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Editable USA Map with Elements.PP Description

Editable USA Map with Elements.PP. Marketing PowerPoint Templates. Real time saver. Easy Edit Features – No need for Photoshop. Find Strategic slides such as SWOT, GCB Matrix,BUYER PERSONA and many more in our shop: MARKETINGSLIDES.

Do you sometimes feel that communicating your marketing message to your target market is like crawling over broken glass and rusty nails barefoot and butt-naked, making you more frustrated than a centipede on a shoe-shopping spree?

For most marketing professionals and business owners failing to connect with and engage their markets is an earth-shattering problem. Many of them think this communication stuff is about as useful as a cat flap on the elephant house. They give it up altogether while redoubling their sales efforts, like dialing for dollars and responding to RFPs.

This communication stuff is important because, according to the Corporate Executive Board, in the first 57% of the sales cycle, buyers refuse to talk to salespeople, so what happens in the next 43% depends on sellers’ written communication.

That defines whether buyers treat sellers as respected industrial authorities or fungible vendors. And we know that authorities are met and greeted in the boardrooms but vendors are sent off to procurement.

Editable USA Map with Elements.PP Previews

Colorful USA map.

USA maps in red.

Minimalistic USA map.

Editable map elements.

Black and white icons.

Colorful stars for estimating.

Black circles.

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