxurious and elegant style as Art Deco, which was stunningly depicted in the movie. However, is this style still relevant in design? Does it work for something except movies set in the 1920s? Well, let’s work it out together.

What Is Art Deco?

First things first, let me give you at least a general idea of what Art Deco really is. Art Deco is a style in fine art, architecture, and interior design that was popular in Western Europe and North America in the second quarter of the 20th century. The style has got its name from the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Industry in Paris.

Art Deco first became a rather popular tendency in architecture, fashion, as well as fine art in France in the early 1920s and gained its international popularity in the 1930-1940s. This very eclectic style is some sort of combination of modernism and neoclassicism, yet it is still a separate and sufficient style. Art Deco was also significantly influenced by such movements in art as cubism, constructivism, and futurism. Besides, it included oriental, African, and other exotic motifs.

Among the style’s peculiarities are bold geometric lines, ethnic geometric patterns, halftone design, lack of bright colors, colorful ornaments, luxury and expensive modern materials (ivory, crocodile leather, aluminum, rare types of wood, silver). In the USA, the Netherlands, France, and some other countries, Art Deco gradually evolved towards functionalism.

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Art Deco’s History

Art Deco works such as buildings, furniture, or jewelry, with no exaggeration, belong to one of the most sophisticated and elegant styles of art of the twentieth century. The style itself conveys a certain mood and type of lifestyle that appeared in the West after the horror that the society had gone through during the First World War. The date of its birth is considered to be 1925 when a grand international exhibition of modern decorative arts and industrial products was held in Paris.

Art Deco is a style of deliberately expensive and solid beauty, designed predominantly for the middle class. Unlike strict and functional avant-garde architecture that was popular at that time as well, Deco did not try to “build a new and fair world of the future”. In fact, this very style conveyed the idea of enjoying life here and now.

Many historians and art critics from the so-called “Old World” have a rather snobbish attitude to this very style. This can be explained by the fact that this style flourished in North America, which proved that in some ways the New World can surpass the “Old Europe”. Cocktails, jazz, and Art Deco brought a sense of joy of life that was brought by American culture to London, Paris, and Milan. Although Europe was soon overtaken by new political and military conflicts and North America drowned in the Great Depression, Art Deco staunchly opposed pessimism until the end. The style was sort of “finished off” only by the time the United States had entered the World War II.

The sophisticated style of Art Deco disappeared after the rise of mass production, which blamed this elaborate style for being too flashy, tasteless, and fake-luxurious. The style officially “died” when World War II began. At the same time, in such colonial countries as India, Art Deco did not disappear until the 1960s. The style was rather popular in the 1980s, yet the revival of interest in Art Deco at that time was associated with graphic design as well as Art Deco in the noir movies that conveyed romantic atmosphere of the 1930s, which led to the increase of this style’s popularity in jewelry and fashion.

Art Deco’s Peculiarities

This very style was the most popular and influential in architecture and interior design. Thus, one of the most famous Art Deco architects in France was Robert Malle-Stevens, built an entire street in Paris, which was later named after him. At the same time, such truly legendary designers as Jacques-Emil Rulmann, Andre Gru, and Paul Irib created interiors where furniture, accessories, and paintings were combined into a single and extremely artistic unity. In North America, in particular, in New York, Eli Jacques Caen designed the lobby of more than two dozens skyscrapers and Joseph Urban built pavilions in the Deco style at the Century of Progress exhibition (1933) in Chicago. In the United States, Art Deco acquired the status of an official style as well as the symbol of the New World.

Over the two decades of its existence, Art Deco has developed its own character, which is clearly visible when compared with Art Nouveau. Both styles in their own way resisted pragmatism and cultivated elegance and sophistication. However, the methods of struggle were very different. Art Nouveau created new art, while Art Deco combined everything that its authors liked – oriental exoticism, historical themes, new technology, expensive materials, and modern art, especially Cubism. The fascination with exotic motifs gleaned from the Aztecs, Mayans, and ancient Egyptians increased after discoveries of ancient cities in the forests of Mexico and the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922.

Is Art Deco Still Relevant?

The peak of Art Deco’s popularity was in the 1920s, yet such an elaborate and elegant style still continues to mesmerize many people all over the globe with its luxurious beauty. Thus, Art Deco is the number one choice of many interior designers since it makes a room or an entire house look classy and cozy at the same time. Certainly, such a powerful movement in design, architecture, and fashion is represented in wed design a well. Moreover, various design elements such as fonts or backgrounds designed in this very style are pretty popular and make decent competitors to minimalist and futuristic elements. So is this style still relevant? Yes, it is.

What Are the Ways to Use Art Deco in Web Design?

Mainly, Art Deco elements in graphic design are represented by fonts, wallpapers, posters, banners, and logos. Actually, everything depends on your artistic vision, creativity, and desire to use these Old Hollywood elements in the project you are currently involved in or will be working on in the future. The most important thing here is not to overwhelm your project with too many elaborate elements because you want to make it luxurious and elegant, not cluttered and tacky. So keep it simple.

Certainly, such an epic and sophisticated style will not work for all the projects you will work on. However, Art Deco elements will be a great choice for a jewelry online store, personal website or blog, various fashion companies and beauty studios, as well as any other type of company or organization that has an elegant and old-fashioned image. So feel free to experiment with Art Deco, this very style can actually work for a vast variety of projects.

Art Deco Elements You’ll Fall in Love with…

Since you are probably already in love with this elaborate style and definitely want to use some of the Art Deco elements in your future projects, here is something you surely don’t want to miss.

Art Deco Fonts

The first Art Deco element we are going to take a look at is font. These elaborate and simply flawless fonts will surely add some Old Hollywood glow to a website, logo, or banner you are working on, so without further ado, let us have a look at these beauties.

Metria Street – Art Deco Typeface

Metria Street – Art Deco Typeface.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Smart Deals for Web Professionals by MasterBundles Don’t spend extra money on graphic elements, use MasterBundles Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Cormier Typeface by Tugcu Design Co.

Price: $18 – $180

This one is a simply stunning premium option for those who want to use only the best elements in the projects they are involved in.

Metropolis Typeface by Tugcu Design Co.

Price: $15 – $150

Another premium font that has the magic power to turn a simple project into a fancy one.

Bjorn Typeface by Tugcu Design Co.

Price: $18 – $180

Finally, a little bit more modern yet still with a mesmerizing Art Deco glow font that will be an irreplaceable tool in your font library.

Riesling Font by Bright Ideas

Price: free

A truly elegant and classy font that will make any of your projects simply beautiful and eye-catching, so go ahead and take a closer look at this elaborate cutie.

Chocolate Box Font by Paul Lloyd

Price: free

A tasty font for those of you who would like to make their project sweet.

Parisish Font by George Williams

Price: free

Another simple yet elegant option to make your project one of a kind.

Antsy Pants by Nick Curtis

Price: free

If you are looking for a fancy free option, then this very cutie is definitely the best way to go for you.

Grenadier NF by Nick Curtis

Price: free

One more sophisticated font for all the Art Deco admirers over there.

Souci Sans NF by Nick Curtis

Price: free

A minimalistic lovely font that will perfectly fit your Art Deco project.

Cameo Appearance NF by Nick Curtis

Price: free

A little bit more elaborate and complex font that will help you create something truly stunning and extraordinary.

Art Deco Patterns

If you are working on a website and you would like to add some glamourous Art Deco glow to its design, you definitely will be interested in some fabulous patterns I’ve found for you. So here they come – flawless Art Deco patters that will make any site’s background simply breathtaking.

1. Vintage Art Deco Seamless Pattern

Price: available for free within Shutterstock subscription
A minimalistic and elegant pattern that will make a fancy background for various types of websites.
2. Vector Modern Tiles Pattern

Price: available for free within Shutterstock subscription
Designed in black in gold colors, this very pattern is a perfect choice for your elegant project.
3. Vector Classic Floral Art Nouveau Seamless Pattern

Price: available for free within Shutterstock subscription
A light and bright solution for your personal website or blog.
4. Design Template Japanese Pattern

Price: available for free within Shutterstock subscription
Another elaborate pattern that has the power to make any website’s background truly luxurious and royal.
5. Luxury Ornamental Mandala Design Background

Price: free
A truly luxurious black and gold pattern with a mesmerizing oriental motif.
6. Luxurious Black Background Premium Vector

Price: available within Freepik premium subscription
A modern pattern with a vintage Art Deco glow.
7. Art Deco Seamless Pattern Free Vector

Price: free
One more simply mesmerizing option on our list that you definitely want to take a closer look at.
8. Roaring 20’s Pattern Vectors

Price: free
A set of exceptionally beautiful and simply breathtaking backgrounds that will no doubt back you up in any situation.
9. Art Deco Pattern

Price: $9.99
A decent set of stunning geometric patterns that will make you fall in love with them at the very firth sight.
10. Luxury Background Vector

Price: $9.99
Last, but surely not least, this with no exaggeration fabulous background vector that will make any site one of a kind.

Art Deco Wallpapers

Art Deco is an elaborate and classy style indeed, which means that a stock image made in this very style would make a cool background for your desktop or wallpaper for your phone. Well, here are some lovely Art Deco wallpaper options that you might want to download.
1. Old Victorian Book Cover – Stock Photo

Price: $50
This very elegant picture will not only make a good wallpaper but also can be a cool background for your logo or banner.
2. Staircase in Paris – Stock Photo

Price: $50
Another lovely option for a wallpaper that will make you feel aesthetically satisfied every single time you look at your desktop.
3. Fan patterns – Stock Photo

Price: $50
A wallpaper that will no doubt mesmerize you with its drop-dead beauty.
4. Art Deco Wallpaper from Pexels

Price: free
A stunning golden option for all the luxury lovers out there.
5. Wallpaper by Jeffrey Czum

Price: free
If you want to have a beautiful Art Deco building as your wallpaper, then this lovely stock image is the way to go for you.
6. Wallpaper by Pixabay

Price: free
Another truly royal option for those of you who want to get something fancy indeed.
7. Wallpaper by Jonathan Pease

Price: free
If you are a huge fan of Art Deco architecture, then this very image of the Empire State Building will make a perfect wallpaper for your phone.
8. Wallpaper by Wesley Tingey

Price: free
This one is a great option for those who simply adore mesmerizing Art Deco interior.
9. Wallpaper by Vitor Pinto

Price: free
Another lovely option for all the architecture admirers out there.
10. Wallpaper by Antônia Felipe

Price: free
Finally, a minimalistic yet still beautiful variant for your phone wallpaper.

Art Deco Posters

The Roaring Twenties indeed were a great era of our history. Moreover, it still continues to fascinate us with its magnificent interiors, grand architecture, and joyful lifestyle. Thus, many people try to bring at least some elements of this truly magical era into their lives. Well, perhaps one of the best and easiest ways to do that is to get some lovely Art Deco posters that will decorate your home and warm your heart. So here are ten loveliest Art Deco posters that I’ve been lucky to find for you.
1. Golden Retro Posters

Price: free
A free set of fancy posters that will make your apartment or house truly luxurious.
2. VOGUE: Vintage 1950 Magazine Advertising Print Poster

Price: $10.19
A perfect choice for all the fashionistas out there, so make your living room or working space elegant with this very beauty.
3. Rapture Art-Deco Travel Poster

Price: $9.37
This one is the very poster that will make your house classy and cozy at the same time.
4. VOGUE: Vintage 1922 Advertising Print Poster

Price: $10.19
Another great option for all the fashion admirers who are reading this article right now.
5. No Gods, No Kings, Only Man Poster

Price: $9.78
A poster that will no doubt motivate you for the new accomplishments and achievements.
6. FLAPPER: Vintage 1920 Art Deco Beautiful Print Poster

Price: $10.19
A bright and colorful poster that will liven up your living space or office.
7. The Great Gatsby Marquee Poster

Price: $15.99
Well, this one is for all The Great Gatsby fans out there, so go ahead and get this lovely poster that will make you happy every day.
8. Stupell Industries La Victoria Arduino Cafe Espresso Vintage Inspired Poster Black Framed

Price: $37.13
One more fancy vintage option that will make your home truly classy.
9. Cultural World FAIR Chicago 1933 Centennial Vintage Framed Art Print

Price: $29.99
Another cool vintage poster that will decorate your home.
10. Pacifica Island Art

Price: $19.98
Lastly, a pretty dancer that will surely make your home even fancier.

Art Deco Logos

Art Deco logos are among the most popular elements of this style in graphic design. Many bars, pubs, hotels, online stores, and beauty salons prefer this very style over the others for their logos. Obviously, I did my research and found some excellent examples of Art Deco logos for you. So here they come.
1. Art Deco A-Z Logo Templates

Price: $5
A set of 26 logo templates for literally all occasions, so go ahead and take a good hard look at these babies.
2. Vintage Frame Design for Labels

Price: free
A simply stunning option for your logo, so without further ado go ahead and download it, it’s completely free.
3. Corproative Card with Art Deco Elements

Price: free
This one is a simply perfect option for your business cards, which means that it’s a must in your collection.
4. Floral and Geometric Monogram Frame with Sample Text on Dark Gray Background

Price: free
Another decent Art Deco option for your logo, so you definitely want to take a closer look at that baby.
5. Floral and Geometric Monogram Frame on Dark Gray Background

Price: free
A classy logo mockup that will surely back you up in many logo emergencies.
6. Vintage Frame Logo Design for Labels

Price: free
This very logo mockup will perfectly fit your inn or bar, so go ahead and get it.
7. Diamond Lines Logo

Price: free
Create your stunning Art deco logo online for free with this lovely template.
8. Deco Bakery Design by GOOSEBUMPS

Price: free
Fancy, lovely, and simply breathtaking. What else can I add?
9. Vintage Line Frame Art Deco Style

Price: free
A classic luxurious logo template, which is surely a must in your library.
10. Vintage Line Frame Art Deco Style

Price: free
Last, but not least, a logo template that will bring some 1920s glow to your project.

Art Deco Borders

The last lovely Art Deco design element we are going to have a look at is Art Deco borders. So without further ado, let us dive in.
1. Ornamental Square Borders Set

Price: free within Vecteezy subscription
A set of unique luxurious borders that will no doubt back you up in any situation.
2. Art Deco Sign Vectors and Ornament Vector Pack

Price: free within Vecteezy subscription
A pack of classy black and white borders for all occasions.
3. Set of Vintage Luxury Corner Design

Price: free within Vecteezy subscription
Lovely vintage frames for your royal projects.
4. Art Deco Dividers and Decorative Golden Headers Stock Illustration

Price: $9.99
Another set of borders and dividers inspired by The Great Gatsby aesthetics.
5. Set of Art Deco Gold Calligraphic Page Dividers

Price: free within Freepik premium subscription
A luxurious pack of borders that will help you make any project simply stunning.
6. Premium and Elegance Set Frames

Price: free
A stunning option for all the luxury admirers out there.
7. Set of Hand Drawn Decorative Vector Floral Elements for Design

Price: free
A delicate and flawless vector that you no doubt want to have in your collection.
8. Set of Art deco Dividers and Headers

Price: free within Shutterstock subscription
The very headers and dividers you have been dreaming of all that time.
9. Set of Art Deco Patterns and Ornaments

Price: free within Shutterstock subscription
Another decent option that you surely don’t want to miss.
10. Art Deco Vintage Frames and Design Elements

Price: free within Shutterstock subscription
Finally, a magnificent set of various design elements that includes some pretty Art Deco borders.

Final Word

Art Deco is a style that has been created almost a hundred years ago, yet it is still rather popular now. Old Hollywood glow and luxury make this very style one of a kind. Its mesmerizing beauty hypnotizes you and makes you feel like you are living your best life in the Roaring Twenties. Art Deco indeed is a great style, which is among the most popular tendencies in graphic and web design, so if you still don’t have any of these fancy elements in your library, go ahead and download some, they are definitely worth it.
Do you like the Art Deco aesthetics? Share your opinion with our friendly community in the comment section down below.

In Case You Have Any Questions

Why is Art Deco still relevant in 2020?

This very style is rather minimalistic yet still luxurious and fancy, which makes it one of the most popular styles in design. Besides, vintage is always in fashion, so Art Deco is definitely a win for many projects you are or will be involved.

Where can I find unique Art Deco design elements?

There is a whole bunch of marketplaces where you can find both free and premium design elements, so you might want to check such reputable ones as iStock, MasterBundles, Shutterstock, and many other similar platforms.

Can I create my own design elements in the Art Deco style?

Yes, you surely can, so do not hesitate and try it. Besides, you can even try to sell your masterpieces to such companies as MasterBundles.

Free or premium?

When it comes to choosing between a free and premium design element, you have to rely on your budget. If it allows you to get a premium element, go ahead and buy it. In case if your budget is rather tight, get a free element. Certainly, premium mockups, patterns, fonts, and backgrounds are usually better, but it doesn’t mean that finding a nice free design element is impossible.

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