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30+ Best Old Parchment Texture Images in 2021: Free and Premium

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May 26, 2021 March 12, 2022 11 min
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Old Parchment Texture. In computer graphics, the word “texture” usually refers to various imitations of real surfaces—marble, wood, brick, stone, etc. Most often, these elements are used to fill in the background. From this, comes many ways of using them. Such items are suitable for presentations, banners, ads, websites, and even for banal screen savers on devices.

Today, we present you with a selection of old parchment texture images that impress with their stylish and realistic visual appearance. Each product is highly flexible and lends itself to different adjustments in many programs. It can be zoomed in/out, change color, brightness, contrast, overlay on other images, and so on. The great thing is that this texture is multi-purpose because it can be applied anywhere. It is suitable for creating an imitation of an old newspaper, a background in a presentation (any subject), a themed website, etc. The main feature is that these old parchment texture backgrounds do not contain distracting components, so any text and objects will look good and stand out from the main background.

Here is a nice selection of the best old parchment texture vector images that are sure to catch your interest and help you create a great project without spending too much money and effort

Best Premium Old Parchment Texture Images

Parchment and Leaves Texture Pack

Such fresh and delicate backgrounds with leaves. Reminds the style of wallpaper in the 50s of the USA.

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Price: $1.98

Before you, there is a cool set of 16 sophisticated old parchment images with leafy patterns. They would be perfect as backgrounds for a variety of projects. The first and foremost is, of course, the nature and ecology field, but also it will look great in the brand presentations related to the organic environment.

Paper Textures Bundle

Crumpled paper in various colors.

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Price: $12

It is an expanded set of images with different colored products. The pack includes 50 high quality textures. All of them are parchment imitations, which would be great for various designs.

Vintage Digital Paper Parchment

Vintage paper in different shapes and color combinations.

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Price: $3.38

Here is an awesome product that includes 12 JPG photos. They are all uniquely designed and ready to bring your unusual ideas to life. The product is editable and customizable in Photoshop.

327 Old & Grunge Paper Textures

Collection of pastel colors of wrapping paper.

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Price: $13

Many customers already enjoyed this old parchment set. All because the package comes with over 350 items that you are free to use for any purpose. This set includes pastel colored items that will perfectly match the other elements of the project.

Old Paper Parchment Texture

Retro style parchment with painted green mountains.

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Price: $1.98

It is a perfectly textured set of old parchment textures that are all unique in their own way. You may safely use them for presentations, banners, logos and other purposes.

Antique Parchment Paper

Old papyrus with burnt edges.

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Price: $1.96

It is a great set with 16 digital images of old parchment paper. The wrinkled and dirty look of the product would work great as a background for projects related to history and archaeology.

Paper Plain

Smooth light brown surface.

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Price: 4 credits (by site currency)

Here is a smooth and clean parchment paper texture. It even looks a bit like sand, so it is suitable for a variety of uses. These are primarily educational and entertaining presentations.

1200+ Artistic Backgrounds & Textures

Urban style with geometric shapes.

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Price: $39

It is a huge set of different textures from MasterBundles. The collection includes more than 1200 products of various directions and for different projects. Here you will find great solutions for the brightest and most unusual banners, logos, business cards and presentations.

Vintage Old Burn Paper Texture

Paper with burnt edges.

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Price: $5

Vintage paper is a great solution if you are creating a historical project, printing images for business cards, etc. Each item has an original look and perfectly captures the mood of antiquity. The product is easy to edit in Photoshop.

30 Antique Vintage Old Parchment

Vintage papyrus for poetry and romantic notes.

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Price: $2.24

A huge set of unusual antique parchment paper is the best solution if you are looking for the product you need, especially for such a price. The package includes 30 images of high quality and different extensions.

Crumpled Paper Texture

White crumpled paper.

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Price: $2.50

This product is available in PNG, SVG, AI and EPS formats. This crumpled parchment paper texture will work great as a background on which other elements will look attractive.

Old Paper Textures

Finely crumpled papyrus in light colors.

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Price: $9

It is a huge bundle with over 50 items that vary in their design. The simple visuals don’t make these products look as simple as they seem. Each item is a different and unique combination of scuffs, creases and bumps.

White Parchment Paper

Plain white papyrus.

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Price: $6

Before you, there is the smooth texture of parchment paper. With its simple and sophisticated design, the product is great for presentations, backgrounds for Instagram stories, banners and as a work material.

30 Old Paper Textures

Beige parchment with small yellow spots.

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Price: $2.38

It is a whole set of subtle light textures to embody any purpose. It includes 30 digital papers in JPG format. Also, it is available in PDF file type. You can work with this grunge photo in Photoshop.

Handcrafted Vintage Paper Textures

Matte and slightly rough texture.

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Price: 1 credit (by site currency)

This parchment paper package has a rather elegant and stylish appearance. You may use this product to create projects of all kinds. These are primarily presentation backgrounds, flyers, banners, business cards, etc.

20 Old Paper Texture

Parchment in the format of ancient paper.

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Price: $7.25

It is a full set with 20 different parchment textures. Each product is unique. Some elements are light and will suit different ideas. Other items create an antique feel and are suitable for historical projects.

Subtle Distressed Texture

Beautiful matte background with a gradient transition.

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Before you, there is an eye-catching package of parchment textures. The main feature is a vivid design that is not suitable for all your projects. Mostly these are banners, business cards and entertainment uses.

Used Grungy Old Paper Texture PSD

Old burnt paper.

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Price: $9

This parchment texture has a quite simple look that moves toward a natural appearance. The product would be appropriate for printing to make a party scroll or for a similar entertaining project.

Paper Crumpled

White wrapping paper.

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Price: 4 credits (by site currency)

This item looks quite original and natural at the same time. The parchment texture would also work as a squeezed paper for projects of all kinds. You can easily make any texture changes in Photoshop.

450 Textures in 23 Different Categories

Colorful and festive paper.

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Price: $19

In front of you there is a huge set of bright, extraordinary and unique textures. Here you will also find stylish parchment images. They are available in JPG files and are high quality solutions for implementing any ideas.

Best Free Old Parchment Texture Images

Vivid Parchment Texture

Beige paper with darkened edges.

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Price: free

It is a bright and completely free texture that you may use as a base for a variety of projects. This product is distinguished from other ones by its dark scuffs that stand out against the background of the main dark shade.

Beige Vintage Old Paper

Light beige parchment with spots.

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Price: free

It is an extraordinary vintage texture that somewhat resembles scrolls. Therefore, you can safely use this item for themed parties as a background on invitations and for other historical projects.

Old Vintage Paper Texture Pro

Brown beige parchment.

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Price: free

Old parchment style is a great option for vintage designs. This product can coolly complement the design of your idea and be the basis for any vintage related project.

Old Parchment Texture

Cloth parchment with dark brown edges.

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Price: free

This texture is very similar to old canvas. And it is this detail that makes it stand out with its unusual design. Also, a distinctive feature is the dark shadows at the top and bottom of the image. The product is great for various ideas.

Crumpled Paper

Plain brown paper.

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Price: free

Before you, there is the texture of compressed parchment paper, which can be an extraordinary background for business cards, banners and advertisements. The reason is clear – the image has a quite smooth style and look.

Dark Color Old Parchment Product

Luxurious deep green parchment.

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Price: free

This item is very different from the other offerings in our selection, because it bribes with its stylish and unusual design. The image has a rich dark emerald color that you have to be careful with when working on it.

Old Dirty Grunge Texture

Parchment of unusual olive color.

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Price: free

This dirty parchment paper texture is not suitable for all purposes. You can use it for historical presentations, themed party invitations and the like. The product is high quality and available for printing.

Purple and White Old Parchment Texture

Purple spotted parchment.

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Price: free

This pink texture is stylish enough so you may apply it to any ideas. The juicy color allows you to experiment with other elements that you can add to the project by taking this image as the basis.

Old Paper Texture Background

Faded white parchment.

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Price: free

In front of you, there is a simple enough texture, which has a smooth and clean design. Due to this property, the product is ideal for a variety of projects. First and foremost is, of course, the background for presentations, business cards, banners. You may also safely use it as a background for the site if that is the case.

Dark Color Old Parchment Texture Background

Black parchment with white highlights.

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Price: free

If you are looking for an interesting texture of parchment paper, then you can feel free to stop at this item. Its distinctive feature is the bright flashes that look very cool on a dark background.

Old Grunge Vintage Paper

White parchment with frayed edges.

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Price: free

This texture is reminiscent of folded paper that has become scuffed from years of use. So, the product is definitely perfect for historical projects or as a smooth background for educational presentations.

Old Parchment Texture

Beige parchment in small white drops.

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Price: free

In front of you, there is a very stylish paper texture that features a clean design. The image comes in high quality and lends itself to experimentation with saturation, sharpness, etc.

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