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Date of Creation June 2 2022
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Product Launch Kit Description

This Notion template helps you describe goals for your product launch, so that you and your team stay organized every step of the way. Whether you’re launching your product on social media on sites like ProductHunt, this template has everything you need!

Product Launch Kit, Built Using Notion

Have you ever been curious about why certain products perform well on Product Hunt while others don’t? Of course, product value is a crucial component of the launch, but there’s a lot more that goes into product creation than meets the eye.

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So, what goes into creating a successful launch? Check out the features present in this Product Launch Notion Template 👇

📊 Overview

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This Notion Template begins with an ‘Overview’. The purpose of this section is to describe the product and delve into the objective of the launch. Start off by writing a description of the said product, outline the goals you’re trying to reach, and determine the metrics you want to analyze in order to be confident of your success.

🏆 Success Tracker

Success Tracker

This is a bonus section that helps you go beyond the launch process by capturing the success of the launch so far. You can use the already provided metrics or add more according to what you need. If you’re tracking a great many metrics at once, the progress bar can help you analyze the progress in one glance.


Wiki Section

The purpose of this section of this Notion Template is to chart out the strategy of the launch, define the channels you’re going to use for promotions, the overall budget for your launch. To add all the miscellaneous stuff, there’s also a “Notes” section.

One of the most useful aspects of this Notion Template is the ease of collaboration, which lets your teammates monitor and modify all the strategies discussed and chalk out a combined budget.

✅Checklist & Timeline

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This section helps you avoid last-minute errors by letting you add a final checklist for the product launch. You can use this to track whether the social media promotion is done, promotional posts have been scheduled, etc. The timeline is by far the most important and useful section because it helps your team stay on top of deadlines, ensuring that all the regimen is completed neatly and deadlines are literally ⚡crushed⚡

Buy the Product Launch Kit Notion template today, and never let your enterprise fail at launching a product, ever again!

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