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Yoga Instagram Templates Description

Yoga Instagram Templates. Amazing collection of yoga instagram templates contains post templates, story templates and Highlight Icons. Customize your own need by changing the photos, texts, colors, mockup as all of them are editable and flexibly match for marketing used.

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File type PSD, FIG
File size 538 MB
Contains 33 Instagram Post templates, 20 Instagram Story templates, 6 Instagram Highlight Icons


  • 33 Instagram Post templates;
  • 20 Instagram Story templates;
  • 6 Instagram Highlight Icons.

Yoga Instagram Post Templates Previews

Different colors of karemata. A correctly chosen rug is the key to a comfortable exercise.

Taika sits in lotus position in a black sports suit.

A girl in green leggings and a colorful top stands on one leg.

A brunette in a dark yoga jumpsuit stands in the Ushtrasana pose.

A pink-haired girl performs asanas on all fours.

A beautiful and healthy morning begins with yoga, like this fair-haired girl.

When you do yoga near water, then asanas are easier.

2A girl stands in a tree asana in a beautiful garden.

For better assimilation of the material, home practice is necessary. The girl stands in an asana nakrasana.

A minimalistic picture in which a girl is standing on her head in stylish leggings.

A bright slide, like the girl's cape.

Stylish details like the bamboo chandelier and indoor flower make this slide particularly modern.

Authentic place for pair yoga class.

Olive suit, good flexibility and desire will make yoga practice more relaxed and enjoyable.

The main thing is to start and spread the yoga mat, then put on shorts, like this girl, and you will not even notice how you start doing asanas.

What could be more beautiful than yoga at sunset.

For the best effect, yoga is best done outdoors.

Everything is beautiful in this slide - the girl, the sea, the sunset.

Group and outdoor activities are always more fun than alone.

Peaceful girl meditates in nature.

A beautiful view and a couple in love who perform asanas together.

Yoga is not just about women. A flexible man performs asanas in a big city.

Downward Dog Pose is a classic in yoga.

The tanned blonde is doing yoga.

Group yoga for women by the sea is about peace and tranquility.

Arched white openings and a girl in a blue suit performs exercises.

A gentle and minimalist slide with a tattooed girl performing asanas.

Yoga Instagram Story Templates Previews

A great option for a simple and beautiful story.

Stylish template for stories with a circle in which a picture.

Detailed template with small circles.

A simple and classic story template with a photo and a block of text.

A sunny template with a circle in the center where the photo is placed.

Spacious template with blue stripes.

Template with picture and text in blue white color.

Stylish template with a yellow circle with a photo.

Colorful template in powdery color with fine line border.

The template is vertical and divided into two parts - one for the photo, the other for the text.

Template with yellow circles, photo and text.

A simple white template, but with stylish details - an image in a circle and a thin line around the edges.

White template with blue details on the sides.

Classic story template with photo and place for text.

Very stylish and trendy design. It is not overflowing with details. Everything in moderation.

The girl in the asana, the name and the text of your story.

Gentle lemon design with halved circles. It looks impressive.

Nice design in blue with photo and text.

More visuals, less text. The original design template will not let you scroll through your story.

A photograph surrounded by blue circles with a yellow rim and some text. Harmony.

Yoga Instagram Highlight Icons Previews

Images for the actual girl in the asana in blue.

Such a sawn blue-pink background with a girl in the lotus position.

Gentle blue with shades of pink watercolor background and the girl performs exercises.

Blue with shades of pink and purple watercolor background with a girl in an asana.

Blue with shades of pink and purple watercolor background with a girl in a fighter asana.

Watercolor background with a girl in savasana.

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