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Created by Easlo
Date of Creation June 3 2022
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GTD Dashboard Description

Getting Things Done

A comprehensive Notion dashboard that helps you save time, and get more done.

Why did I make this?

There’s no trick to getting things done but having the right system. A lesson from Atomic Habits by James Clear, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your system.”

Tasks, projects, or deadlines come up day in and day out. Not having a system to organize this list of projects and tasks, we may very well be overwhelmed and end up with a pile of work.

But with this dashboard, you can now…

  • Capture your thoughts no matter where you are or what device you use
  • Organize by multiple filters, including projects, time, priority, context, and more
  • Flexible and customizable layouts and views, adaptable for everyone

What’s included:

  • Inbox page
  • Project areas
  • Someday list
  • Rollover tasks
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Recurring tasks
  • Weekly/ monthly board view
  • Sort by priority, context and projects
GTD Dashboard, Inscription: Hey, there, Meet your personal productivity system.