6 Hardcover Book Mockup 2021 + 8 Background Textures

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Date of Creation August 2 2017
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Hardcover Book Mockup

Create a realistic Hardcover Book presentation in few seconds. Hardcover Book Mockup is a pack of 6 PSD files, perfect for show – up your design. Simple structure and replacing via Smart Objects make your work easier.


6 fully layered PSD
8 background texture
automatic background perspective
easy for compositing shadows
replacing via Smart Objects
photorealistic look
depth of field
easy file structure with video tutorial

Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup

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