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Created by Diana Chiang
Date of Creation June 2 2022
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Weekly / Monthly Planner Description

Want to organize your week and month but without the hassle of a paper journal?

This Week/Month Planner is the ultimate organizer to solve all your productivity dreams!

Problems faced when trying to plan:

❌ Lack of effective structure when planning

❌ Lack of useful spreads

❌ Tedious and slow methods of storing to-dos

❌ Priority is difficult to decide

This Notion planner template does away with all these issues.

Using the existing ‘Weekly Template’ on the Monthly Dashboard, you will be able to quickly and easily repeat the structure you need for the future, while keeping your monthly calendar of events and habit tracker unified throughout the weeks.

✅ Create quick and recurring structures

✅ Prioritize tasks

✅ Decide on Monthly and Weekly goals

This lets you prioritize, plan and decide on monthly goals so that you can get started on your goals and achieve them in due time.

This way when you are ready to export your data (events or habits respectively) you will be able to do that via one file. So that, when you want to filter your progress through the weeks, you can.

No need to view your weeks in snippets or put in the legwork to create the structure 🙂

Who is this Template for?

🔆 All those who want to plan their goals out in a systematic fashion.

🔆 Doers

Spreads Ultimate Organiser.