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Wedding Instagram Template Description

Wedding Instagram Template. Create a beautiful Instagram feed in minutes! Wedding Instagram template is a total time saver – no more wondering what to post or agonising over your feed’s layout. This easy-to-use Canva template will help you curate your Instagram content weeks in advance with just a few clicks. Simply add your own photos and text, split your grid and you’ve got a beautiful, trendy Instagram feed ready to upload.

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  • 30 Instagram Post templates;
  • 15 Instagram Story templates;
  • 6 Instagram Highlight Icons.

30 Wedding Instagram Post Templates

Wedding Instagram Template: 30 Posts

Instagram post 2 Wedding Instagram Template: 30 Posts

Instagram post 4

Instagram post 5

Instagram post 6

Instagram post 7

Instagram post 8

Instagram post 9

Instagram post 10

Instagram post 11

Instagram post 12

Instagram post 13

Instagram post 14

Instagram post 15

Instagram post 16

Instagram post 17

Instagram post 18

Instagram post 19

Instagram post 20

Instagram post 21

Instagram post 22

Instagram post 23

Instagram post 24

Instagram post 25

Instagram post 26

Instagram post 27

Instagram post 28

Instagram post 29

Instagram post 30

15 Wedding Instagram Story templates

Instagram story 1

Instagram story 2

Instagram story 3

Instagram story 4

Instagram story 5

Instagram story 6

Instagram story 7

Instagram story 8

Instagram story 9

Instagram story 10

Instagram story 11

Instagram story 12

Instagram story 13

Instagram story 14

Instagram story 15

6 Wedding Instagram Highlight Icons

Wedding Highlights icon 6

Highlights icon 1

Highlights icon 2

Highlights icon 3

Wedding Highlights icon 4

Wedding Highlights icon 5

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