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CONFETTI Effect for Photoshop ✨

File type ABR, ASL, PSD, PDF, ATN
File size 55.83 MB
Date of Creation May 24 2020
Author Natalia Pokataeva
Category Photoshop Plugins / Actions
Price $15
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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regular price: $56 - 73%
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$15 regular price: $56 - 73%
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sold bundles

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CONFETTI Effect for Photoshop

Confetti effect. Make super joyful and colorful designs by using this Effect Confetti for Photoshop. A variety of styles and options, gold, multi-colored, round, rectangular, small, large, and of course customized color confetti. Click instantly on the ‘Quick Start’ template, then ready to print it at 300 dpi. Let’s use any graphics and text we can to turn it into a fun festive scattering of confetti!

Watch the demo video of confetti effect:

Effect Confetti for Photoshop addon works in Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC and Photoshop Elements 14, 15

WHAT YOU GET with confetti effect:

Confetti Actions:

Round Colorful
Round Colorful Small
Rectangle Colorful
Rectangle Colorful Small
Round Gold
Round Gold Small
Rectangle Gold
Rectangle Gold Small
Round Custom Color
Round Custom Color Small
Rectangle Custom Color
Rectangle Custom Color Small

Layer Styles:
Simple Confetti
Simple Confetti Custom Color
Gold Foil 1
Gold Foil 2
Rectangle Gold Confetti
Rectangle Gold Confetti Small
Round Gold Confetti
Round Gold Confetti Small
Rectangle Colorful Confetti
Rectangle Colorful Confetti Small
Colorful Round Confetti
Colorful Round Confetti Small

Round Confetti
Rectangle Confetti
Round Scattered Confetti
Rectangle Scattered Confetti

User Guide for

1. Install all components:
‘Confetti Actions.atn’ (Window > Actions > Load actions) ‘Confetti Brushes.abr‘ (Window > Brush Presets > Load Brushes) ‘ConfettiStyles.asl’ (Window > Styles > Load styles)
2. Open the ‘_Quick Start Confetti E ect.psd’
3. Choose a background color, adjust the ‘Color Overlay’ in Layer E ects. 3. Type a text or place a graphic.
4. Open the action panel (Window > Actions) and run one of this.
5. To add the randomly scattered сonfetti, use the brush ‘Scattered Confetti’ on a new layer, then apply a style ‘Simple Confetti’ or ‘Simple Confetti Custom Color’.
6. In order to create a densely sprinkled confetti create multiple layers, the particles were not stuck together and looked more realistic.
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