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Date of Creation September 3 2022
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Book Tracker Description

šŸ“š Easy-To-Use Notion Template for Book Tracking

We read books not just for stories and fiction, but also for upskilling and gaining more knowledge. Be it an educational book or a best-selling novel, if you keep getting messed up while reading multiple books at one time, this Notion template will change everything for you.

Maintaining a record of all your books, reading progress, authors and series are all possible with this beautiful book tracking Notion template. A must-use tool for bibliophiles and all the readers out there!

āš” All Things in One Place

Know which book is still to-be-read, which is in plan-to-read, and which one you have finished reading, all in one go by using this Book Tracker. The status of the books easily helps you categorize them.

A preview of how you can see all things in one place.

šŸ† “Sort By” and “Categories”

Sort and categorize your books according to the authors and genre for easy tracking. Know which books you have read in 2021 and other years by tagging them in the given category and achieve that reading goal with ease.

A preview of the sorting feature.

ā­ Summarise and Rate Your Books

Read the book and want to come back to it? Write a short summary of the book, rate it, mention the key takeaways with this readymade template. Super useful for how-to books, non-fiction, and educational books.

A preview of the Reading Progress tracker.

šŸ“Š Series and Anthology Tracker

Don’t worry about which Harry Potter book you were at. Use this Notion template to keep a track of anthologies. Also useful if you are trying to correlate newer book editions with previous ones.

Tracking book series and anthologies is cool with the Book Tracker!

So, Book Lover – what are you waiting for? Get this Notion Template today and begin reading with ease!

Categories of my books.