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Created by Kimberly Wells
Date of Creation June 2 2022
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Content Planning Template Description

šŸš€ Get Your Content Organized, Once And For All.

This Content Planning Notion Template is great for bloggers, small businesses, and anyone who wants to get more productive with their content. This template works well for all kinds of content too, which means you can get started right now!

šŸ¤” How To Use This Content Planning Notion Template?

Buy the template and duplicate it into your Notion.

Then use this template to plan all your content in one place, including the channel it is posted on, the type of content it is (photo, video), the date posted, post text


Dashboard for all of your content planning in one spot.

Example of Content Planning

Need help organizing all of your content in one spot? Use the planner!

Post Planning Notion Template.