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Date of Creation January 8 2019
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Folk Tale: a Set of Animals Illustrations and Decorative Elements Description

Folk Tale Collection – A fabulous set of illustrations with animals and decorative elements, such as: alphabet letters, numerals, frames, backgrounds, seamless patterns, cartoon trees and more.

What’s included with purchase:

  • 9 Animals (AI, PNG, JPG: 10000×10000 pixels, 300 dpi).
  • 25 Nature objects (ai, PNG, JPG: 20000×20000 pixels, 300 dpi).
  • 26 Alphabet letters (PNG: 20000×15000 pixels, 300 dpi).
  • 10 Numerals (PNG:15000×15000 pixels, 300 dpi).
  • 5 Frames (PNG:40000×20000 pixels, 300 dpi).
  • 5 Photoshop seamless patterns (.pat) – 1500x1500px base size, you can create very high-resolution patterns).
  • 10 Backgrounds (JPG: 6000×4000 pixels, 300 dpi).


  • Vector – Adobe Illustrator CS6 or newer. Also, PNG files may be used in other vector programs.
  • Raster – Adobe Photoshop. Also, raster files in PNG and JPG format may be used in other photo editing programs.

Folk Tale: a Set of Animals Illustrations and Decorative Elements Previews

Drawn animal world with decorative ornaments.

Very beautiful wild animals, each with a distinctive ornament.

This is a wild illustration with forest and animals.

This collection also includes individual elements with mountains, trees and fruits.

Noble green with thin frames in gold and animals.

Gold font with animal elements.

Figures with animals and elements of the living world.

Abstract ornament with flowers, lines and stars.

An abstract gold print that looks incredibly beautiful on a brown background.

Dark blue background with stars. It's like the Little Prince.

Aged green with golden elements and ornaments.

These illustrations look beautiful on eco bags and other surfaces.

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