20+ Best Trading Card Templates for 2023: Free and Premium

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Trading card templates are very much in demand at the moment as the popularity of trading cards is increasing. By creating it, you contribute to someone’s hobby, even if you do it in your interest.

Let’s say you are a fan of a particular sport. This is a great reason to immortalize your favorite players or characters on trading cards! If you approach the issue correctly, you could even start monetizing your sports hobby!

Using the templates that we have selected for you, manufacturing them is relatively easy. Take a layout, find the materials you need, and choose a visual: a photo, a picture, or the image that you would like to see on the card. You can print them out and enjoy the results of your work.

How to Create a Trading Card in 2023

Choose your favorite design program. Photoshop or Canva makes no difference. You can even use Microsoft Word to do this, but the quality will probably not be very good. But the fact remains that card design is just dozens of options for different software.

When it comes to the second way to create trading cards, resorting to the help of templates is a great option. Now everything changes radically. All you have to do is just download or buy the template you like, and then it’s just a matter of adding a few things. Simply personalize the trading card templates. Change the text and font. Replace images with your own photos or use other images. In other words, in the finished product, you only need to substitute your data or some other information and the card is ready to print!

Best Premium Trading Card Templates

Retro Trading Card Template

Creative cards in vintage style with baseball players.

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This unique baseball card template is a godsend for fans of the sport. This creative and unique sports design has a retro or vintage style. Use it both for your needs and various interesting design solutions.

Baseball Card Vector Template

Create your own baseball cards with these great templates. Add your own photos and customize with your own colors and text.

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If you want to create your own baseball cards with these great templates, now is the time to do it. Add your photos and customize them with your colors and text. This baseball trading card template will not only help you get the job done faster but also better.

Vintage Sport Card Template

This template is perfect for allowing you to create a stunning sports trading card for your customers.

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This template is perfect for allowing you to create a stunning design for your customers. It comes as a Photoshop file, so you just have to edit the text as needed and insert a photo of your customer. It uses a clipping mask to allow you to very easily place your photo.

Vintage Biscuit Trading Card

These cards seem to be taken from the royal collection. They depict nymphs framed in a floral frame.

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This beautiful set of vintage cookie promotional cards features six different ART NOUVEAU style designs. It’s perfect if you want to get some work done with your promotional designs. Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Illustrator.

Hockey Player Card Frame Template Design

Hockey Player Card Frame Template Design.

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Looking for a quality card frame? Then you should take a look at this product, which is ideal for your intended tasks. If you need some interesting solutions, then this is perfect for it. Whether you’ll be making hockey team flyers or just want to apply this product for some design work, you’ll be satisfied.

Basketball Editable Trading Card Template

Basketball Editable Trading Card Template.

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Everyone deserves to feel like a star! Use the TCG template to create personalized trading cards that your customers and teams will cherish for years to come. Simply add your own photo and edit the text in our professionally designed Photoshop templates.

Trading Cards Mockup

Trading Cards Mockup.

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Save time and present your next card packaging design in style with these high-quality designs. This extremely high-quality template contains layers and smart objects that will speed up your presentation. Special detail and very high resolution makes this great even for professional printing and presentations.

Baseball Cards Templates

Baseball Cards Templates.

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These cool and handy Adobe Photoshop templates are sure to please those who love creating sports souvenirs. It’s very easy to work with, because it’s fully customizable and you can edit it to your liking: change the text, colors, add your own photos.

Trading Card Game Template

Trading Card Game Template.

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This is a very stylish and modern template that is available in PNG and PSD format. Each card in the set has a beautiful design, very easy to edit to your liking. Choose your favorite color, add text and photos to create the perfect sporty item.

Retro 50s Baseball Card Template

Collage of vintage cards with photos and information about baseball players.

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This cool template will help you create awesome and modern baseball cards. It is made in the style of the 50s and has a retro vibe. If you are a fan of vintage, then this baseball cards template is perfect for you. This is fully editable: you can change the color, text, add your photo. Customize it to your taste in just a few minutes without professional skills.

Stealth Soccer Card Template

Collage of cards with photos and information and football players.

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If you’re a fan of soccer, you should pay attention to this cool sports trading card template. With its help, you will be able to create an awesome themed map that all sports fans will love. It would make a great gift for a friend who plays soccer, and it’s also a great way to style your photos. It is fully editable, and you can customize it to your liking: change colors, add inspirational captions, add your desired photo. As a result, you can create a cool sports map on your own in just a few minutes.

Best Free Trading Card Templates

Senior Baseball Trading Card Template

A professionally made template to make a senior baseball trading card.

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Here’s a professionally made free trading card template for creating a senior baseball trading card. Download it for free and use the high-quality layouts and graphic files to edit and customize it. So if you are looking for a quality layout, then this product is perfect for you.

Teacher Trading Card Template

The classic enhancement of the card makes it universal in use and suitable for restrained professions.

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Don’t have enough time to create a trading card from scratch because of your hectic schedule as a teacher? Then we have the perfect product to make your life easier. You can modify it any way you want. Plus, it’s printable and compatible with all kinds of devices! So stop wasting time, download this blank template now.

Blank Trading Card Template

Deep green speaks of clarity of mind, and this color is also trending now.

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Want a convenient, easy, and time-saving way to develop a multi-purpose trading card? You can do so by using our ready-to-use blank template to quickly create a trading card that meets your needs. It presents a well-formatted appearance with an editable design and suggestive text.

Trading Card Template – Fictional Character

Trading Card Template - Fictional Character.

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This template is designed to describe a fictional character. This product is super easy to edit. Since the template is created in PowerPoint, it is easy to edit, move components around, and insert images.

Baseball Trading Card Template Photoshop

Baseball Trading Card Template Photoshop.

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Take a look at another high-quality free baseball card template that relates
directly to the theme of baseball. It’s very easy to edit and you don’t even have to download it. You can just add your picture, lettering, and whatever else you need.

Free vector gradient baseball trading cards illustration

Collage of cards with photos of baseball players and colorful background.

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All baseball fans will definitely appreciate this set of baseball designs that you can create yourself. They have a stylish design, good quality and bright colors. The great thing is that you can customize it to your own taste. Change the color, text, pictures to create the perfect sports card. With these baseball trading card templates, you will create a design effortlessly in a short time. These player items would make a cool gift for a friend or loved one.

Trading Card Templates

Collage of cards with photos of basketball players with a blue background and a red stripe.

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This template will appeal to all sports fans. It is made in a retro style and has a vintage vibe. If you love sports and want to create a stylish card, then this free editable trading card template is perfect for you. You will be able to create a cool sports item to your taste in just a few minutes without any special skills. It is is easy to customize: change color, text and photo.

Baseball Card Template Bundles

Baseball Photo Card Template Bundle

Collage of cards with photos of children-baseball players.

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If you want to create cool baseball cards, this cool bundle is great for you. Here you will find stylish and modern templates with which you can quickly and easily create cool and stylish sports items. You can download blank baseball card template and edit to your taste. The bundle has designs in gray and green shades, but you can change the shades in the layers if you want.

Pro Baseball Card Templates

Collage of cards with photos of baseball players from the 50s-90s of the last century.

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Do you love vintage style and want to create cool baseball cards with the mood of the past? Then this big bundle is perfect for you. This bundle contains stylish and cool baseball designs made in the style of the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. You get 5 sets and 26 templates that you can use to your liking. Each of them is quick and easy to edit β€” just download and add your photo.

Baseball Bundle Files Svg, Png Dxf Eps, Team Template Svg

Collage of photos of t-shirts with baseball logos.

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This is a cool and stylish bundle of SVG templates for your baseball cards. You’ll get 6 modern designs that you can add to themed items. With these products you can create awesome baseball card outlines in just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a professional designer to create really cool and high-quality baseball items.

Ten (10) Baseball Card Templates

Collage of baseball cards with space for photos.

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This huge bundle will appeal to those who want to create some cool, painless cards in the same style. For example, if you want to create some themed cards for your family or friends. Here you get 10 awesome templates that you can customize to your liking. Also, each baseball trading card template of the 10 you can edit and choose any color you like. You will be able to edit it very quickly and easily, you don’t need any special knowledge.

Fifteen (15) Baseball Card Instagram Templates

Collage of baseball cards with round photo spots.

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This cool bundle will appeal to those who like to conduct their social media, actively post photos to the blog. If you decide to share your successful and beautiful sports photos with your followers, use one of the blank sport template from this bundle. You will get 5 baseball card templates that are perfect for both printing and posting online. Choose one, add your photo to it and publish it on your blog. Your subscribers will definitely appreciate such a stylish, bright and modern publication. Many likes and subscriptions are guaranteed.

Retro Baseball Card Template, Theme Vintage Trading Card Template

Collage of baseball cards with red and yellow background.

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This bright and stylish sports template is sure to please baseball fans. It has an awesome design that is well-thought-out in every detail. On one side of the card, you can place your photo in a beautiful frame. And on the back of baseball card template there are empty gaps that you can fill in individually: name, age, hometown, league, coach. It is very easy to use, just download it and edit to your liking. It would make a great gift for sports and baseball fans.

Ten (10) Baseball Card Templates (Navy/Green)

Collage of baseball cards with blue-green background.

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Another very stylish and modern bundle with cool designs. You can use it to create themed baseball cards. If you want to make a cool gift for a friend or style your family photos, choose this bundle. Any of these blank sports card templates, you can edit to your liking and make a cool project. This template is made in attractive colors β€” navy and green, but if you want, you can change them.

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