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Created by Malindo Creative
File type OTF, TTF
Date of Creation May 7 2019
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Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography

imelda is a modern hand-based typography, This font is made up of irregularly flowing letters, both between top-down and with subsequent letters, which makes it suitable for Logotype, posters, businness cards, merchandise, wedding invitations, greeting cards, banners blogs, clothing, water-based paint designs / prints, correspondence, quotes and more!

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
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imelda has given PUA encoded (fonts with special code).

This Font Equipped:



-Figures & Punctuation

-Stylistic Alternatives


-Contextual Alternates

-Multilingual Support

To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as
Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator CS & CorelDraw X6-X7, Microsoft Word 2010 or later versions.

Files include:



Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5

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Imelda Modern Hand-based Typography - $5