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Created by Igor Vitkovskiy
Date of Creation March 5 2021
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Fire, Smoke, Fog Overlays

Fire, Smoke, Fog Overlays. This is the first pack of my digital visual effect overlays collection, isolated on black background, 575 overlays total. Huge images size and variety of this textures and elements gives opportunity to use them in many different ways. Use them as overlays for your photography, digital art, product presentation, as a decorative element, etc.

Inside the pack:

  • 150 Fire Overlays ( 5000×5000 pixels, 300 dpi, Jpeg)
  • 200 Fog Overlays ( 5000×5000 pixels, 300 dpi, Jpeg)
  • 75 Smoke Overlays ( 3000×3000 pixels, 300 dpi, Jpeg)
  • 50 Digital Fire Overlays ( 5000×5000 pixels, 300 dpi, Jpeg)
  • 100 Cloudy Smoke Overlays ( 5000×5000 pixels, 300 dpi, Jpeg)
  • How to use, system requirements

Works with any graphic software that can open Jpeg images and works with layers.
Drop this overlay with a checked “Screen” layer mode over your photo to remove black background.
Extended license – Unlimited use for personal and commercial projects.

Fire, Smoke, Fog Overlays Previews

Smoke in different shapes and consistencies, also different focus.

Artificial fire. It's like the illusion of fire.

Various abstract shapes in the form of fire.

575 Fire, Smoke, Fog Overlays

The creative designers who like to do business with photographs will be certainly happy with the photo overlays bundles. These deals incorporate multiple elements of design that could spruce up and alter the photos. Such kind of graphical components is usually placed over the photographs to create some fresh look.

Fog like in the mountains after rain.

Sunset in the fog. Great look and color combinations.

It's a techno party style in an underground club.

A neon sign in green in the loft bar.

Editing a pumpkin photo for Halloween to add more horror effect.

Cigarette smoke that can twist shapes.

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