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20 Map Infographics | Ppt Key Psd Ai – $20

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20 Map Infographics | Ppt Key Psd Ai

★ Buy this product in Vadym Dybka’s The Biggest Infographics Bundle on the Internet!

Each of these 20 infographics is represented in PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS, AI and JPEG files.

Every file is absolutely easy to edit in the software of your choice: Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Main features:

All objects in PPT, PPTX and KEY files are PowerPoint and Keynote Vector Shapes
All objects in PSD, EPS and AI files are fully editable, well-organized and grouped
Live editable text
16×9 Aspect Ratio
★ You can try my goods for free here

Used free fonts:


Exactly what is design package deal?

Each and every pro designer, as an experienced specialist, certainly should be able to draw anything from the begining. Only it would take too much effort and is not going to provide sufficient revenue for him. That’s why many of the web designers work with ready-made graphics components – mix them, modify them and create the design with their help. Noone is going to buy these parts separately, that’s why they are put into graphic deals and offered as a singular product.

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What’s the point of using bundles?

The pros of graphic bundle deals for designers are pretty obvious. But if you are a newcomer to those elements and now have concerns, the subsequent information will be helpful for you. Including a great number of the elements within a single package, the selection gives you an opportunity to use several of them for many different projects. On top of that, the cost is typically greatly reduced which allows you to stretch your budget, yet get the complete set valued for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Other deals on masterbundles you may use

The bundles of patterns, stock photos, logo templates, fonts, textures and icons are out there . They provide endless opportunities for the design of different web projects. On top of that, you may find the entire bundles of WordPress templates, training and e-books, cv templates, ppt slides, and various other components.

Exactly what is infographics bundle?

Posts on websites which contain infographics are much more readable than those that don’t. A special bundle for infographics is handy because it gives a ready solution. The graphic designer only has to mix the illustrations and voila! The infographic is completely ready.

What’s MasterBundles.com?

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