Set of WordPress Themes for Personal Blog Relevant to Your Horoscope And Life Position

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By: Jim Harding October 18, 2018 15 minutes
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Set of WordPress Themes for Personal Blog relevant to your horoscope and life position

Today we will speak a little bit about horoscopes and astrological signs. Signs of the zodiac are based on the position of sun at the time of birth of a person. Even in ancient times, people noticed that passing through 12 signs of the zodiac, sun in each of them has its unique influence on your personality and your destiny.

Having one or the other astrological zodiac sign allows to make a conclusion about person’s potential and his motives. It also shows the level of perseverance, endurance, and both internal and external growing of you as a personality. So basically, your whole life depends on the location of the sun and it’s not possible to fix or change during life. Of course, each person is unique but there are still some similar points in temperament, personal thoughts and opinions. If you are into different mystique things and believe in superstitions, you are on the right page!

Here is the list of 12 very best WordPress themes for personal blog that correspond with your zodiac. Now we will talk about each and every astrological sign a bit closer.


FitSpot - Fitness Studio Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Aries or someone also calls it a ram is a very powerful zodiac sign. If you train hard and you are looking for your personal blog or site for a fitness studio you may consider this fabulous WordPress theme. Fitspot – Fitness Studio Elementor WordPress Theme is the final destination for those who are looking for a fitness studio or a gym web-site. Different rich shades of black have white and yellow accents that are playing an important role on a background. It’s very easy to adjust with a JetMenu. Elementor webpage builder come along with:

  • Icons
  • Image box
  • Text Editor
  • Image Carousel
  • Counter
  • Progress Bar

No coding skills are required. Sport addicted people are usually in movement so this fully responsive website will work just perfect on both PC and a phone.


Narya - Food Blog For Cooks WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. It is the planet of beauty and love. Specially for those who have its own taste in life there is unique WordPress theme for personal blog called Narya. It is a food blog for cooks. If you are into cooking and having your own blog online was your dream, then I can say that dreams come true. Different features and sections will allow you to post pictures, different recipes and give people advices. You can choose out of 6 different layouts. Key point advantages that come with Narya are:

  • Admin Panel
  • Retina ready
  • Theme Color switcher
  • Revolution Slider option will make everything look smooth and calm. Routine-loving taurus will definitely enjoy cooking new dishes and presenting them to the world through this beautiful WordPress theme.


Identiz - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Gemini are also called Twins. You may think that it is just a name but you are wrong. It is the most vibrant and versatile horoscope sign. Being the third out of twelve zodiacs it begins the late spring cycle. Such people are always full of energy. Specially for those extraordinary human beings there is Identiz – Personal Blog WordPress Theme. It was carefully created by the best professionals in the industry. Main power tools are:

  • Custom Widgets
  • Ecwid Ready
  • Live Customizer
  • Multiple Header Layouts

The installation literally takes 5 minutes. This particular astrological sign likes to change and try different things in life. Same here, you can choose out of seven header layouts. So far we have described first three zodiacs and let’s move on!


FrameMe - Photography Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

It is sometimes called The Crab. Crabs are usually very strong people with a hard outer shell. However, they are very sensitive and vulnerable underside. FrameMe – Photography Studio WordPress Theme was created by best designers in the industry. Its soft and warm colors make you feel warm and cozy. FrameMe was made specially for those, who helps us to keep our memories in pictures. Beautiful and well organized gallery will be the most visited page of your blog. So if you like making pictures, you are not just an amateur and you were looking for the WordPress theme for personal blog, congratulations, you have just found one! It will work as your online portfolio.

Watch now: Portfolio in under 20 minutes


Fashion WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you are born under this sign, you are a leader. Fashion models are being on top of the line and meet all highest requirements. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun. Lions are always full of energy all year round. One of the art WordPress themes, is loaded with colorful pictures and cool elements. That is probably the best fashion oriented WordPress theme for personal blog. Includes:

  • All images for free
  • Jet Element plugin
  • Accurate Documentation

There will be a special section for your own portfolio so you can share your achievements with your followers. Contact form and search form are added as well for easier navigation and every day use.


Gracell - Beauty Salon Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Virgo’s energy is mostly focused to control organization and purification. Just imagine the wardrobe with a complete mess and you will find Virgo sorting by color, material type, size, etc. This sign is very attentive to details. If you run a beauty salon business and you can enhance the natural beauty of your skin, Gracell – Beauty Salon Elementor WordPress theme will be just for you.

Theme is virtually subdivided into couple areas such as:

  • hair salon
  • beauty salon
  • premier esthetics services
  • wellness salon

It is very easy to adjust and maintain. JetMenu will be a great help in every day life. Customers will be able to book an appointment or make a reservation via cell phone. Fully responsive design is a must in twenty-first century. It has both valid and clean HTML coding. Bring your business to a newer level and higher standard with the help or Gracell – Beauty Salon WordPress theme.


Video Blogger MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

So far, we have described half of our today’s chart. The seventh out of 12 zodiacs is Libra or Scales. Ruling planet is Venus – planet of love and beauty. Top of the line Video Blogger MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template is right in front of you. Modern vloggers will find this template very easy to use and navigate through.

Main sources of sharing info are included:

  • Audio Player
  • Video Integration
  • Media Library File Manager
  • Video Player
  • Personal Blog

Whole day long professional support is ready to help. Visual editor allows to show all your ideas and imagination on the screen. Google maps integration can keep track of places that you have visited and talked about with your followers.


Publicon - News Portal Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The Scorpion is the most focused and intense sign of horoscope. This is very mystique and interesting sign of death, resurrection and life. Scorpions are usually very educated people. They want to be well informed about pretty much everything that is happening around them. If you are sharing news not just with your friends and neighbors, but want to tell this world a bit more about what’s going on, take a look at Publicon – News Portal Elementor WordPress Theme. It is the news website that informs about such important areas of our life as:

  • World News
  • Money
  • Extreme Sports
  • Racing
  • Weather

All important and latest information is easily accessible through your phone as well. It is perfectly designed for both smaller and bigger screens. Jet theme core, Jet Elements and all images are coming for free as well. I would recommend you to spend some time and try it in the live demo mode!


Journez - Travel Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Truly adventurer sign is called Sagittarius. Jupiter is the ruling planet. It is the planet of luck and expansion. Archers always like to travel and explore new countries and lands. If you like to camp under stars or prefer all inclusive service Journe, one of travel WordPress Themes, is worth of having as an assistant. You can convert your travel experience into a business. Here are some main elegant pages that are easy customizable:

  • Home page
  • About
  • Service
  • Tours
  • Blog

Travellers are usually visiting your website via phone and you will be surprised how smooth it works on various mobile devices. Outstanding plugins and SEO friendly code come along with effective and friendly support. All the modules can be added with JetElements plugin. Dropdown menu gives great selection and experience. Your visitors will be able to get in touch with you via built in contact form.


EightyDays - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Capricorns planet is Saturn. It is the planet of maturity and discipline. Same here, with EightyDays – Travel Blog WordPress Theme. It was created for those who are not sitting in one place. For enthusiasts that like to explore the globe. All your stories will be stored in this very warm and friendly website. Because it is lightweight, it loads very fast on all devices. Here are some main features:

  • Tiled Gallery to express all your thoughts and feelings on the homepage
  • Related posts for giving recommendations to your visitors
  • Demo import was included to post proper content and see exactly what you are getting before showing it to public
  • Responsive design works great pretty much anywhere in the world and on any type of cell phone or a tablet.


Lily - Clean & Elegant Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Aquarius is being eleventh out of twelve horoscope signs. It is the most scientific and humanitarian sign. Their own planet Uranus is being a planet of originality. If you are one of those who love mother nature, then spend some time exploring Lily – Clean and Elegant Blog WordPress Theme. It will be just perfect for personal blog. Main features that you should remember are:

  • Sticky Navigation
  • Contact Form 7 ready
  • Well Commented Code
  • SEO friendly
  • Sidebar Control

Being as personal blog website it has all latest updates. You can also link your Inatagram, Flickr and Facebook accounts to it. Special contact form helps you to correspond with your followers. One click installation makes it so easy to use.


Journeo - Travel Agency Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Symbol of this sign is a fish. Ruling planet Neptune is a planet of fantasy. If you are interested in exploring the world, Journeo – Travel Agency Elementor WordPress Theme will be just for you. Creating your top travel web-site is a not a problem anymore! You can make it helpful in all occasions. It was carefully developed with Elementor Page Builder. JetBlog plugin helps to show information in tiny blocks and modules. Let’s quickly run over main features:

  • Search form was added for easier navigation and searching process
  • Blog keeps everyone entertained
  • Available Tours feature gives you a chance to make some money out of your hobby
  • Fully responsive design will be a great addition
  • Calendar helps to keep track of all your posts and journeys

In general, this is one of the best travel agency elementor WordPress theme that is available on the market nowadays.

As a conclusion, I wanted to say that no matter what type of zodiac you are, you should always remember to be polite and help people that are in need. If you want to start your own blog but you have not decided what topic would be the most suitable for you, take a look at this list that we described today. Who knows, maybe one of these WordPress themes for personal blog will motivate you and be a good start of something new in your life and career.

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