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Halloween Presentation Description

Halloween Presentation. Download these Halloween PowerPoint, Google Slides themes and Keynote template and make your presentations unique. Funny, spooky and creepy, treasure up your special memories in a slideshow, use them for sending family photos in their costumes or propose your ideas for decorating the neighborhood. Happy Halloween!

  • 16:9 screen layout.
  • 5 Color schemes.
  • Fully editable.
  • Easy to change colors, text and photos.
  • 23 different slides.
  • Playful design with a Halloween Presentation Template.
  • Examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables.
  • Icons & maps for your Halloween Presentation Template.

Halloween Presentation Previews

Full moon in the forest with the inscription Halloween and pumpkin.

A colorful slide with a background of pumpkins and three text boxes that turn red on hover.

Cool color combination and play with shadows. The slide is divided into two parts - photo and text.

The slide is created from the attributes of Halloween: a pumpkin background and a black text box with small pumpkins speak of the holidays.

Minimalistic slide in black with red infographics.

Stylish color combinations - black and orange - plus the use of space on the slide will make your presentation a success.

Bright, stylish and modern design created from image tiles and a small block for text.

A dark slide with a bright Halloween-themed picture and ifographics.

A simple slide with no graphics and colored red accents on hover.

Pure graphic content is a great option for news and articles.

Convenient slide design includes three pictures and a block for text.

Nice and fashionable. The background consists of a translucent photo that contains an infographic with red lines and a text box.

This is the first slide of four about swоt analysis.

This is the second slide of four about swot analysis.

This slide is about the possibilities in swоt analysis.

There are threats in any business or project. In this slide, you can present them all point by point.

Here are the general conclusions of swоt analysis in infographics.

Whoa! This slide included all the best - interesting graphics, colors, infographics.

Colorful slide. It is a visual delight that consists of four pictures and a small space for text.

Halloween can be stylish and beautiful: a handmade skull and a decoration of flowers and candles.

A great slide to advertise your work.

A large and wide slide with a tiled arrangement of text and icons and a separate text block.

The slide is divided into three parts: the top and bottom are pictures, and in the middle there is a block for text.

A slide with two pictures, one of which is a young pumpkin and text between them.

Dark gray background with yellow infographics.

Another option for infographics, but with orange columns.

Pie chart slide.

Column chart with alternating two colors - yellow and dark gray.

Three separate charts with different metrics.

This slide only has a gradient yellow round infographic.

Stylish circular infographics consisting of various topics.

Very original infographics without numbers, only with icons and intertwined limbs.

Infographics are always the right presentation solution. It delivers text in a simple yet stylish format.

Original infographics in puzzle format made of different colors.

The lamp as an infographic speaks of ideology and the generation of new ways of solving issues.

Unusual futuristic solution for displaying infographics.

A pyramid consisting of two colors - red and gray.

A four-part puzzle in infographic format.

Here is an ingenious solution for creating house-shaped infographics.

A dark slide with a phone to display the mobile version of the presentation.

Another option for displaying the mobile version of the template, but in a more minimalist style.

On this slide, you can describe all the options for viewing the presentation and show its computer version.

A festive and memorable slide with a desktop version of the template and infographics.

Map of the USA with the marked states in the form of pumpkins.

Map of Europe with marked countries as large circles with percentages.

Two maps comparison - of US and Europe.

A world's map with marked countries.

A great option for the last slide with contacts.

Slide with icons for contact information.

Dark slide with yellow icons.

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