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Date of Creation June 2 2022
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NFT Tracker Description

This is the ultimate NFT tracker to organize your NFT collection and sell or buy it seamlessly by integrating your NFTs and monitoring the pre-existing database.

⚡️ Maintain your cool collection of NFTs using the NFT Tracker ⚡️

Problems faced when dealing with NFTs:

❌ Too many NFTs to handle

❌ Unmanaged consumer database

❌ Scattered digital payment systems

❌ No specific NFT Category

❌ Can’t track trends in sales

How the NFT Tracker solves these problems:

✅ Keep track of your Wishlist, Owned and Sold NFTs

✅ Manage details like Images, Collections, Categories, Platforms, Links

✅ Get stats for Owned and Sold NFTs by Category

✅ View stats for any year

✅ Add/edit your own categories

Who is the template for:

☀️ People who deal with NFTs or any other sort of cryptocurrency

☀️ People who want to enter the world of digital items trading

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