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Top 14 Leaf Pattern Images to Use in 2021: Free and Premium

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May 31, 2021 March 10, 2022 9 min
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Leaf Pattern. Nature is a great theme to add to your ready or raw design. Anything related to eco and green are the most popular topics in the world right now. Green is becoming more and more popular as a color. As a result, many craftsmen and designers include related themes and elements in their models. Goods automatically look eco-friendly and inspiring when done in the elements of nature.

The beauty of the world around us has been brought to different pieces of art for ages, and a leaf pattern is the best way to create a new masterpiece for today. Nature can make a solid impact on modern design and art in general. Should it be home decor, toys, books, image backgrounds, clothing, or accessories, you can find patterns of leaves painted on many of them. It attracts plenty of customers. Leaves can be best combined with flowers, trees, sky, various animals, grass, and more. Would you like to make your design stand out from the rest with an original pattern?

We have a solution for you. Leaves have various shapes and sizes, so we have collected the best leaf patterns for you so that you do not have to waste your time on research. Check out these pattern ideas that we have gathered for you from the best sources, both free and paid.

Top Leaf Pattern Images

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
Botanical Pattern Digital Paper
11+ Botanical Seamless Pattern Collection

Best Premium Leaf Pattern Images

Botanical Pattern Digital Paper

Spring print with leaves will decorate your interior.

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11+ Botanical Seamless Pattern Collection

Flowers and leaves for every taste - here you will find wild and luxurious flowers. You just have to choose what you prefer.

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Decorative Green Leaf Pattern Set Free Vector

Yellow leaves collected in the fall can be a great addition to home crafts.

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Pink and Blue Leaf Pattern

Delicate and stylish leaves in two colors. They look luxurious and unique.

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Leaves Seamless Patterns Collection

Very delicate work. Green leaves are made of tiny lines.

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Best Free Leaf Pattern Images

Abstract Gold Lines Leaf Pattern Free Vector

Luxurious background. Gold leaves on a brown substrate.

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Leaves Currant Watercolor

Watercolor leaves with fruits. It looks lively and natural.

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Leaf Pattern Cards

Graphically simple and unloaded template with autumn leaves.

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Autumn Leaf Pattern

The abundance of fallen autumn leaves accentuates the beauty of this pore.

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Seamless Leaves Pattern

Dark green background and light green leaves. Looks tasteful and stylish.

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