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Massive 400 E-Book Cover Templates Mega Bundle -$16

Date of Creation December 23 2018
Author videoelementsfx
Price $16
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They Trust Us


sold bundles

Have a question?

Massive 400 E-Book Cover Templates Mega Bundle

Professionally designed eCover graphics are not cheap, in fact, most professional graphic designers charge $97 and up per eCover! That is why people still use amateur looking graphics for their info products, and if your eCover graphics look amateur and unprofessional so will your product.

But lucky for you, there is now a way to give all of your digital products a professional look without spending a fortune on a professional eCover designer or learning how to create professional eCovers yourself!

The ECover Templates Mega Bundle is the newest bundle packed with 400 eCover templates that are all professionally designed to make your covers stand out and convert well. These templates are all designed professional and are ready to be customized in Photoshop or other similar photo editing programs. These graphics come with an extended license, so not only can you use them on your own projects commercially but also inside your client’s projects! Having a nice and professionally created eCover is necessary to build instant authority to your viewers.

By using our pre-designed cover templates can really save you a lot of time when creating money-attracting covers. Also, you can make easy quick cash as an ebook cover designer by using these templates to create killer covers for your clients. Yeah, it is easy and fun!

With Our Premade Cover Templates, You Can Have A Professional Book Cover In Just 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Select A Cover Design
Choose from a variety of our professionally made cover templates. Our cover designs will ensure that your book makes the right first impression!

Step 2. Customize It
Create a personalized design with a few mouse clicks. Keep it simple or modify the font, colors and add your own images. With our templates, the possibilities are endless.

Step 3. Publish Your Book
All templates are made with Adobe Photoshop which ensures the flexibility of working with templates and exporting the final result to a number of formats.

Pick, Edit, DONE… It’s That Simple!

Check out these maleficent covers:

Click here for a high-res preview of each cover.

Product Features:

400+ Different Designs
You get 400+ different designs, this gives you a lot of variety of different “looks” to choose from.

Stellar Quality
Each book cover graphic inside this bundle was designed by a professional graphics
designer to make sure your books and projects stand out from the crowd, increase
conversions and look professional.

Easy To Customize – Edit These Templates With A Peace Of Mind
Use any fonts, add any of your own images, change the colors to whatever you want, and move things around anywhere you want. Simply open them and copy and paste or customize the templates in just a couple of simple steps.

Lots Of Variations
You get 400+ different designs, this gives you a lot of variety of different “looks” to choose from. You’ll also be sure that your cover won’t look like everyone else’s.

Product Benefits:

Save A Ton Of Money On Graphic Designers
Forget about spending horrendous money on another graphic design. Using templates it’s smarter!

No More Nerve-Wracking Delays On Your Projects
No more delays, waiting or endless revisions. Take a full control over your business!

Make More Money
Sell more product and you can even start a cover design service and charge $99+ per design with 100% of profits.

Your product will look good in the eyes of your potential customers. This is extremely important because the looks of your product and the description on your cover is all a person has to make the decision of whether to buy or not to buy your product.

Your product will be presented in a professional way, and will NOT look amateurish or cheap. This is also very important because if the presentation of your product appears unprofessional and amateur, your product will also seem unprofessional and amateur who would want to buy that?

Professional eCover design will help gain the trust of your potential customers. The professional graphics will show to your visitors that you are a dedicated professional that will spare no expenses on making your product the best it can be.

Your polished and crisp looking eCover graphics will help justify the price you charge for your ebook, course, software or any other kind of digital product you sell.

Your sales are almost guaranteed to increase by adding a professional ecover to your website! Instantly you’ll notice a quick boost in conversions & sales with these eye-catching book cover designs

Product Terms:

All covers are formatted in Photoshop PSD format. Photoshop or free photoshop alternative that can edit PSD, such as Photopea.com, is required to edit the templates.
All covers are formatted in high-resolution quality.

License Included: Royalty Free Commercial Extended Client Developer License
Usage: Unlimited Personal And Commercial Use – Including Client Work
Restrictions: Strictly no reselling sharing or distribution.
Support: 24/7 online support through email or online help-desk.

Definition of a graphic bundle?

If you’re a artist focusing on many projects concurrently, you understand the need for the entire bunch of design elements available at hands. Searching for those elements separately, you may spend whole lot more money and time as a result. To obtain every one of the needed components in a single package, we suggest taking a closer look at graphic bundles. A bundle is a assortment of digital design components required for graphic design, priced at a large amount of money, however offered at a drastically reduced price for a very limited time.

How do you save money on bundles? Massive 400 E-Book Cover Templates Mega Bundle

Yeah, I am aware bundles are already inexpensive, but there’s still some place to save. Share this webpage in social networks – you automatically get the 5% discount for any of the graphic deals that appeals to you. That’s a super easy way of getting an expertly developed tools for less money.

So why are graphic packages consistently profitable?

The advantages of graphic bundle deals for web designers are pretty obvious. However if you are new to them and now have concerns, the following info will probably be of great help for you. Along with a multitude of the elements within a single pack, the selection provides you with an opportunity to use several of them for a number of projects. What’s more, the cost is often greatly reduced which allows you to stretch your budget, yet receive the whole set priced at hundreds of dollars.

Tell me more about the types of graphic packages

The collections of components compiled into a graphics bundle are often categorized as outlined by their main objective and / or kind. There can be packages with business card templates, icons and wedding invitation templates, etc. In addition, you may also be able to find graphic bundles particularly for Halloween, Christmas, Halloween or Christmas.

Other collections on masterbundles you should use

Aside from graphic design package deals, you’ll find a massive range of other deals on MasterBundles. The bundles of stock photos, logo templates, patterns, fonts and textures are out there for your use. On top of that, you may find the full packages of WordPress themes, courses and ebooks, resume templates, slides, and various other components.

Precisely what is MasterBundles?

MasterBundles.com is a marketplace that accumulates best deals from around the internet and allows you to purchase the elements you need in your design work for a lower price. Bundle deals this fabulous website offers are limited in time, and that’s the reason why they are so inexpensive. To avoid missing the sale you’re going to be pleased with – join for the weekly email newsletter, revealing the most recent offers. MasterBundles boasts a big blog with the helpful design features explained.

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