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Collection of Floristic Cliparts

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This is the collection of floristic wreaths, compositions, corners, frames, floral&foliage elements and backgrounds.

SO WHAT DO YOU GET? PNG&PSD files (300dpi), hand drawn watercolor graphic elements, each element on an individual png with transparent background.

88 Flowers and Leaves (2000-4000 px; 300 dpi)
5 Huge Flower Wreaths (8000×8000 px; 300 dpi)
5 Huge Flower Corners (5000×5000 px; 300 dpi)
5 Huge Flower Frames (8000×6000 px; 300 dpi)
5 Huge Flower Compositions (8000×6000 px; 300 dpi)
45 JPG Backgrounds (6000×4000 px; 300 dpi), All pieces are 20×13,3 In

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