Depositphotos Review 2021. How to Use Third-Party Images on Your Website Without Breaking the Law

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Depositphotos Review. Most of the content on modern web pages are visuals and includes UI elements, photographs, illustrations, and videos. Moreover, any website’s position on Google, as well as its bounce rate and conversion, depends on the quality, quantity, size, and relevance of its visuals. It turns image search into an important task for designers and content creators.

In this article, we look at different sources of images for your website, explain the risks of copying images from Google, and talk on how much it costs to use stock visuals.

You manage a website. Where can you get images for its pages?

Let’s say that you are starting a shoe business and one of the channels of communication with your customers is your website. You are planning not only to manage an online catalog but also to launch a blog on how to choose the right shoes. In addition, you need to make sure that the homepage of your site looks appealing for users and makes them want to go to the catalog.

Add to this a page with special offers and changeable banners in different places of the site, as well as secondary pages that also need original visual content. The question for you or your website designer at this stage is: where will you get the images? And here are some answers:

Creating visuals from scratch

You can make a list of the images you need and then hire a photographer or illustrator to create them. This is the most expensive and time-consuming solution, but it also has important advantages. Your images will be unique, exactly as you wanted, and the right to use them will belong to you.

Search for images on Google (or another platform)

Let’s start with the legal basics. Only the author owns the copyright to their image. Copyright includes the right to indicate the name of the author under their work, a prohibition on transforming their images, the right to sell or use them in any way.

In other words, by using an image found on Google without prior written permission from the author for such type of use, you are violating copyright law. Having discovered an infringement, the author of the image can sue you with a high probability of winning the case.

Stock photo young serious businesswoman in eyeglasses.

Stock image platforms

Photobanks (stock platforms, photostocks) are websites that give you access to image libraries. You can purchase, download, and use images from there without asking their authors for permission in person. Copyright issues in this case have already been resolved.

Photobanks differ in subject matter, the size of their libraries, image formats, and the terms of their use. The advantage of using them is that you can quickly find an image in the photobank library by keyword, and then download it in one click and immediately use it on the website page. In addition, files there cost you significantly less than content created according to your brief from scratch.

How photostocks work and why you are not violating copyright by using them

Stock libraries of visual content (for example, Depositphotos offers you photos, illustrations, vector images, and videos) are huge digital databases. Photographers, illustrators, and designers are contributors to such platforms. They produce content and upload their files on the website. After their files pass quality checks, they fall into a certain category of the stock library.

Users enter keywords in the search bar and set up advanced filters (for example, they can limit the search to horizontal images in blue tones). Just like it does on Google, search results appear on the screen. If a user finds an image that suits their site, they click on it to download a file. At this point, a fee is charged to the author of the image.

How do users pay for stock images?

The billing concept of different stock platforms may vary. Typically, you have a choice between purchasing a single image or a subscription that allows you to access the libraries for a certain period of time (for example, one month) and download up to several images.

Why is it legal to use stock images on your website?

The answer is that the owners of the photobank manage copyright issues and sign an agreement for the use of images with their author (and also, if necessary, models) in advance. Each image that you may see on stocks has its copyright agreement regarding its advertising or editorial use.

Stock photo two young casually dressed colleagues.

The Depositphotos Review 2021. Pricing, search algorithm, and image collection

Depositphotos is an international platform of stock visuals founded in 2009. This fall, its library contains over 179 million photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos and continues to grow rapidly.

All files that appear on Depositphotos undergo a strict selection. Their quality is checked by the AI-based algorithm and experienced content curators. Here are the key benefits you get by becoming a Depositphotos client:

— Find exactly what you need by applying advanced search filters
— Download truly authentic content from featured, hand-picked image collections
— Save your budget with prices starting from $0.25 per image
— Add visuals to ‘Favourites’ before finally selecting your top picks
— Create designs in a few clicks using the built-in image editor (Crello)
— Improve your visual communication with tips from the Depositphotos blog

Article reviewed by

Alina Soloviova, Content Curator at Depositphotos photo
Alina Soloviova, Content Curator at Depositphotos With more than ten years of professional experience in this field, she successfully executed fashion, fine art, and documentary photography. She published in Chasseur, Fashionisto, Flanellemag, Paperonfire, etc. At present, she works as a Content Curator at and manages personal commercial and creative photoshoots.
Wow, guys. A good review of a company that changes the people' lives worldwide every day, making them happy and successful.

Thank you for raising such a significant topic about the legal use of images in your web projects. We truly live in a time when the issue of respect for someone else's intellectual work is not even worth it. It is not allowed. Steal. Others. Pictures. Period. And this is not just about morality. Stoke photos are a wonderful way to diversify the site content, make it attractive to the search engine and in a few days to raise your site to the highest rank.

We at DepositPhotos are delighted that we can allow webmasters and owners of E-Commerce projects, with any advertising budget, make their sites truly unique, beautiful and beloved Google 🙂

Start using stock photos in your projects and you will see how attendance, conversion and your life will change.

In addition, you can choose a pricing model that suits your business objectives. For example, choose a monthly or yearly subscription to download from 10 to 750 images per month (each additional image will cost $1) or become the On Demand plan user of the plan and download from 10 to 100 images throughout the year.

Depositphotos Site Screenshot.

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Top 50 Stock Photographers of Depositphotos: Many Subscribers, Professionalism and Popularity 2020

“Good photographers, like well-behaved children, are visible, but not audible”

(Helmut Newton)

Currently, thanks to the intensive development of digital technologies, online photobanks or, as they are also called, stock photos, are flourishing. Depositphotos is one of the best and most popular photo bases. With the help of this photo service, a lot of people upload millions of pictures daily to the Web.

But why so much enthusiasm around stock photo? How can it be compared with a painting in which the artist invests a large amount of time, soul and strength? Not everything is so simple, moreover, talented photographers can hardly be called “simple”. In order for the shot to become really fascinating, the master must be a true admirer of the moment, be able to catch beauty where it remains invisible to the ordinary person, and then present it so that it becomes accessible to the masses. Is this not art?

Today we will talk about the most talented and popular photographers of Despositphotos according to MasterBundles, who managed to bring something new into the familiar world of photography.

The selection turned out to be very interesting and is a must see for everyone who enjoys photography.

TOP 10 Depositphotos Photographers

Nebojsa Tatomirov
Nebojsa Tatomirov
An extraordinary photographer based in Serbia.
Katie Aun
Katie Aun
Katie Aun shares with the world her travels to distant countries...
Zivica Kerkez
Zivica Kerkez
A photographer from Serbia, who quickly achieved success...
Julia Ataeva
Julia Ataeva
A food photographer.
Markus Spiske
Markus Spiske
Markus Spiske made a cardinal turn in his career and left for a creative profession...
Annette Shaff
Annette Shaff
Photographer, illustrator, and vector graphic artist.
Alexander Serebryakov
Alexander Serebryakov
One of the top authors who started his own photo business by opening a G-Stock studio.
Marina Kuznetsova
Marina Kuznetsova
Here we have one more master of food photography...
Simona Pilolla
Simona Pilolla
Simone lives in the most magical part of Spain.

TOP 50

Nebojsa Tatomirov

More Photos

An extraordinary photographer based in Serbia. Started taking photos before he was eight years old. His enthusiasm and love for photography led him to success. Works as a wedding photographer mostly.

Julia Ataeva

More Photos

A food photographer. Creates recipes without sugar and flour. Lives in Russia. Her photos are very beautiful and make you suddenly become hungry 🙂

Alexander Serebryakov

More Photos

One of the top authors who started his own photo business by opening a G-Stock studio. For Alexander and his team, creativity has become a way of thinking. It changed their approach to work, because, among other things, they like to work quickly, efficiently and achieve high results in all circumstances.

Annette Shaff

More Photos

Photographer, illustrator, and vector graphic artist. In her works, conceptual photography is intertwined with completely unexpected shots of awfully cute little dogs. Here, cuteness rules the profile, so scroll carefully!

Simona Pilolla

More Photos

Simone lives in the most magical part of Spain, which allows her, along with her models, to shoot the happiest moments of life. Stunning collections of pictures of different people who truly enjoy life. It is this pleasure of life that makes Simona’s works so fresh and vibrant. Before this, was in the list of top 100 wedding photographers in the world.

Zivica Kerkez

More Photos

A photographer from Serbia, who quickly achieved success. In 2016, he decided to devote his life to stock photography, turning his passion into a very successful career. The most common topics in his photo: animals, children, people, technology.

Santiago Nunez Iniguez

More Photos

From the artist of computer graphics to stock photographer. A sharp turn in his career became possible thanks to a huge talent and dedication. Prefers to work with people, likes lifestyle photo sessions with different models.

Marina Kuznetsova

More Photos

Here we have one more master of food photography. Marina is a fan of homemade food, exploring the beauty of the home table through a camera lens. Her photos literally infect with love for food – check it yourself!

Markus Spiske

More Photos

Markus Spiske made a cardinal turn in his career and left for a creative profession. He used to work as an employee in a factory. Now, Markus is a self-taught photographer and has been involved in photography since 2003. This once again proves that it’s never too late to follow a dream.

Laszlo Lorik

More Photos

Working as a freelance photographer, he made stock photography his main occupation. Started photographing 20 years ago. He’s good at shooting landscapes, real people, narrative photos, backgrounds, and textures.

Katie Aun

More Photos

Katie Aun shares with the world her travels to distant countries. In every trip, she tries to find something special: people, local culture, traditions. Katie’s portfolio is only a part of a huge picture telling about her vocation.

Yuri Biryukov

More Photos

Belarusian photographer and traveler, photography teacher, founder of the “Travel with a camera” community. He has an impressive list of 62 countries that he visited and captured in his works.

Branislav Ostojic

More Photos

Branislav Ostoich has been in this business for 12 years. He became interested in photography when he was only 10 years old, and never doubted his life choices. When he first started selling his work on photo stocks, his wife Alexandra also quickly joined the world of photography, so it became a family business.

Alex Teksomolika

More Photos

Alex Teksomolika began working on photography only 6 years ago, but at the same time, his aesthetics and style of work are so flawless and skillfully polished that it seems that he has decades of experience under his belt. How, when taking pictures of people, overcome their first awkwardness, defuse the situation, and give their photos authenticity and sincerity? Alex has mastered all these skills and achieved success in the stock industry.

Nikola Bodova and Josef Polz

More Photos

Photographers Nikola Bodova and Josef Poltc joined forces to establish their own business in the stock industry. And called it HalfPoint. It is a creative team that focuses on commercial photography. Mostly, they photograph people. For now, the quantity of HalfPoint’s photos at Depositphotos is more than 42 thousand pictures.

Natalia Lisovskaya

More Photos

We love food photography for a good reason. Looking at these delicious dishes, appetizingly steaming on an impeccably served table, it is impossible to resist – we practically feel their teasing aroma. Natalia Lisovskaya has been a photographer for 11 years. Finds her inspiration at flea markets, in old textures, in fresh and beautiful products.

Sutipon Somnam

More Photos

A photographer from Thailand. As the main focus of his work, Sutipon chose to shoot people from different cultures and in different locations. His photos are filled with emotions and incredibly realistically convey the atmosphere of the moment.

Rudy Balasko

More Photos

Rudy Balasko is a self-taught landscape photographer living in Chicago, USA. His life is travelling and shooting. In his photos, he shows even more than what is initially observed. Those landscape pictures are really amazing. You can see his works in some galleries throughout U.S. and Europe.

Karel Noppe

More Photos

A photographer with 15 years of experience. Lives in Spain. Subjects of his photography: business, children, education, food and drink, people. Gets inspiration from books and traveling.

Sudhir Misra

More Photos

Sudhir just begins to develop his portfolio at Depositphotos, however, his photography already admires and inspires. A sound engineer by profession, he began to shoot 10 years ago as a hobby. Sudhir’s pictures reflect all the beauty of the surrounding world, showing us nature and wild animals in their natural habitat.

Laura Kuklase

More Photos

A young food photographer from Estonia. Like many food photographers, she spends a lot of time preparing dishes – so realistic and beautiful that they look like a piece of art. Through the photography, this girl tells her story, presenting food in a new light.

Viorel Sima

More Photos

A photographer, illustrator, vector graphics artist, videographer. Though based in Romania, this doesn’t stop Viorel to work in other places, cities or countries. He likes to photograph people (beauty, fashion, commercial) and little animals or pets.

Fabrice Michaudeau

More Photos

Fabrice Michaudeau is one of the best authors of Depositphotos being a platinum level contributor with 64,722 pictures! Moreover, he is a founder of famous stock photography company Goodluz Productions. Photos are centered around character’s situations, specifically lifestyle: family, business, leisure and so on. Also, they shoot according to a specific theme, for example, business in the office.

Konrad Bak

More Photos

The main theme of Konrad Buck’s work is a unique interpretation and artistic transfer of the beauty of the human body. The woman in his pictures is strong, stylish and confident in her appearance. He specializes in the genre of fashion and beauty, as well as in photographs of horses.

Egor Shkolnikov

More Photos

Egor Shkolnikov is one of the most popular authors of the photo stock. His sophisticated aesthetics creates skilful, intricate images that seem to have won the jackpot at microstocks. His portfolio looks like a happy union of work and play. It covers business and travel and dilutes serious notes with playful images that have become real hits.


More Photos

Portrait photographer from Singapore. Although DGT honed portrait shooting for about 15 years, he has started in stock photography quite recently, in early 2018. Sincerity, relax, spontaneousness and originality – you will find all this in his portfolio.

Patryk Kosmider

More Photos

Landscape and travel photographer from Poland. Also, he shoots for advertising photography, portraiture and reportage. His photos are really incredible – don’t hesitate to check them all!

Fabio Formaggio and Cristian Negroni

More Photos

Two friends, a general passion for photography, and no strict rules. Together they built a business, and today are among the most popular authors at Depositphotos. A lot of shots are about friendship, happiness, love, and travel – every photo is an exciting story.

George Dolgikh

More Photos

George Dolgikh is a talented photographer and founder of the “GiftPundits“. His talent sparkles in every photo no matter it is a portrait or food photography. The atmosphere of his photos will totally captivate you.

Branislav Nenin

More Photos

A real stock photography guru full of wisdom and experience. Branislav knows what to shoot, when to shoot and how to implement great concepts and ideas. Works a lot with models and understands stock photography market well.

Magdalena Weckstrom

More Photos

A newborn, maternity and children photographer. Has more than 22 thousand pictures at Depositphotos. All the elements of her photos look very bright and attractive. Just open her page and look at several photos and I promise – you won’t be able to stop.

Evgeniya Porechenskaya

More Photos

Evgeniya is not just a photographer, she is also an artist in every sense of the word. She has a unique vision of the topic: bold, provocative and a little rebellious. With each new photo shoot, she surpasses herself and breaks stereotypes.

Jakub Jirsak

More Photos

A photographer and vector graphics artist, based in the Czech Republic. Jakub Jirsak talentedly converts any idea into the visual language. His photos are fresh and modern giving you a thrilling feeling of future.

Anastasia Kazakova

More Photos

Anastasia Kazakova is one of the top beauty photographers at Depositphotos. Her career is the story of a long journey from an office position to the craft of a freelance photographer and travels around the world. Experience in advertising helped Anastasia create a very well-adjusted and sought-after collection of photos.

Edwin Butter

More Photos

Edwin Butter has built his portfolio on images taken mostly in the Netherlands. His talent sparkles in every photo, confirming that he was in the right place and at the right time. Edwin’s works demonstrate all the subtle beauty and grace of animals in their habitat.

Mikhail Dudarev

More Photos

By education, Mikhail is an electronics engineer. For some time he worked in a phone repair shop until he realized that it was time to give himself freedom and do what he liked. With the help of online lessons, Mikhail studied Photoshop. He has achieved high skill and now creates technically perfect high-resolution images. His works are filled with contrasts, bright colors and original effects.

Galyna Andrushko

More Photos

A traveler and nature photographer. Galyna has a special gift to aim for wanderings and create wonderful works while traveling. About twenty years have already passed since she cannot imagine a journey without a camera in her hands in any conditions. Nature itself is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Now stock photos help her to share this with the world.

Logan Bannatyne

More Photos

Logan Bannatyne is one of the most popular authors of Depositphotos. He managed to turn his hobby into the main source of income. Initially, Logan wanted to become an actor, but after a while, he understood that photography is his real passion.

Kirill Kedrinski

More Photos

Kirill Kedrinski has experience in everything: he was a freelancer, a cashier, a sales manager, a PR manager, and a business director. Being engaged in web design, he discovered photography for himself and soon started shooting weddings, advertisements, and stock photography. In addition, Kirill complements most of his photos with the graphics.

Tyler Olson

More Photos

Tyler Olson has a truly impressive portfolio, assembled from very diverse works. And the most amazing thing about this portfolio is that Tyler works closely with unexplored, unique themes and covers interesting scenes in stock photography.

Ysbrand Cosijn

More Photos

Ysbrand Cosijn came to stock photography because he couldn’t find the photos he needed. Ysbrand’s portfolio is a vivid collection of different themes and subjects, where all the photos stand out due to the author’s style and vision. He shoots past and present, collecting very diverse works in his portfolio: wildlife photos, portraits and retro-style pictures.

Aleksey Stemmer

More Photos

A nature photographer. When he was 22 years old, he quitted his university and devoted his life to traveling and photography. Winner of “Golden Turtle” photo contest in year 2014, nomination “Microworld”, photo “Ice frontier”. Worked with the zoos of Riga, Tallinn, and Berlin.

Goran Bogicevic

More Photos

An illustrator, photographer, vector graphics artist, and videographer from Serbia. Subjects of his photos: architecture, beauty, landmarks, people. Having more than 80 thousand photos in his profile, Goran is a silver level contributor at Depositphotos. There is a lot to see – check it out by yourself.

Stefano Tinti

More Photos

Professional photographer, born and raised in Milan, Italy. Stefano has traveled a lot in his life, especially in Africa. Exhibitions, marches, carnivals, fashion shows, competitions in extreme sports – all these events occupy most of his portfolio. They make his work exciting and modern. Doesn’t shot landscapes.

Ondrej Prosicky

More Photos

Fascinated by wildlife, Ondrej turned his hobby into a full-fledged job. Travels often take him far from home, but he always comes back with amazing treasures for his portfolio. For many years of practice, he’s gathered an impressive and captivating creative selection. Check it yourself clicking the link above.

Bogdan Dreava

More Photos

Bogdan Dreava turned his portfolio from a selection of isolated objects and faded shades into an explosion of color and conceptual art. Patterns, geometry, and brightness. His aesthetics is simple, colorful and honest.

Anna Ivanova

More Photos

Food and travel photography. Ann had to go through a car accident, which eventually led to dramatic changes in her life and career as a photographer. Her flawless works speak for themselves.

Oleksandr Bondar

More Photos

30-year-old Oleksandr Bondar takes pictures of people and their sincere and positive emotions. His portfolio is a collection of the most authentic images – original, unprocessed, honest and open, revealing to us the whole essence of the concept of authenticity. The atmosphere of his photos will totally captivate you.

Tijana Moraca

More Photos

This portfolio is a collection of cheerful and positive photos. Be sure – Tyana’s works always reflect a positive attitude, showing people who have a good time. She’s been engaged in stock and art photography for about 8 years.

Menno Schaefer

More Photos

At 50, Menno Schaefer has an incredible portfolio that shows interesting details from the life of wild animals. He takes pictures of every creature – from bears and foxes to birds. Currently, he has more than 10 thousand pictures at Depositphotos.

Daria Kalugina

More Photos

Food photographer, who once dramatically changed her field of work. Daria shoots for restaurants, magazines, major manufacturers, as well as leads workshops and online courses around the world. Her photos look really amazing and delicious!

Final Say

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this awesome selection and have chosen several photographers to follow. By the way, if you’re a fan of stock photos and use them very often, there is a great deal for you. You can get Depositphotos access to millions of beautiful photos and vector images only for a fraction of their retail price by using this link.

Also, I have a few questions for you and will be glad to see the answers in the comments below. What are your favorite photographers? Whose works do you study and whose photos give you ideas for your own shooting

Top 50 Stock Photographers of Depositphotos

Author Author’s portfolio Q-ty of works Country Instagram Personal Page
1 Nebojsa Tatomirov 1,807 Serbia tatomirovphotography
2 Julia Ataeva laperla_foto 1,226 Russia yuliya_ataeva_aip Paleo Aip Recipes
3 Alexander Serebryakov gstockstudio 32,993 Ukraine g_stock_studio
4 Annette Shaff graphicphoto 7,362 USA moxiekingdom
5 Simona Pilolla simonapilolla 3,257 Italy simonapilolla
6 Zivica Kerkez Kerkezz 5,056 Serbia kerkezz
7 Santiago Nunez Iniguez santypan 5,155 Spain
8 Marina Kuznetsova 00coffeecat00 711 Russia 00coffeecat00
9 Markus Spiske markusspiske 1,252 Germany
10 Laszlo Lorik loriklaszlo 21,707 Hungary laszlolorik
11 Katie Aun katiekk 5,514 OAE katiekk2
12 Yuri Biryukov YuryBirukov 7,297 Belarus yurybirukov
13 Branislav Ostojic cokacoka 8,585 Serbia
14 Alex Teksomolika simbiothy 26,712 Ukraine teksomolika
15 Nikola Bodova and Josef Polc halfpoint 42,327 Slovakia halfpoint_photo
16 Natalia Lisovskaya lisovskaya 5,440 Russia liskina_nora
17 Sutipon Somnam djmdep 1,512 Thailand
18 Rudy Balasko rudi1976 1,624 USA rudib1976
19 Karel Noppe karelnoppe 3,506 Spain karelnoppe
20 Sudhir Misra Suds344 370 South Africa suds344
21 Laura Kuklase healthyLauraCom 1,262 Estonia healthylauracom
22 Viorel Sima feedough 30,131 Romania viorel_sima
23 Fabrice Michaudeau Goodluz 64,722 France
24 Konrad Bak konradbak 12,856 Poland
25 Egor Shkolnikov brocrock 877 Russia egor_shkolnikov
26 DGT mentatdgt 14,794 Singapore dgtportraits
27 Patryk Kosmider Patryk_Kosmider 19,718 Poland photostock_patryk_kosmider
28 Fabio Formaggio and Cristian Negroni oneinchpunch 19,489 Italy Oneinchpunch photography
29 Branislav Nenin bnenin 8,220 Serbia bnenin
30 Magdalena Weckstrom Madllen 22,504 Finland madlenphotography
31 Evgeniya Porechenskaya Porechenskaya 11,189 Slovenia jeniaporechenskaya
32 Jakub Jirsak Jirsak 3,979 Czech Republic
33 Anastasia Kazakova kazzakova 7,544 Spain
34 Edwin Butter EBFoto 8,421 Netherlands edwin_butter_fotografie Edwin Butter Fotografie
35 Mikhail Dudarev mihtiander 12,168 Russia
36 Galyna Andrushko kamchatka Ukraine galyna_andrushko
37 Logan Bannatyne lofilolo 10,270 England
38 Kirill Kedrinski hASLOO 24,174 Russia kkedrinski
39 Tyler Olson SimpleFoto 28,536 Norway
40 Ysbrand Cosijn ysbrand 33,472 Netherlands ysbrandcosijn
41 Aleksey Stemmer alex.stemmer 13,294 Latvia
42 Goran Bogicevic boggy22 80,928 Portugal
44 Stefano Tinti tinx 26,352 Italy stefano_tinti
45 Ondrej Prosicky OndrejProsicky 8,614 Czech Republic ondrejprosicky
46 Bogdan Dreava bogdandreava 2,514 Romania bogdandreava
43 Anna Ivanova sonyakamoz 8,463 Russia
48 Oleksandr Bondar bondart 5,646 Ukraine bondar_photo
49 Tijana Moraca TijanaM 1,286 Serbia tijanamoraca Tijana Moraca Photography
47 Menno Schaefer MennoSchaefer 10,219 Netherlands m.schaeferfotografie
50 Daria Kalugina contrse 1,201 Russia contrse
50 George Dolgikh gdolgikh 27,807 Ukraine gdolgikh

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Ultimate Photo Bundle – 500+ Stock Images
Ultimate Photo Bundle – 500+ Stock Images



Video About Top 50 Stock Photographers of Depositphotos

Currently, thanks to the intensive development of digital technologies, online photobanks or, as they are also called, stock photos, are flourishing. Depositphotos is one of the best and most popular photo bases.


Images are an important factor in website conversion rates. In order for your platform to rank high in search results, arouse interest among users, and make them take the actions you need, you need high-quality images that clearly fit into the concept of your visual communication.

There are three ways to get such images: hire a professional photographer or illustrator, find images through Google and then contact the author to get written permission to use their works on your site, or become a client of a digital photo bank.

The first option means a significant investment of time and money and the second is not always realistic as it’s not always possible to reach the copyright holder. Thus, photo stocks are a good solution for those who want to optimize their search for images and save money.

Depositphotos offers a library of over 178 million files. Being a client of this platform, you can download any image that suits you, with prices starting from $0.25 per image. Searching for an image here will also take a minimum of time due to the smart search features and curated collections.

Use the promo code masterbundles15 while creating a client account on Depositphotos to purchase any plan at 15% off. Start enjoying your creative journey with stocks today!

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