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Olive Oil or Wine Box Mockup

Date of Creation February 14 2020
Author Fatih Güneş
Price $9
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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$9 regular price: $90 - 90%
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Olive Oil or Wine Box Mockup. You can also use this mockup for similar boxes.

2 Scenes
4 Boxes
Editable Background
Editable Shadow
Editable Texture
Editable Lights
Editable Body Colors
Yes, Fully Editable
Easy to use and customize
Well Designed

All Layers Are Smart Objects

Included Files;
Olive Oil or Wine Box Mock-Up.psd
Watch Me.jpg
Read Me.txt

How to use:
Open Olive Oil or Wine Box Mock-Up.psd file in Photoshop.
Delete White Layer
Make visible green color & red color smart object layer group.
Right click and edit contents.
Place your design.
Save and close.
Unvisible green color & red color smart object layer group.
Visible Scene One & Two layer groups.That’s it.
You can change shadows, lights, textures, body colors and backgrounds, opacity or blend modes.

Labels not included

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