Survey: Graphic Designers 2021

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By: Jim Harding May 18, 2019

Today is a big day! We are working on the best community for graphic designers. We wanna create a place where every designer will find what he needs: detailed tutorials, motivation, inspiration, ideas for monetization and so on.

That is why we need to collect some data. Please, spend 10 minutes and answer our questions below. With this community lust-worthy projects, boundary-pushing design, and creative inspiration guaranteed!

Join us in FB messenger and we’ll contact you as soon as the results of this interview willl be ready.

Thanks a lot!

Author Jim Harding
Author: Jim Harding

Hi, I'm Jim. Most of all in my life I like to receive mails from designers, marketers and developers about how introduction to MasterBundles site has changed their lives. Give a chance to your destiny - subscribe to our mailing list, add the blog to your bookmarks, buy bundles. Write to if you want to talk or publish your article. I embrace each of you.

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Interesting poll. I am new to graphic design, but I want to be part of the global community.

Be sure to send me the finished results! I will wait very much for them 🙂


I filled! And shared with friends on Facebook. Cool to become part of a huge community 🙂

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