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Created by UPROOT
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Date of Creation November 15 2022
Color blue green purple
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Thick Texture for Procreate Description

About the Product

For Procreate and Procreate Pocket.

The Thick Texture brushes are designed to give the most three dimensional effect possible, by combining an OVERLAY layer and a LINEAR BURN layer.

The OVERLAY layer brightens the highlights of the texture, “lifting” it out of the canvas. The LINEAR BURN layer provides the shadows “pushing” them backwards.

In combination the two perfectly seamless and size calibrated brushes will create incredibly deep texture.

26 Unique dimensional textures.

Warning, these brushes will seriously only work with the latest version of Procreate, so please update your iPad and Procreate because if you are still running Procreate 4 you are missing out.

*This is a digital download. **You will need to unzip these files to access the contents. The zip file contains both zipped folders of the brushes as well as one Procreate Brush Set File which you can install directly as an entire brush set. It is up to you how you prefer to install them.

IMPORTANT: These brushes are only compatible with PROCREATE APP for iPad.

INSTALLATION: After you have made your purchase you will be able to download the zip files containing the brushes you have paid for. If you are on a Windows computer you should download the zip files, unzip them, and upload them to your Dropbox or iCloud, from there you can drag them easily into Procreate using the Files app on your iPad. If you are using a Mac, you can download them, unzip them and then Select and Share them directly to your iPad using Airdrop, this is by far the quickest method. If you only have access to an iPad then you will need to use whichever zip file opening App you prefer and then from there drag them across into Procreate using the Files app.

IMPORTANT: These Brushes are intellectual property, sharing or distributing them is theft. Brushes which were free in the past fall under the same rules, distribution of previously free brushes also constitutes theft.

© All designs, illustrations and brushes are copyrighted by Abbie Nurse Uproot.

Images cannot be used for commercial reproduction or resale.

Thick like frosting.