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Adobe Illustrator Script

Adobe Illustrator Script. HOT SALE: $6 ONLY! ($15 regular price)
Highest quality clipping of vector objects

If you’ve created a complex pattern or vector image and need to crop it around the edges of the artboard, or some shape, now you can do it with the click of a button!

The Cropper will crop all vector objects exactly at the border you specified

File typeAI, EPS
File size1.7 MB
CompabilityAdobe illustrator

The Cropper works on one or several artboards at the same time. This very convenient and well-debugged script will be useful to anyone working in Adobe Illustrator.

Crop objects by shape
You need to have all the objects selected, including the shape you want to crop to. This shape should be on top of all other objects. Artboard should not be selected.
Check the ”Crop by: Shape” checkbox, click Crop – and Cropper will crop all the elements underneath this shape.

Clipping objects to the border of the artboard
Select the objects you want to crop. They must be positioned on the artboard. Check the ”Crop by: Artboard” checkbox, click ”Crop” and you’re done!

Where to Find:
1. After downloading ‘’ unzip this file
2. Read the instructions in the ‘The Cropper User Guide.pdf’
3. Launch Adobe Illustrator
4. Select objects to be cropped
5. Go to File / Scripts / Other script
6. Find and select the ‘Cropper.jsx’ file and select it
You can also pin this script to the Adobe Illustrator menu and it will always be at hand (see Instructions).

If you have any questions, be sure to write to us at

Adobe Illustrator Script previews

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